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Mumbai vs Delhi - 9th Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
Date & Time: 14 April 2018

Delhi 195/3 (20 Ovs) RR: 9.75 | Delhi won by 7 wkts


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Jason Roy Not OutNot Out915366
Gautam Gambhir c Rohit & b Mustafizurc Rohit & b Mustafizur151620
Rishabh Pant c Pollard & b Krunal Pandyac Pollard & b Krunal Pandya472562
Glenn Maxwell c Hardik Pandya & b Krunal Pandyac Hardik Pandya & b Krunal Pandya13611
Shreyas Iyer Not OutNot Out272031
Vijay Shankar dnbdnb0000
Daniel Christian dnbdnb0000
Rahul Tewatia dnbdnb0000
Shahbaz Nadeem dnbdnb0000
Mohammed Shami dnbdnb0000
Trent Boult dnbdnb0000
Extras 2 (b 0, lb 1, w 1, nb 0)
Total 195 (3 Wkts, 20 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
50-1 (Gautam Gambhir,5.1), 119-2 (Rishabh Pant,11.5), 135-3 (Glenn Maxwell,13.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Hardik Pandya2 0 32 0 16.00
Akila Dananjaya4 0 47 0 11.75
Jasprit Bumrah4 0 27 0 6.75
Mustafizur Rahman4 0 25 1 6.25
Mayank Markande3 0 42 0 14.00
Krunal Pandya3 0 21 2 7.00
Rohit Sharma0 0 0 0 0
Evin Lewis0 0 0 0 0
Ishan Kishan0 0 0 0 0
Suryakumar Yadav0 0 0 0 0
Kieron Pollard0 0 0 0 0


So it's three straight loses for Mumbai to begin the season. Don't get carried away though. MUM have the knack of bouncing back strongly from tough situations. It's a double-header day, so it's time for all of us to move to the Eden Gardens for the battle between the Kolkata and Hyderabad. See you there!

Jason Roy - Player of the Match: It was a good knock . We came together and showed what we are capable off. We brought them back nicely and restricted them to a chaseable total. It is a great place to bat and great place to play cricket. New ball skids on nicely and my intention was to play strong attacking shots. Just a little bit of nerves in the final overs, I made it harder than I should have. I am spending a lot of time playing spin in the nets and trying a way to score runs against spin.

Gautam Gambhir: I thought that it was a serious win. It was a tremendous effort from the bowlers to drag them back to 195. At one time we were thinking they might get 230. The way bowlers bowled, a lot of credit goes to them. We knew under lights the ball will come better onto the bat better. Rahul Tewatia was brilliant. The last 5 overs we were tremendous, both Shami and Dan Christian were terrific. The mood in the dressing at the innings break was good as we expected the opposition to get 230 but restricted them around 190. Guys were pumped up as they knew 180-190 is chaseable on this ground. Roy showed everyone that he is a class player specially in this format. (On playing next match at Eden) We got to try and take it as any other game. I will try not to be emotional.

Rohit: Disappointing not to finish the (three) games. We had a good score on the board today. We could have bowled smarter and used the slower ball better, but credit to Jason Roy for the way he batted. We got off to a great start with the bat, but didn't capitalize towards the end. There is room for improvement in the fielding department. The catches we dropped could have gone either way. We certainly have the guys to pull things back. We never wanted to lose games like this because we all know it's critical to win these games. We need to regroup, come out and do better. We have definitely played good cricket in the last 3 games, hopefully we can learn from the negatives and come back stronger against BLR.

That was a chaotic final over. 11 needed, the first two yield 10 runs and just as you thought MUM were out of it, Fizz bowls a hat-trick of dots and almost makes the team believe that they can push this to the Super Over! Phew! But hey, that was some tremendous batting from Roy and Co. To be honest, DEL won the game when they took 5 wickets for 21 runs towards the end of MUM's batting effort. The hosts looked set to cross 215-220, but they struggled when the bowlers took pace off the ball. DEL needed a good start in the chase and Roy got them off to a flier. Pant looked determined coming in at No. 3 and combined well with Roy. Although DEL lost a couple of quick wickets, Roy and Iyer took the side home.

