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Punjab vs Hyderabad - 16th Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali
Date & Time: 19 April 2018

Hyderabad 178/4 (20 Ovs) RR: 8.90 | Punjab won by 15 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Wriddhiman Saha bowled Mohit Sharmabowled Mohit Sharma6710
Shikhar Dhawan retired hurt retired hurt 0100
Kane Williamson c Finch & b Andrew Tyec Finch & b Andrew Tye544132
Yusuf Pathan bowled Mohit Sharmabowled Mohit Sharma191330
Manish Pandey Not OutNot Out574231
Deepak Hooda c (sub)Manoj Tiwary & b Andrew Tyec (sub)Manoj Tiwary & b Andrew Tye5500
Shakib Al Hasan Not OutNot Out241212
Bhuvneshwar Kumar dnbdnb0000
Rashid Khan dnbdnb0000
Siddarth Kaul dnbdnb0000
Chris Jordan dnbdnb0000
Extras 13 (b 0, lb 2, w 10, nb 1)
Total 178 (4 Wkts, 20 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
14-1 (Wriddhiman Saha,1.5), 37-2 (Yusuf Pathan,4.6), 113-3 (Kane Williamson,14.2), 133-4 (Deepak Hooda,16.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Barinder Sran4 0 22 0 5.50
Mohit Sharma4 0 51 2 12.75
Andrew Tye4 0 23 2 5.75
Ravichandran Ashwin4 0 53 0 13.25
Mujeeb Ur Rahman4 0 27 0 6.75
Lokesh Rahul0 0 0 0 0
Chris Gayle0 0 0 0 0
Mayank Agarwal0 0 0 0 0
Yuvraj Singh0 0 0 0 0
Aaron Finch0 0 0 0 0
Karun Nair0 0 0 0 0


Who thought. Who thought an auction reject, picked up for crumbs later, will be the first one to hit a hundred this season. But that's how it is. And that's how Chris Gayle is, reemphasizing his greatness as his form and fitness flickers. HYD, who had a shock landing at Mohali, will need to find a way to gun down, and post, big totals on the plethora of flat beds that'll await them now. More T20 League coming your way tomorrow, but for now, this is Pratyush Sinha taking leave, loving this new trend of teams winning whilst defending. Ramakrishnan, Varun Dixit, Hari Sadanandan, Sriram and Sreenivas Varala say goodbye too. Sleep well, ta-ta!

Chris Gayle - Player of the Match: "I'm always determined. I always give it my all for whatever franchise I represent. I'm a 100 percent. Like I said, it's a new franchise. A lot of people might say that Chris has a lot to prove - he didn't get selected or wasn't picked early in the auction. I think Virender Sehwag has saved T20 League by picking me. This is a brilliant start. Viru said in an interview that if Chris Gayle can win us two games, we have got our money's worth. I'd like to have another word with Viru and see what happens from thereon. Overall, happy with the win and now (time to) move on to Kolkata. It all depends on the mood and conditions are also tricky as well. Playing so many years in India, I know what the conditions are like. I am glad to get a hundred today. This is the final home game in Mohali, and I'm going to miss this wicket. I'm not really here to prove it to anyone. I've done it all before. Been there, done that. Just here to put some respect on the name. Tomorrow's my daughter's birthday, so going to spend some time with her and enjoy this win. DON'T FORGET THE NAME."

Ashwin: "I think it was a complete performance. It was one of those times when we won the toss and batted first and tried and defended a score. Did that pretty well. Would have liked to have given away 10 runs lesser for the NRAJ. Giving them a reasonable score to defend was something we thought we could handle at the end. It (bowling all pace in powerplay) was a good wicket. Chris batted well and took it away from them. It was more about who we are bowling against and what works the best. It was about getting through the powerplay well. Mohit vs Dhawan was a match-up, so we had to go for that. It was pleasing to see the crowd today. We have never seen that in Mohali. There are players like these to entertain, that's why they're turning up. Chris batted beautifully. Chris just punches a back of a length delivery out of the ground -- that's the difference between him and other batsmen. It's hard to replicate, and when it comes off, it's brilliant."

Williamson: "Hats off to Chris (Gayle). He was at his best. It really wasn't a free-flowing wicket. Fantastic hundred, I think they deserved the win. Haven't spoken to Dhawan yet on the injury. They bowled very well and used the big boundaries. We have to learn and move on to the next game. We want to execute a pattern in play, we weren't up to the mark tonight."

11:33pm local - So that's how HYD lose their first game this season. Was quite gutsy from Ashwin to bat first and risk another successful chase from HYD, but he ruled out dew in favour of his opponent's potential vulnerability in chasing big scores, given their bowling hasn't allowed big scores. The plan was to put in a big total, and Chris Gayle's sixth hundred got them that. From there, it was Ashwin dazzling us with his captaincy yet again. Went in all pace in the powerplay -- for the first time in the tournament -- and at 40/2, with Dhawan retired hurt, the chase succumbed. Hyderabad, as a result, struggled chasing a big score on a big ground, with even Yusuf's promotion cutting no mustard.

