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Hyderabad vs Punjab - 25th Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
Date & Time: 26 April 2018

Punjab 119/10 (19.2 Ovs) RR: 6.16 | Hyderabad won by 13 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Lokesh Rahul bowled Rashid Khanbowled Rashid Khan322641
Chris Gayle c Basil Thampi & b Basil Thampic Basil Thampi & b Basil Thampi232212
Mayank Agarwal c Manish Pandey & b Shakibc Manish Pandey & b Shakib121500
Karun Nair lbw Rashid Khanlbw Rashid Khan131700
Aaron Finch c Manish Pandey & b Shakibc Manish Pandey & b Shakib8401
Manoj Tiwary c Williamson & b Sandeep Sharmac Williamson & b Sandeep Sharma1500
Ravichandran Ashwin c Williamson & b Rashid Khanc Williamson & b Rashid Khan4600
Andrew Tye lbw Sandeep Sharmalbw Sandeep Sharma4210
Barinder Sran runout runout 2500
Ankit Rajpoot bowled Basil Thampibowled Basil Thampi8910
Mujeeb Ur Rahman Not OutNot Out10520
Extras 2 (b 1, lb 1, w 0, nb 0)
Total 119 (10 Wkts, 19.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
55-1 (Lokesh Rahul,7.5), 57-2 (Chris Gayle,8.2), 77-3 (Mayank Agarwal,12.1), 82-4 (Karun Nair,13.4), 88-5 (Aaron Finch,14.2), 92-6 (Manoj Tiwary,15.3), 96-7 (Andrew Tye,15.5), 99-8 (Barinder Sran,16.5), 101-9 (Ravichandran Ashwin,17.2), 119-10 (Ankit Rajpoot,19.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Sandeep Sharma4 0 17 2 4.25
Mohammad Nabi2 0 24 0 12.00
Siddarth Kaul4 0 25 0 6.25
Basil Thampi2.2 0 14 2 6.36
Rashid Khan4 0 19 3 4.75
Shakib Al Hasan3 0 18 2 6.00
Shikhar Dhawan0 0 0 0 0
Kane Williamson0 0 0 0 0
Wriddhiman Saha0 0 0 0 0
Manish Pandey0 0 0 0 0
Yusuf Pathan0 0 0 0 0


Irrespective of the toss, HYD should just start bowling as soon as the umpire calls 'play' At least that way we will see more early finishes and less panic. Not that anyone anticipates such moments, but blimey! HYD have a factory of bowlers. Fast, spin, medium pace doesn't matter. They just have the 'know-how' to pick wickets. And when you have bowlers like that, Williamson can snuggle his pillow and stop turning up for batting practice. Absolutely brimming with confidence, the HYD side. Righto! That's that for tonight. Tomorrow we have DEL taking on KOL. A must win for DEL. Do join us for that in few hours time. Until then, good night and goodbye from Raju Peethala, Sagar Chawla, Pradeep Krishnamurthy, Srivathsa, Varun Dixit and our scorer Shashikant Singh. Cheers!!

All out totals after a 50+ opening stand
119 PUN v HYD, Hyderabad, 2018 (55)
154 PUN v GUJ, Rajkot, 2016 (65)
154 GUJ v HYD, Kanpur, 2017 (111)
161 GUJ v PUNE, Pune, 2017 (55)
165 HYD v BLR, Hyderabad, 2008 (101)
173 MUM v DEL, Mumbai WS, 2014 (87)

Best figures in losing causes in T20 League
6/19 A Zampa v HYD, 2016
5/14 A Rajpoot v HYD, 2018
5/16 J Faulkner v HYD, 2013
5/19 S Narine v PUN, 2012
5/21 M Patel v PUN, 2011

Ankit Rajpoot - the best bowling [5/14] figures by an uncapped player in T20 League - gets the Man of the Match award: It isn't an easy job. Everyone practice hard and we practice a lot before the games. The wicket was offering a bit of help early on and I made sure I used my variations and hit the right lengths. I had planned early on about which areas to bowl and it all worked out well. It was my day today and thankfully I got a fifer. (*Roughly translated from Hindi*)

