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Mumbai vs Kolkata - 37th Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
Date & Time: 06 May 2018

Kolkata 168/6 (20 Ovs) RR: 8.40 | Mumbai won by 13 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Chris Lynn c Bumrah & b McClenaghanc Bumrah & b McClenaghan171340
Shubman Gill c Krunal Pandya & b Hardik Pandyac Krunal Pandya & b Hardik Pandya7510
Robin Uthappa c Cutting & b Markandec Cutting & b Markande543563
Nitish Rana c Bumrah & b Hardik Pandyac Bumrah & b Hardik Pandya312731
Dinesh Karthik Not OutNot Out362651
Andre Russell c Krunal Pandya & b Bumrahc Krunal Pandya & b Bumrah91010
Sunil Narine c Rohit & b Krunal Pandyac Rohit & b Krunal Pandya5410
Piyush Chawla Not OutNot Out0000
Mitchell Johnson dnbdnb0000
Prasidh Krishna dnbdnb0000
Kuldeep Yadav dnbdnb0000
Extras 9 (b 4, lb 4, w 1, nb 0)
Total 168 (6 Wkts, 20 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
28-1 (Chris Lynn,2.5), 28-2 (Shubman Gill,3.1), 112-3 (Robin Uthappa,12.3), 115-4 (Nitish Rana,13.3), 131-5 (Andre Russell,16.4), 163-6 (Sunil Narine,19.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mitchell McClenaghan4 0 30 1 7.50
Jasprit Bumrah4 0 34 1 8.50
Hardik Pandya4 0 19 2 4.75
Krunal Pandya3 0 29 1 9.67
Mayank Markande3 0 25 1 8.33
Ben Cutting2 0 23 0 11.50
Suryakumar Yadav0 0 0 0 0
Evin Lewis0 0 0 0 0
Ishan Kishan0 0 0 0 0
Rohit Sharma0 0 0 0 0
Jean-Paul Duminy0 0 0 0 0


07:55pm local: It's time you hop tabs and catch our coverage for the PUN-RAJ game. Punjab are bowling, and have dropped Yuvraj for Manoj Tiwary. KOL's miseries against MUM continue, and we'll see how the latter make something out of a fading T20 League campaign. See you in the other match, ta-ta!

Hardik Pandya, MoM and Purple Cap holder - Quite happy to have the Purple Cap. More than that I am happy that the team won and that was my plan. I have been bowling for the Indian team in all games and that gives confidence. In the last one year I have learnt a lot of things while bowling for India. I always want to keep improving. In T20 you might go for runs but you can always come back and today I did that. Today when Rohit got out JP was going in next but Mahela stopped him and said "Hardik you have to go". I love to bat up the order, happy that I got the chance.

Rohit Sharma: This victory was much needed for us to stay in the competition, it was a great effort from the bowling unit. It was always going to be tough for us with the way they batted in the first 10 overs. We kept taking wickets which was a crucial part. I thought it was a good pitch from the last time we played here, it played nicely. We knew it will play a little slower because of the heat here. We adjusted well but we still have to do some work with the bat to finish off the games, considering the start we got. We should have got 15-20 runs more, some work needs to be done there. We are not short of power hitting, with so much ability with the bat at times it becomes difficult to utilize them. We have got three power hitters in the team, Ben is a great striker of the ball but he hasn't got enough time to bat in the middle. I know at some time in the tournament he will play a crucial role. At Wankhede, you can't keep bowling the same length, you don't want to be predictable here. So, with the field we set we never allow the batsmen to think what we are going to bowl. Under the lights pitch gets better so idea was to keep the batsmen guessing. I think Krunal is a very smart cricketer and that is the reason I went with him in the last over.

This is the 17th win for MUM against KOL in the history of T20 League

This is the second instance of Karthik remaining unbeaten in a losing run chase. Other was 58* for GUJ vs PUN in Rajkot last year.

Most consecutive wins vs an opponent in T20 League
8 BLR v DEL (2011-15) +
8 KOL v PUN (2014-17)
7 CHN v DEL (2012-15)
7 RAJ v DEL (2013-18)
7 MUM v KOL (2015-18) *
+ includes a Super Over win

07:46pm local: MUM can be down in the doldrums but they sure have an antidote to everything that KOL is. Seventh consecutive win for Mumbai over Kolkata, who have to remain content with their only win at Wankhede that came all the way back in 2012. 182 wasn't a daunting target on a Mumbai pitch with some pace and bounce -- something that swayed Mumbai into bowling short and leaking runs early on. Uthappa, dropped on 4 by Markande, flourished to a fifty but his wicket in the 13th over, and poetically to Markande, took the wheels off a rattling chase. Nitish Rana fell soon after, Shubman's promotion as an opener meant Narine was batting at an unfamiliar slot, and Karthik was left with too much to do in the end.

Krunal Pandya to Karthik, 1 run, flat-batted to long-on and they jog just because they had to. Or maybe not. MUM win by 13 runs
Krunal Pandya to Karthik, no run, oh dear, that's it for KOL. Angled in on the stumps and DK has dragged it round the corner.. for a dot
Krunal Pandya to Karthik, FOUR, wide full toss and Karthik's carved it over the infield square on the off-side
Krunal Pandya to Karthik, no run, nicely bowled by Krunal Pandya. Not a six and that'll do. Karthik missed his sweep -- 93ks delivery that -- and MUM have taken it upstairs. Hit on the belly as he shaped for the big wind-up, but that looked high, and down the leg-side. Ball-tracking: suggests that the impact is down leg, so there's nothing more to it

Piyush Chawla, left handed bat, comes to the crease

19 needed off 4. Good thing is that DK is back on strike. KOL need a six here. And we've a spinner bowling..

