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Rajasthan vs Bangalore - 53rd Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Date & Time: 19 May 2018

Bangalore 134/10 (19.2 Ovs) RR: 6.93 | Rajasthan won by 30 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Virat Kohli bowled Gowthambowled Gowtham4900
Parthiv Patel stumped Shreyas Gopalstumped Shreyas Gopal332132
AB de Villiers stumped Shreyas Gopalstumped Shreyas Gopal533570
Moeen Ali c Shreyas Gopal & b Shreyas Gopalc Shreyas Gopal & b Shreyas Gopal1200
Mandeep Singh stumped Shreyas Gopalstumped Shreyas Gopal3400
Colin de Grandhomme c A Rahane & b Ish Sodhic A Rahane & b Ish Sodhi2300
Sarfaraz Khan c Klaasen & b Laughlinc Klaasen & b Laughlin7810
Tim Southee c Gowtham & b Unadkatc Gowtham & b Unadkat141720
Umesh Yadav bowled Laughlinbowled Laughlin0100
Mohammed Siraj c Gowtham & b Unadkatc Gowtham & b Unadkat141220
Yuzvendra Chahal Not OutNot Out0400
Extras 3 (b 1, lb 1, w 1, nb 0)
Total 134 (10 Wkts, 19.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
20-1 (Virat Kohli,2.5), 75-2 (Parthiv Patel,8.3), 77-3 (Moeen Ali,8.6), 85-4 (Mandeep Singh,10.3), 96-5 (Colin de Grandhomme,11.6), 98-6 (AB de Villiers,12.4), 108-7 (Sarfaraz Khan,15.1), 108-8 (Umesh Yadav,15.2), 128-9 (Tim Southee,17.6), 134-10 (Mohammed Siraj,19.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Krishnappa Gowtham2 0 6 1 3.00
Jofra Archer4 0 37 0 9.25
Ben Laughlin2 0 15 2 7.50
Jaydev Unadkat3.2 0 27 2 8.44
Shreyas Gopal4 0 16 4 4.00
Ish Sodhi4 0 31 1 7.75
Rahul Tripathi0 0 0 0 0
Ajinkya Rahane0 0 0 0 0
Sanju Samson0 0 0 0 0
Heinrich Klaasen0 0 0 0 0
Stuart Binny0 0 0 0 0


So, that is game number 53, done and dusted. BLR's chances as well. Another season which flattered to deceive. They were good in patches but the patches came together too late. RAJ on the other hand are still breathing. An MUM loss and CHN avoiding a drubbing will help them eke out a top four finish. But a shellacking for KOL is what they can pray for as well. That is where we are headed to. Switch tabs to catch game number 54. This is Kumar Abhisekh Das signing off on behalf of Rishi Roy, Abhinand, Nikhil, Mr. S and Naga.

Shreyas Gopal: Obviously feels great. We knew this game was a pressure game for us. Actually both the teams. It feels even better that the team needed me and I performed. I would not have been feeling half as better had the team lost. You can never have a set plan for someone like ABD. So, I was a bit shocked. There was a little bit of help from the wicket. There was a little bit of spin. I kept it at the wickets and relied on my googly and flipper as much as I could. We are like brothers now (when asked about Ish Sodhi). I keep picking his brains. He is wonderful with the way he puts in an effort with every ball that he bowls. There are a lot of things that I can learn from him.

Ajinkya Rahane: Definitely much needed victory for us. We knew that 160 would be very difficult on this wicket. Though BLR had a very good batting line up. Credit goes to our bowlers. Under pressure, the two leggies did really well. Getting wickets in the middle overs was never easy. I think the intent was to go positive from the start. We felt Jofra at the top of the order could give us a positive start and with me at 3, Samson at 4 and Klaasen at 5 our batting order would have looked deeper. It was important to play good cricket. This evening was very special. It was more about focusing on the things that we could control. Klaasen's innings was really good and Rahul's innings at the top was magnificent. It is important to enjoy this win and stay calm.

Virat Kohli, BLR captain: "Yeah, it was a strange one. We were in a great position. 75/1, and the way we were bundled out wasn't ideal. Someone like AB who can hit fours and sixes was knocking it around so the others didn't support him and apply themselves properly. We needed more smart decision-making there. These things should be repeated by 5-6 guys in a row. We wanted to strengthen the middle-order which hasn't happened, it hasn't been our strength and we need to do that going into the next few seasons. We need to be smarter with composing our team. The responsibility cannot be taken up only by AB all the time. He certainly scored runs, but others need to contribute around him, and didn't show enough composure. There were some new players who did well. Umesh bowled extremely well with the new ball, Chahal was great, Siraj and Moeen contributed too, so plenty of positives to take into the next season. However, after cruising at 75/1 it was disappointing that we couldn't finish it off well. I would like to wish all the other teams the best of luck for the remainder of the competition."

Kohli did sport a smile as he came in to shake hands with the players but I am sure he is hurting a lot. This was certainly not something that BLR had planned for. Before the game, almost everyone was talking about how BLR can better their run rate. But that was a far cry if you look at in hindsight. We all know who the Man of the Match is! Don't we? But then Tripathi was the one who gave RAJ the par score, or may be a little more, on a wicket which played as RAJ had expected it to.

The Karnataka boys have derailed BLR's campaign here. Gowtham started it off by removing Kohli and Gopal just took it forward with a dream spell. He picked up a four-fer and BLR could never recover. Gowtham ended BLR's miseries by taking the final catch as well. BLR are out of the playoffs. From 75 for 1 to being out all-out for 134. RAJ's skipper Rahane came up with some smart moves but none smarter than his decision to bat first. The wicket took a lot of turn in the second innings and batting second was never easy. ABD waged a lone battle but never got any support from others.

