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Chennai vs Rajasthan - 17th Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune
Date & Time: 20 April 2018

Rajasthan 140/10 (18.3 Ovs) RR: 7.57 | Chennai won by 64 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Ajinkya Rahane bowled D Chaharbowled D Chahar161111
Heinrich Klaasen bowled SN Thakurbowled SN Thakur7710
Sanju Samson c Karn Sharma & b D Chaharc Karn Sharma & b D Chahar2300
Ben Stokes c Billings & b Tahirc Billings & b Tahir453731
Jos Buttler c Tahir & b DJ Bravoc Tahir & b DJ Bravo221711
Rahul Tripathi c Billings & b DJ Bravoc Billings & b DJ Bravo5500
Stuart Binny c SN Thakur & b SN Thakurc SN Thakur & b SN Thakur10810
Krishnappa Gowtham c Dhoni & b Watsonc Dhoni & b Watson1200
Shreyas Gopal Not OutNot Out81000
Jaydev Unadkat bowled Karn Sharmabowled Karn Sharma161030
Ben Laughlin c Dhoni & b Karn Sharmac Dhoni & b Karn Sharma0100
Extras 8 (b 0, lb 0, w 8, nb 0)
Total 140 (10 Wkts, 18.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
20-1 (Heinrich Klaasen,1.5), 25-2 (Sanju Samson,2.6), 32-3 (Ajinkya Rahane,4.3), 77-4 (Jos Buttler,10.1), 96-5 (Rahul Tripathi,12.2), 111-6 (Ben Stokes,13.5), 115-7 (Krishnappa Gowtham,14.4), 117-8 (Stuart Binny,15.3), 140-9 (Jaydev Unadkat,18.2), 140-10 (Ben Laughlin,18.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Deepak Chahar4 0 30 2 7.50
Shardul Thakur3 0 18 2 6.00
Shane Watson3 0 13 1 4.33
Imran Tahir4 0 44 1 11.00
Dwayne Bravo2 0 16 2 8.00
Karn Sharma1.3 0 13 2 10.00
Ravindra Jadeja1 0 6 0 6.00
Ambati Rayudu0 0 0 0 0
Suresh Raina0 0 0 0 0
Sam Billings0 0 0 0 0
MS Dhoni0 0 0 0 0


CHN have climbed to the top of the table after this massive 64-run win. That's it from our coverage of this game. I've been Sagar Chawla, and on behalf of Nikhil Jadhav, Akshay Maanay, Abhinand Raghavendran, Pradeep Krishnamurthy and our scorer Shashikant Singh, it's a goodbye!

Watson, MoM: There's no doubt I had extra motivation tonight (against his former team). Nice to put in the performance that I did tonight. Grateful for the opportunity I've had for CHN. Glad to repay them tonight. Not sure, just one of those things that happened in the first couple of overs (about the dropped catches). Don't mean to drop them, but that's the way it goes. It went my way tonight, got to make the most of it. When you feel like you're not learning, it's time to stop. I'm still working on certain aspects of the game. MS and Fleming know how to set up a really good team dynamic. Fortunate to be a part of CHN and to contribute to the win tonight. Chris (Gayle) is the greatest T20 batsman in the world. To be able to score so many T20 hundreds. That's the reason he's called the Universe Boss. He keeps bossing attacks around the world.

(2/2): As far as the wicket is concerned, I'm not sure that it was coming on nicely, especially when the ball got old. There was spongy bounce. Back of length was hard to hit. Batsmen did the job, they put on more than what was required on the board. Made the bowlers' life easy. Spinners had to vary their line and lengths along with the pace. It's a league stage, it's not like the quarters or semis, where if you lose you're out, so there's not that much pressure. For CHN whenever we played in Chennai, we used to bat first a lot of times in Chennai. Dew is a factor here. Today also there was a bit of dew later on. I saw the fielders wiping the ball and everything. Slowly what has happened is that people are getting comfortable either way. If wicket is good, not many teams will mind batting first or second.

Dhoni, CHN captain (1/2): Big game for us, we lost the last one. It's like an unknown territory for us. CHN is used to being slightly behind, before getting into the groove. This year has been different. Everyone has contributed. Have to keep the fitness levels up, most of us are over 30. It's a long-ish tournament, have to be fit. Experience really counts. No point getting injured when you're trying to stop a single or a double. The kind of players we've got, they'll always make that up. We've got a few good fielders who are very good. They are doing most of the work when it comes to the boundary fielding. Just want to keep the players fit. Change of venue - to be frank - CHN wasn't there for couple of years. I played for Pune at that point of time. The fans over here, they supported the team and stood by me. It's time to return the favour. They have the choice whether to support CHN or the other team. By the end of the seventh game, we'll see a lot more yellow in the crowd. It's Chennai, not Pune Chennai.

Shardul Thakur: It takes years to practice and get into rhythm, but once it happens, I want to stay in rhythm and execute better. We were involved in some high-scoring games and had some nail biting finishes in the tournament so far, so we knew what was coming. I think I executed my skills well and am hoping for more of the same in the upcoming matches.

Rahane, RAJ captain: Credit goes to CHN the way they played, especially Watson at the top of the order. Unfortunately, we dropped that catch. But, the way he played was incredible. If you field well and take the catches, it'll help. Our players are working hard on fielding. We need to work hard and move forward. We bowled slightly on the poor side. They bowled straighter lines and lengths. It was difficult to hit. CHN were too good tonight. It's important to believe in our ability. We just need to go out there, try to improve and be positive. His (Watson) intent was completely different. He was positive from ball one.