STAT: 53 is the most conceded by Ashwin in an T20 League match. PRE: 46 vs BLR, Chennai, 2012

Ashwin to Manish Pandey, 1 run, uses his feet and pats that to deep extra cover. And that's that. PUN beat HYD at Mohali for the first time ever
Ashwin to Shakib, 1 run, dropped by Mujeeb at deep mid-wicket. Ashwin actually did well by spinning it into Shakib but Shakib's in that mood. Carved across the line, only to be let off. That's the long side of the boundary and that should have been taken
Ashwin to Shakib, SIX, another one pretty much there. A bit slower you'd think, and Shakib goes straighter here
Ashwin to Shakib, SIX, switches to the off break and Shakib launches him over deep mid-wicket. Just the length you can swing across
Ashwin to Shakib, wide, hey Ashwin, what's that? Tried the Jadhav slingy round-arm delivery but this is way, way down the leg-side
Ashwin to Manish Pandey, 1 run, carrom ball. Manish Pandey steps out and is hurried into makeshift clip to wide long-on
Ashwin to Shakib, 1 run, slowish length ball from round the wicket, Shakib smacks that to the fielder at long-on

Ravichandran Ashwin [3.0-0-36-0] is back into the attack

33 needed off the last over.. Ashwin to bowl. That should be fun

Mohit Sharma to Manish Pandey, 2 runs, another slower delivery and now Mohit Sharma is hurling them intelligently wide of off-stump, making Manish Pandey reach for it. Another half-shimmy down the track to work that down to long-off. 4-0-51-2 for Mohit tonight then
Mohit Sharma to Manish Pandey, 2 runs, using his feet.. only to be hoaxed by another slower ball. Has to reach out further, is overbalanced, and just about manages to get some bat through wide mid-off
Mohit Sharma to Shakib, 1 run, swivels this shortish delivery with a pull round the corner
Mohit Sharma to Shakib, wide, why's that a wide? Shakib is long way down the leg-side, and Mohit Sharma has just bowled the slower-ball bouncer over him. Not sure what the umpire was thinking there. Well. it's been difficult to tell anyway this tournament..
Mohit Sharma to Manish Pandey, 1 run, takes the pace off this time and befuddles Manish Pandey, who's using his feet. Slaps at that and under-edges it behind the wicket
Mohit Sharma to Manish Pandey, SIX, a 37-ball fifty for Pandey. 40 from 10 needed now, which means literally every ball has to be a boundary. A bottom-handed loft from Manish Pandey that, getting under that full ball and launching it over long-on
Mohit Sharma to Shakib, 1 run, off-paced back of a length delivery, Shakib swivels it to deep square leg

Mohit Sharma [3.0-0-37-2] is back into the attack

47 needed off the last 2 overs

Barinder to Shakib, 1 run, finishes with 0/22. And caps the night superbly. Slower delivery this, and Shakib didn't read it. Punched at it early and top-spun that to long-on
Barinder to Manish Pandey, 1 run, jumps to a round the wicket angle now. Gets it nice and full at 137ks, Manish Pandey makes room for a squeeze-out to wide long-off
Barinder to Manish Pandey, wide, now misdirects it again. Wanted to bowl the yorker that pitches just inside the tramline outside off. Just overdoes it from this over the wicket angle to the right-hander
Barinder to Shakib, 1 run, another yorker. Barinder's bowling well here. Shakib makes some room but has to urgently jam it out to long-off
Barinder to Shakib, 2 runs, reversing it here, is Sran. On a length with a little bit of curl into Shakib, who punches it down to long-on
Barinder to Shakib, no run, and the free-hit is a dot ball. Goes back to the good 'od yorker that swings in and rams into Shakib's right foot. Ouchie..
Barinder to Shakib, wide, free-hit will continue because this is a wide. Tries the slower delivery but it's outside the off-side tramline
Barinder to Shakib, no ball, FOUR, that's above the waist, and hence a no-ball. Shakib nicely arches away before realizing that he can get some bat on this. Glides it uppishly through third man
Barinder to Manish Pandey, 1 run, starts with a full and dipping slower delivery from over the wicket, Manish Pandey works it to long-on

Barinder Sran [3.0-0-9-0] is back into the attack

Andrew Tye to Shakib, no run, slower delivery angled across, Shakib gives himself some room and swishes thin air
Andrew Tye to Manish Pandey, 1 run, comes down the track and punches it on the up through cover

Shakib Al Hasan, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Andrew Tye to Deepak Hooda, out Caught by (sub)Manoj Tiwary!! That's been hit high but HYD here are unravelling, surrendering to Mohali's big dimensions. Knuckle ball, another one yeah, and Deepak Hooda finds long-on with this big loft. Manoj Tiwary there, who takes it and then kicks the ball away in celebration... Deepak Hooda c (sub)Manoj Tiwary b Andrew Tye 5(5)

Andrew Tye to Deepak Hooda, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Andrew Tye to Manish Pandey, 1 run, steps down the track and chips it to long-on
Andrew Tye to Manish Pandey, 2 runs, slower delivery flung wide outside off on seeing Manish Pandey advance and make room. Manish Pandey doesn't get hold of the cut at all. Off the cue end through the off-side
Andrew Tye to Manish Pandey, no run, yorker delivery, dug out back to Andrew Tye
Mujeeb to Manish Pandey, 1 run, too full, worked round the corner with a forward press
Mujeeb to Manish Pandey, wide, googly spinning down leg
Mujeeb to Manish Pandey, 2 runs, skidding on, worked through vacant mid-wicket


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