Unadkat to Siraj, out Caught by Gowtham!! What just happened there? A relay catch! Kohli looks bemused. The length ball and the batsman slogged it away to send it skywards. Samson came charging in and dropped it, but the ball popped up. But Gowtham, who almost collided with his mate kept his wits and took it low and one-handed. Tremendous reflexes after the ball ricocheted off Samson's palm. Siraj c Gowtham b Unadkat 14(12) [4s-2]

Unadkat to Siraj, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Unadkat to Siraj, FOUR, reverse paddle and gets the ball away past short third man. That was on the sticks and the batsman got it away amidst an appeal from the bowler
Jofra Archer to Chahal, no run, 35 off the last over it would be. The yorker was delivered well and the batsman blocked the ball out. He gave an impression that he was trying to thump it back
Jofra Archer to Chahal, no run, short ball, the bumper and the batsman somehow manages a bit of wood on it as he tried to pull it away. Inside edges the ball down into the turf
Jofra Archer to Chahal, no run, right up there and the batsman fails to put it away
Jofra Archer to Siraj, 1 run, hits the ball back to the bowler, who boots it back. Does not try to stop the single as the ball rolled away into the point region for a single
Jofra Archer to Siraj, no run, looks to play the scoop and misses. He moved completely across his sticks to play but missed it
Jofra Archer to Chahal, leg byes, 1 run, that was a comedy of errors? The yorkerish delivery was missed by the batsman and was hit on the boot. It was going down leg and the bowler kept on appealing. Number 10 and Jack decided to steal a single and they did. The keeper could not manage to throw the sticks down at the bowler's end, else it could have been tight

Yuzvendra Chahal, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Unadkat to Southee, out Caught by Gowtham!! Final nail in the coffin. Shortish, slower ball and the batsman heaved the pull away to be taken at cow corner. The batsman never connected properly and the mistimed hit was taken. RAJ only a wicket away from staying in contention for a place in the play-offs. BLR's dreams are over. Well almost. Southee c Gowtham b Unadkat 14(17) [4s-2]

Unadkat to Southee, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Unadkat to Southee, no run, slower ball. Could it have been anything different? The batsman looks to go across his sticks and fetch it from well outside off. Misses as the ball limps away to the keeper
Unadkat to Siraj, 1 run, just short of the man at deep cover. The length ball outside off held up on the surface a bit and the uppish drive landed short of the man at sweeper cover, who was coming in
Unadkat to Southee, 1 run, low full toss, slogged away into the on-side for a single
Unadkat to Southee, FOUR, flogged away as he picked the slower delivery up like dead meat. Then muscled the ball away between deep mid and deep long-on to pick the bones out of it. Southee was deep in his crease and waiting for the slower ball
Unadkat to Siraj, 1 run, slower delivery outside off and the batsman squares up to push the ball away to point for a single. 43 more needed

Jaydev Unadkat [2.0-0-16-0] is back into the attack

Jofra Archer to Southee, FOUR, slaps the low full toss back at the bowler. Archer could not react in time to clasp that and the ball goes through his hands to race away to the long-off fence for a four. 44 off 18 balls is of academic interest. Or is it?
Jofra Archer to Siraj, 1 run, full and tailing in, the batsman clips the ball away to deep square leg for a single
Jofra Archer to Siraj, wide, slower bumper, well wide and too high. Wided for height. The square leg umpire took his time before signalling it
Jofra Archer to Southee, 1 run, back to the yorkerish length and the batsman jams the ball out into the off-side off the inside half of the bat for a single
Jofra Archer to Southee, no run, tailing in low full toss and the batsman jams the ball out on to his pads. No run
Jofra Archer to Southee, no run, slower delivery and it bobbles over the sticks as the batsman looks to slog it away and misses. Was pretty close to the sticks
Jofra Archer to Siraj, 1 run, a run-out chance missed. That was jammed out into the covers, Rahane there had a shy at the sticks and missed. A direct hit and he was a goner. Straightaway hitting the blockhole spot

Jofra Archer [2.0-0-28-0] is back into the attack

Archer is back to knock the remaining two.

Laughlin to Siraj, 1 run, fuller again and has been driven into the off-side for a single
Laughlin to Siraj, FOUR, something to cheer for BLR fans. Short ball and has been pulled away into the on-side past deep square leg. He got hold of the short ball and muscled it away into the on-side
Laughlin to Siraj, no run, back to the quick stuff. Wide, full and quick. The batsman throws the kitchen sink at it and misses
Laughlin to Siraj, no run, slower ball on a yorkerish length and Siraj does well to dig the ball out into the deck

Mohammed Siraj, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Laughlin to U Yadav, out Bowled!! Golden duck for Umesh. A taste of his own medicine. That was fuller, on a length and the batsman never covered the line of the ball. A little gap was found and the ball traverses between the bat and pad to strike timber. The RAJ fans erupt. Early finish? Hat-trick ball coming up. U Yadav b Laughlin 0(1)

Laughlin to U Yadav, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Umesh Yadav, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Laughlin to Sarfaraz Khan, out Caught by Klaasen!! The fat lady's whisper can be heard. That was a terrific take from Klaasen. The slower delivery and the batsman backed away to steer the cut, the shot was not too away from the keeper, who leapt to his right and takes it. Superb day behind the sticks for the RAJ keeper. First with the bat and now with the ball. BLR fans continue to wear a disappointed look. Sarfaraz Khan c Klaasen b Laughlin 7(8) [4s-1]

Laughlin to Sarfaraz Khan, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Ben Laughlin [1.0-0-10-0] is back into the attack

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