Mustafizur to Roy, 1 run, in the airrrrr and it lands safely! For a moment it looked as if one of the fielders had it covered, but DEL were relieved to see the ball clear the infield over cover. What an anticlimax for a brilliant run chase. Slower delivery outside off stump, Roy slices the loft and that's good enough for DEL to record their first win of the season

Can Fizz eke out a dot ball? Rohit is smiling. DEL can't lose, but this game can be forced into a Super Over. The field is up for the final ball

Mustafizur to Roy, no run, a hat-trick of dots, you are kidding me! Slower delivery again that spins across, Roy pokes at it and misses. MUM review just like that, obviously no edge on that. Gee this is unbelievable stuff
Mustafizur to Roy, no run, another dot! Just two more dots for a Super Over. DEL surely can't take this to the Super Over. Just move across the stumps and negate the angle Mr. Roy! Slower delivery outside off stump, Roy swipes and misses again
Mustafizur to Roy, no run, slog and miss! Dot ball, but it's only 1 run needed off 3. Slower delivery slanted across, Roy swings to the leg-side and misses
Mustafizur to Roy, SIX, uppish and all the way. Scores level! What a hit under pressure. With a boundary through the off-side previous ball and a field set for the leg-side, Roy knows that the bowler isn't going to bowl outside off stump, so he moves across and flicks this short of length delivery with a strong bottom hand grip to send it clear of the man at fine leg
Mustafizur to Roy, FOUR, that's a quality hit from Roy but hang on, why on earth did you bowl normal pace Mustafizur? Full and wide outside off stump, Roy drills the drive over cover and there's no one in the deep. Great start to the over for DEL

Third man in, square leg, fine leg back

Fizz - the best pacer for MUM has 10 to defend. He's been bowling well. Can MUM pull off a miracle? Long discussion between Ro, Pollard and Krunal. Hardik joins us well. Interestingly, Fizz is just watching from a bit of a distance. Is Krunal trying to convince his captain for the final over. Surely got to be Fizz! The cutters have been gripping the pitch. Thankfully it is Fizz for the final over. Prayers running long in the stands.

Bumrah to Shreyas Iyer, no run, can you believe this! Bumrah has prised out a couple of dot balls to finish the penultimate over with 11 needed. That's some quality for you. Similar ball to the previous but and Iyer failed to make contact again

Bumrah aborts his run-up last minute

Bumrah to Shreyas Iyer, no run, beaten! 11 off 7 now. Pressure on the batsman all of a sudden. Lovely slower ball full and outside off stump, Iyer tries to squeeze it past third man but misses

This is turning out to be a good over. No boundaries yet. Can he finish well. 11 needed off 8

Bumrah to Roy, 1 run, very full, almost the yorker, Roy drills it to long-off
Bumrah to Roy, 2 runs, how about that for perfection from Roy? Slower delivery outside off stump, Roy slices the slog, but the placement couldn't have been better, lands safely around the mid-off region. That could so easily have been hit to hand, lucky for DEL that the bat swing wasn't that hard
Bumrah to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run, low full toss and Iyer flicks it on the bounce to deep mid-wicket
Bumrah to Roy, 1 run, slower delivery wide outside off stump, Roy dabs it to deep backward point, was almost foxed by the change of pace, wants two but sent back and rightly so