Krunal Pandya to Narine, out Caught by Rohit!! Oh, that's it for Narine. Three consecutive boundaries from KOL and here's the wicket. KP angles this across Narine, who was always going for it. Gets a toe-end and Rohit nicely traces a few yards back at extra cover to take this. Narine c Rohit b Krunal Pandya 5(4) [4s-1]

Krunal Pandya to Narine, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Krunal Pandya to Narine, FOUR, gee this is going south. Krunal has done nothing to allay fears. Bowls a full toss and is hammered down the ground. 19 off 5 needed

Krunal Pandya [2.0-0-20-0] is back into the attack

23 needed off the last over

Bumrah to Karthik, FOUR, Duminy drops it at deep square and then also lets it go for a boundary. Low full toss, Karthik got into a position early and swiveled the hack round the corner. It was right upto Duminy, who went for the reverse cup but lets it through. What's worse: it bounces once before the boundary ropes. Bad. Very bad
Bumrah to Karthik, FOUR, misses the yorker by inches and that's good enough for DK. Went back and got under it, drilling it uppishly through a very straight long-on
Bumrah to Karthik, no run, wow Bumrah, wow. Beats Karthik's pull shot with a well-directed short ball at 138ks. And he's asking back for the ball. He wants to run through this over. He's in the rhythm
Bumrah to Karthik, no run, almost 147ks and they don't go for the single. Took a thick inside edge and rushed to fine leg, the ball, but all that for nothing. DK wants the strike
Bumrah to Karthik, SIX, what about the height on this full toss? Looked like it was below the waist. This time Karthik makes hay. Slogs it over deep mid-wicket, where Milne is trying to catch that one-handed and leaping. Well over him
Bumrah to Karthik, no run, pacy low full toss at 143ks on leg-stump, and Karthik's been beaten by the sheer pace on it. Rapped on the pad, and then grimaces more in disappointment than pain. Angle was always taking it down, so no appeal from Mumbai there

Who'll bowl this over? 37 needed off 12, so MUM might as well go for Bumrah and keep the req. runs to a maximum.

Hardik Pandya to Karthik, 1 run, bowls the cutter on a back of a length, and wide, but there's a fielder much squarer this time. Fields it at deep cover-point, say
Hardik Pandya to Karthik, no run, now he's been undone by a slower delivery. About 115ks, Karthik walks across his stumps and gives it a mighty waft. And all he gets is a big toe-end rolling back to the keeper
Hardik Pandya to Karthik, FOUR, good follow-up with the slower delivery but got the length wrong. And the line. Shortish outside off, allowing Karthik to stay back and flash it square on the off-side
Hardik Pandya to Karthik, no run, full and pacy around off-stump, Karthik shuffles across a touch and all he could do was block it into the leg-side
Hardik Pandya to Narine, 1 run, gets his front leg outta way and wrists this seam-up full ball to long-on. 42 off 16
Hardik Pandya to Narine, no run, hoodwinked by the cutter. It's outside off and Narine goes for the big slog. Off the bottom-end, and it rolls behind the wicket

Hardik Pandya [3.0-0-13-2] is back into the attack

Russell's wicket makes it a bit tricky. Now over to DK, who has to keep most of the strike with occasional big hits from Narine

Bumrah to Karthik, leg byes, FOUR, given as leg byes. Goes for the slower delivery but gets the radar wrong. Slipping down leg; beats the batsman and then the keeper too. 43 needed off 3 overs!
Bumrah to Karthik, FOUR, short and wide, and pumped away with an uppish cut shot behind square on the off-side

Sunil Narine, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Bumrah to A Russell, out Caught by Krunal Pandya!! That's a terrific catch from Krunal and Russell falls to a top-edged pull. Hurried by the pace, so looked in no position to play the shot. Backed away, and met the ball with weight on his front foot. Krunal swerved in the deep, anticipating the trajectory and then dived in front at deep backward square to take the catch. Good effort, running back from short fine leg. A Russell c Krunal Pandya b Bumrah 9(10) [4s-1]

Bumrah to A Russell, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Bumrah to Karthik, 1 run, fuller at nearly 143ks this time, Karthik flat-bats him to long-on for a single. 51 off 21 needed
Bumrah to A Russell, 1 run, hurried by the 142ks delivery. Angles this in on a back of a length, Russell was looking to slap it around but ends up crouching and swatting his bat across -- more in hope of not getting hit
Bumrah to Karthik, 1 run, length ball outside outside off and Karthik's hammered him.. for a single through cover-point say. Rocked back and sideways and freed his arms. Over to you, Russell

Jasprit Bumrah [2.0-0-13-0] is back into the attack

Yep, time for Bumrah then. DK on strike. Feel this over will tell us a lot. Rohit's taking his time to set the field, as DK looks keenly, resting the bat on his shoulder. Here we go. Bumrah from over the wicket

Time-out! 54 off 24 balls required. Bumrah has two left, and the other bowlers will bowl around him. Cutting's gone for 23 in his 2 overs, so the choice will be interesting. Hardik has just one left by the way.

Markande to A Russell, no run, darted full and quick, Russell blocks it back
Markande to A Russell, FOUR, that wasn't too short but look at Russell pin all his weight on the back foot, and deep in the crease, and swat it disparagingly wide of long-on. That fact that he had to summon the ball from outside off tells how powerful Russ is
Markande to Karthik, 1 run, triggers leg-side and slaps this leg break through to deep extra cover


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