Williamson, HYD skipper: We haven't really played on surfaces that are 180s and 190s. We wanted more from our batters, and today 150-160 would have been a competitive total. The Punjab bowled really, really well, but the boys fought really hard. It's nice to be able to defend these totals. We didn't bowl well in the powerplay, but we did well to squeeze it towards the end. We want to be a little bit smarter with the bat. It's about getting 145s and 155s on these kind of surfaces. Competitive totals on these kind of surfaces. The bowlers have been operating very well, they know their roles very well. We are fortunate with our bowling depth. Very lucky to have the local talent. Some good tough decisions to make going into the next few matches. You always want more, but the boys have been fantastic in the way they fought with the ball especially on this kind of a pitch. We want to maintain the same trend for the rest of the tournament. Yes! (it is a difficult surface to bat)

Rashid Khan: It was tough to come back after those two bad games (against CHN and PUN). It's a part of cricket, the team support was amazing, they just told me to go there and enjoy myself. I don't know (about the plan to bowl him after the powerplay), it's up to the skipper, whenever he wanted me to bowl, I was ready. Getting KL's wicket was great, he's a class player, one of my favourites, the plan was to bowl wicket-to-wicket, mix up my lengths. It gives a lot of confidence defending small totals, with our bowling - we can defend any total, the guys did a wonderful job in the last two games. The fielding was excellent, but we need more runs from the batsmen. The wickets in the last two games wasn't easy, in the next few games, I think they will get more runs.

Ashwin - From where we were we should have really put this game away. It is disappointing. It was not the greatest of wickets and we succumbed to it. These losses can happen in this format and these sort of games do happen in T20 League, we have to move on. We need to address our fielding. It is always difficult to catch under the lights but there are no excuses, we are professional cricketers and we have to put it behind and work harder. This 7 days gap is good for us, we will try to regroup and come back stronger. Rashid bowled really well, he is a world class bowler and we lost wickets against him in the middle overs.

23:37 Local Time, 18:07 GMT, 23:37 IST: At 55/0, PUN were cruising, but then Rashid Khan found a way to sneak through Rahul's defences and that's it...Out of nowhere, the pitch started looking like a minefield, at least PUN batters definitely made it seem like one; They kept playing rash shots and gifted wickets in clusters, and the result? Lost 10 wickets for 64 runs and missed out on claiming the top spot in the table. Rashid Khan was too good. A lot of credit must go to Williamson, who despite defending a low total, held back Rashid for the latter stages. And that, I guess, made a massive difference. The rest of the bowlers garnished Rashid's efforts and vindicated the tag of the 'best bowling side' of this T20 League.

Basil Thampi to Rajpoot, out Bowled!! Stumps shattered, so is the PUN dug-out. HYD win, by 13 runs. What an outstanding bowling effort this. This (the final wicket) was coming; Basil Thampi gets his line right and attacks the stumps with a full one, it was pacy and too hot to handle for Ankit Rajpoot, he went across his stumps to try the funky scoop over short fine and missed. Nailed, done and dusted. Timbahhhh...Rajpoot b Basil Thampi 8(9) [4s-1]

Basil Thampi to Rajpoot, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Basil Thampi to Mujeeb, leg byes, 1 run, 140ks, right in the blockhole, Mujeeb stays side-on and fails to connect with his whippy bat swing, smacks the pads and rolls to backward point

15 needed of 6. KW turns to Thampi. Can he? Can he?

S Kaul to Rajpoot, no run, oh my! The way Rajpoot is swinging the bat. The ball might just land up in one of those streets in Ameerpet. Just that he isn't connecting which is the primary problem for PUN. It was a canny cutter, bowled slightly outside off to defeat the swishing bat swing
S Kaul to Rajpoot, FOUR, typical agricultural slog from Ankit Rajpoot, shaves the inside edge and runs past the keeper to his left. Thampi from short fine chases...chases...and chases...Never getting there. Ball wins the race
S Kaul to Mujeeb, 1 run, slower ball outside off stump, Mujeeb exposes his stumps and spanks the ball down to long-off