23:34 Local Time, 18:04 GMT, 23:34 IST: Discernable chants of "CHN CHN" from the yellow army, many of whom have travelled here from Chennai in the Whistle Podu Express. And their team put on a show for them - led by Watson's brilliant hundred. Such was his belligerence at the start, that despite a jaded finish, 200 on the board was a given. Their bowlers had enough cushion to work with and they did the job that was asked of them. The Rajasthan clearly struggling in that bowling department. Especially in the powerplay, it looks like Rahane doesn't know where to go. Shreyas Gopal has been doing an outstanding job for them, but on pitches where the ball is not stopping and gripping, their pacers - who are well suited for bowling cutters - are disappearing. Jofra Archer couldn't be more missed right now.

Biggest defeats for RAJ in T20 League (by runs):
75 vs BLR, Cape Town, 2009
71 vs BLR, Pune, 2015
67 vs DEL, Delhi, 2010
64 vs CHN, Pune, 2018*

Karn Sharma to Laughlin, out Caught by Dhoni!! Faint tickle from Laughlin, and that's it. RAJ bowled out with nine balls to go. Flat leg-break, Laughlin makes room to drive off the back foot but it climbs on him due to the overspin imparted. Dhoni takes care of the edge. Laughlin c Dhoni b Karn Sharma 0(1)

Karn Sharma to Laughlin, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Ben Laughlin, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Karn Sharma to Unadkat, out Bowled!! Clatters the stumps with a googly. Unadkat has had his fun, no more. Tries for another slog-sweep but probably didn't pick the variation. Unadkat b Karn Sharma 16(10) [4s-3]

Karn Sharma to Unadkat, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Karn Sharma to Unadkat, FOUR, quickly onto the back knee to swat this leg-break through mid-wicket. Plenty of muscle from Unadkat as he swishes it to the boundary
Jadeja to Shreyas Gopal, no run, slices this to backward point
Jadeja to Shreyas Gopal, 2 runs, skips down the pitch to swipe it with the angle, but sends a thick inside edge wide of long leg. The fielder was quick there, Gopal had to dive into the crease in order to make it
Jadeja to Unadkat, 1 run, 98kph, darting it in from round the wicket. Unadkat leans back and cuts to cover
Jadeja to Shreyas Gopal, 1 run, sliding in at the pads, Gopal mistimes it off a thick leading edge through mid-wicket
Jadeja to Unadkat, 1 run, quick and flat outside off, Unadkat chops it off a thick under-edge towards short third man
Jadeja to Shreyas Gopal, 1 run, driven to long-off

Ravindra Jadeja, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

Karn Sharma to Unadkat, FOUR, the width on this delivery spelled it out for Unadkat's inside-out loft. He frees his arms to cream it wide of long-off
Karn Sharma to Shreyas Gopal, 1 run, pulled to deep mid-wicket
Karn Sharma to Unadkat, 1 run, skidding on from a back of length, Unadkat glances it behind square
Karn Sharma to Shreyas Gopal, 1 run, uses his feet and nudges it through mid-wicket
Karn Sharma to Unadkat, 1 run, timid sweep from Unadkat, spoons it off a thick top-edge into the mid-wicket region
Karn Sharma to Shreyas Gopal, 1 run, clipped away through mid-wicket

Karn Sharma, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

SN Thakur to Unadkat, FOUR, oh shot. Nailed this pull shot through mid-wicket. Solid response after the previous ball
SN Thakur to Unadkat, no run, short of length delivery, Unadkat looks to pull but gets a thick under-edge onto his thighs
SN Thakur to Unadkat, no run, full ball, chipped towards mid-off. Falls well short of the fielder though

Jaydev Unadkat, right handed bat, comes to the crease

SN Thakur to Binny, out Caught&Bowled!! This is a brilliant one-handed return catch from Thakur, who is absolutely fired up. He rushed Binny with the short ball, and then rushed forward in his followthrough before diving and taking it with his right hand. It was flapped up off the splice by Binny, after getting severely cramped. Binny c and b SN Thakur 10(8) [4s-1]

SN Thakur to Binny, THAT'S OUT!! Caught&Bowled!!

SN Thakur to Shreyas Gopal, 1 run, hangs back to a length ball and dabs it wide of the keeper
SN Thakur to Binny, 1 run, speared in full and straight, Binny drives powerfully to long-on

Shardul Thakur [2.0-0-12-1] is back into the attack

Watson to Shreyas Gopal, no run, slower back of length delivery outside off, dabbed to short third man
Watson to Shreyas Gopal, no run, nails the cut shot but finds backward point to perfection

Shreyas Gopal, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Watson to Gowtham, out Caught by Dhoni!! Slower short ball, Gowtham swings into a pull but all he manages is a top-edge through to Dhoni. The Rajasthan sinking rapidly now. Hardly any celebrations from CHN. Dhoni just throws the ball back and waves his players to their respective positions. Gowtham c Dhoni b Watson 1(2)

Watson to Gowtham, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Watson to Binny, 1 run, back of a length delivery, 117kph, heaved away to deep backward square
Watson to Binny, no run, off-pace back of length delivery outside off, some spongy bounce for Watson which takes it over Binny's attempted cut
Watson to Gowtham, 1 run, 115kph, good length delivery outside off, patted through backward point

Shane Watson [2.0-0-11-0] is back into the attack

Tahir to Binny, 2 runs, fires in the yorker on off, Binny slices it through point

Krishnappa Gowtham, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Tahir to Stokes, out Caught by Billings!! Stokes's head dropped as soon as this left his bat. Knew he hadn't got it off the middle. Flighted leg-break from Tahir, it comes off a thick top-edge as Stokes looks to slog-sweep and it's calmly taken at the mid-wicket boundary. Stokes c Billings b Tahir 45(37) [4s-3 6s-1]


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