Just 16 needed off 12 now

Mustafizur to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR, there is deep square leg, there is deep mid-wicket but Shreyas Iyer has expertly split them both with a well timed pull shot. Mustafizur went normal pace on this short ball and it didn't rise high enough for Iyer to be troubled
Mustafizur to Shreyas Iyer, no run, watch the ball sir! Shreyas Iyer swung so early at this short slower ball, went for the pull and almost finished the shot before the ball arrived
Mustafizur to Shreyas Iyer, 2 runs, this time Iyer does cut the ball with the angle from the left-armer, sends it to deep point and he's swift to come back for the second. The fielder didn't attack the ball quick enough to prevent the second
Mustafizur to Shreyas Iyer, no run, slower delivery slanted across outside off stump, Iyer tries to throw his bat at it but makes no contact
Mustafizur to Roy, leg byes, 1 run, appeal for LBW, not given, are they going for a review? No! Oopsy! There's an overthrow. Fizz was appealing and there was no one backing up Bumrah's throw from short fine leg. This was a good length delivery pitching outside leg, so can't be out, Roy missed the scoop and got hit on the thigh pad
Mustafizur to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run, slower delivery just outside off stump, tapped to mid-off for a quick single

Mustafizur Rahman [2.0-0-7-1] is back into the attack

Bumrah to Roy, no run, oh Roy wanted to scoop this low full toss past short third man, but mistimes it
Bumrah to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run, another catch put down and it's Fizz again. You don't deserve to win if you are going to field like that. That stare from Rohit Sharma tells it all. Silence all around the Wankhede. Good length delivery outside off stump, Iyer backs away and slices it, went to the right of short third man, easy catch and he spills it
Bumrah to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR, slower ball alright, but this is way outside off stump, Iyer delays the cut shot, puts it past backward point and the man sweeping the off-side boundary could not cut it off as well
Bumrah to Roy, 1 run, almost a yorker, Roy digs it out to long-off
Bumrah to Roy, FOUR, a dropped catch and then the MUM's best bowler has been carted away for four next ball. Five runs off 2 balls and the asking rate is only around 9. Short of a length delivery on the stumps, Roy pulls powerfully and there's no one at deep square leg to stop the boundary
Bumrah to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run, dropped, tough chance though! Fizz the man there at short third man. Slower delivery wide outside off stump, Iyer checks the dab, gets a leading edge that flies to the left of short third, Fizz moved to his left and dived, but couldn't hold on. Massive moment in the game

Jasprit Bumrah [2.0-0-11-0] is back into the attack

Time-out time. Four overs to go, Fizz and Bumrah have two each, but DEL have attacked the others to ensure that they don't have to go that hard to get the remaining 35 runs. Ones and twos and the occasional boundary will do.

Krunal Pandya to Shreyas Iyer, 1 run, flatter and on the leg stump, Iyer flicks it to deep mid-wicket
Krunal Pandya to Shreyas Iyer, no run, big slog attempted on one knee but this down the leg-side ball hits Iyer on the pad
Krunal Pandya to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR, that should have been stopped by Rahul Chahar at deep point. Short and wide outside off stump, Iyer cuts, Chahar got there running to his left from sweeper, but he fumbled
Krunal Pandya to Roy, 1 run, punched away to long-off
Krunal Pandya to Roy, SIX, this game is so unkind to the bowlers. Krunal Pandya has actually deceived the batsman in flight and with length, Roy, who was jumping out of the crease was nowhere close to the pitch of the ball, but he's gifted with timing and has a great willow in his hands and that combo is good enough for him to back himself and go through with the lofted hit over the bowler's head
Krunal Pandya to Roy, no run, very full and outside off stump, Roy drives it to cover

47 needed off 30

Dananjaya to Shreyas Iyer, no run, that's hit really hard as well, but hit straight to the bowler, Iyer almost whipped that like a helicopter shot
Dananjaya to Shreyas Iyer, SIX, oh what a shot! The quicker delivery from Dananjaya, Iyer slogs really well and the timing is exceptional, sails into the second tier over the mid-wicket boundary
Dananjaya to Shreyas Iyer, no run, leg-stumpish delivery, flicked to the left of short mid-wicket
Dananjaya to Roy, 1 run, flicked away to deep mid-wicket
Dananjaya to Roy, wide, way outside off stump, ignored by the batsman


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