KW has a word with his bowler

S Kaul to Rajpoot, 1 run, sprays it wide of off-stump, lack of pace from Sid Kaul, Rajpoot stood back in his crease and thumped the lofted drive over a nonexistent extra cover. Will get a single
S Kaul to Mujeeb, 1 run, jumps wide of off and flicks the full ball through mid-wicket
S Kaul to Rajpoot, byes, 1 run, slower delivery wide of off, Rajpoot swings and misses. A fumble from Saha enables a bye
Rashid Khan to Mujeeb, FOUR, another reverse slap. Over short third man this time. Sweetly timed or not, it goes over the fielder and trickles into the fence
Rashid Khan to Mujeeb, FOUR, okay let's try something fancy decides Mujeeb and he goes for the reverse slap over point. Connects it well and gets it to defeat the dive from sweeper cover to his left
Rashid Khan to Rajpoot, 1 run, another hoick, loops up in the air and falls short of backward square
Rashid Khan to Rajpoot, no run, a swing and a miss outside off, Rashid Khan needs to attack the stumps

Mujeeb Ur Rahman, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Rashid Khan to Ashwin, out Caught by Williamson!! Running out of words to describe this shambolic batting from PUN. Ashwin goes for the hack and had to drag it off the toe-end, the ball was spinning away from him and that made it all the more difficult to execute the shot. Skies up off the toe-end and KW takes a sitter at cover. Ashwin c Williamson b Rashid Khan 4(6)

Rashid Khan to Ashwin, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Rashid Khan to Rajpoot, 1 run, heaved in the air and it falls well short of deep mid-wicket

Rashid Khan [3.0-0-9-2] is back into the attack

S Kaul to Rajpoot, 1 run, high in the air and dropped! Slog number 7868758....they are just not getting it right tonight. It hung in for eternity and that perhaps put Nabi off at long-on who shells a sitter in front of his throat
S Kaul to Barinder, out Barinder Run Out!! This is possibly the worst batting display from PUN this season. They are inviting panic ball after ball. Sran slogs once again, gets it off the toe-end and it dribbles to Saha to his left; he puts in the dive, collects cleanly and clatters the timber at the striker's end. Both the batsmen were stranded in the middle, Ashwin took a couple of strides and stood stoned midway waiting to see the procession. Barinder run out (Saha) 2(5)

S Kaul to Barinder, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

S Kaul to Barinder, no run, slower and angling across Sran, he goes for a wild swipe and gets beaten
S Kaul to Ashwin, 1 run, that shot deserved a four, at least two. But Ashwin's lackadaisical running between the wickets denies him the second. Short and wide of off-stump, Ashwin slashed it behind point where sweeper cover tidies up with a dive to his left
S Kaul to Barinder, 1 run, sits back and makes use of Kaul's width to flash it down to long-off. Every run counts. Down to 35 now...
S Kaul to Barinder, no run, back of a length outside off, smashes the splice as Sran looked to punch, it rolls straight to mid-off. Sran was looking for a single, his partner was never interested. There was never a one there

Siddarth Kaul [2.0-0-15-0] is back into the attack

36 required from 24. At the moment, HYD bowlers are making that 36 look like 63. The crowd have found their voice

Sandeep Sharma to Barinder, 1 run, fuller from round the wicket, Sran opens the bat face and dabs in front of cover-point

Barinder Sran, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Sandeep Sharma to Andrew Tye, out Lbw!! They are crumbling like nine pins. One after the other. There's no room to breathe. Knuckle ball from Sandeep Sharma, Tye played across the line and got hit in line with middle and leg. Loud appeal and given out straightaway. Tye went for the review after a brief consultation with his skipper, thankfully they didn't lose the review. Andrew Tye lbw b Sandeep Sharma 4(2) [4s-1]

Sandeep Sharma to Andrew Tye, THAT'S OUT!! Lbw!!

Andrew Tye has been given out lbw. He reviews straightaway. Legal delivery. No inside edge. Umpire's call on hitting. Just shaving the top of leg peg. OUT.

Sandeep Sharma to Andrew Tye, FOUR, dropped? Just fingertips I guess. Will go down as a missed opportunity. Andrew Tye walks out of his crease and clubs it straight down the ground, it kept teasing long-on and long-off, in the end Shakib from long-on decided to go for it, but didn't judge it well and it looped over his left shoulder

Andrew Tye, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Time-out! From 55/0 to 92/6, the story of PUN. They now need 41 off 27 with no recognised batsman left in the tank


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