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Bangalore vs Mumbai - 31st Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru
Date & Time: 01 May 2018

Mumbai 153/7 (20 Ovs) RR: 7.65 | Bangalore won by 14 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Suryakumar Yadav lbw Umeshlbw Umesh9920
Ishan Kishan bowled Southeebowled Southee0100
Jean-Paul Duminy runout runout 232930
Rohit Sharma c de Kock & b Umeshc de Kock & b Umesh0100
Kieron Pollard c de Kock & b Sirajc de Kock & b Siraj131310
Hardik Pandya c Kohli & b Southeec Kohli & b Southee504251
Krunal Pandya c Mandeep & b Sirajc Mandeep & b Siraj231911
Ben Cutting Not OutNot Out12611
Mitchell McClenaghan Not OutNot Out0000
Mayank Markande dnbdnb0000
Jasprit Bumrah dnbdnb0000
Extras 23 (b 1, lb 4, w 18, nb 0)
Total 153 (7 Wkts, 20 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
5-1 (Ishan Kishan,0.6), 21-2 (Suryakumar Yadav,3.1), 21-3 (Rohit Sharma,3.2), 47-4 (Kieron Pollard,7.1), 84-5 (Jean-Paul Duminy,12), 140-6 (Krunal Pandya,18.3), 143-7 (Hardik Pandya,19.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Tim Southee4 0 25 2 6.25
Umesh Yadav4 0 29 2 7.25
Mohammed Siraj4 0 28 2 7.00
Yuzvendra Chahal4 0 23 0 5.75
Washington Sundar1 0 15 0 15.00
Colin de Grandhomme3 0 28 0 9.33
Quinton de Kock0 0 0 0 0
Brendon McCullum0 0 0 0 0
Virat Kohli0 0 0 0 0
Manan Vohra0 0 0 0 0
Mandeep Singh0 0 0 0 0


Another loss for Mumbai and they join Delhi - just 2 wins in eight games. The equation for them is to win all the matches from here. Rohit's MUM have done it in the past. Can they do it again? We'll find out. On the other hand, there's the oxygen for BLR. They have won a match without their star performer - AB de Villiers. His comeback will only boost their line-up. The action moves to Delhi tomorrow - where a struggling Delhi host Rajasthan. Join us there. Until then, it's a goodbye from all of us down here.

Southee, Man of the Match: Nice to come here and play. Nice to finally get a win on the board. We've come close in the last two games. There was a little bit of swing which you've never seen here in the earlier games. I think we scraped through to a good score. Last over was crucial. Colin's innings gave us the momentum. We still had to bowl well to defend this score. The belief's still good. We have come close. Nice to get over the line. It's nice to get a win under the belt.

Kohli: Jeez, we needed that win. Very important win at such an important stage of the tournament. In the last couple of games, we were picking up. Tonight was an occasion we need that two points. This is the push we needed. We might have spoken about too many things in the past. To the bowlers, we said, 'back your gut feel to bowl yorkers, take your fields.' To confuse them, doesn't help too much. Everyone bowled really well. Umesh's over. Colin's over with the bat. The one over that JP bowled and Manan targeted, that was game-changing. Manan took the game away from them. We needed impact performances to get those two points. We had good intent, results are around the corner. The result went our way. We should take this confidence forward. My wife is here and it's her birthday. This was a little gift for her. It was very important to achieve this two points in front of her.

McCullum: Yeah, feeling good. We were close in the last few games and didn't cross the line. Sometimes losing is a habit just as winning can be. But nice to give back something to the crowd who have been outstanding and have backed us. I thought we bowled well last time, just didn't finish the job at the end. Today, Siraj and Umesh were outstanding, they kept bowling good line and lengths and made tough for the batsmen, Tim Southee as well. They are starting to realize the structure now and the plans are starting to get better. The skills were superb, I thought they were excellent with the use of the slower balls, the cross-seamers were effective and hit the deck hard. We were under some pressure, but I thought we were desperate in the field, kept egging each other and hopefully results will follow. We will celebrate tonight, take the plane for the next match and try and do the same once again.

Rohit Sharma: It is disappointing to be on the losing side. We got ourselves to blame though. Didn't play smart cricket which was required, losing wickets in the powerplay didn't help, that's where we lost the game. We wanted to keep ticking with the scoreboard, partnerships would have helped us. Credit to BLR, they bowled really well, it was a tough wicket and they kept us guessing all the time and it made things very difficult for us. I think our bowling was good, we would have taken 167 at the start of play, but we could have kept them down to some 10-15 runs short. We came back well after that partnership between Kohli and McCullum, but as I said, we made silly mistakes, it shouldn't happen at this stage of the tournament and that cost us. We still need to have the belief in ourselves, we can't lose hope, need to win almost all our games now. We need to keep to the basics, I feel we still have a good chance to qualify for the knock-out phase of the tournament.

50 & three-fer coming in a loss (T20 League):
Yuvraj 50 & 3/22 v BLR, 2009
Yuvraj 66*& 4/29 v DEL, 2011
Yuvraj 83 & 4/35 v RAJ, 2014
Hardik 50 & 3/28 v BLR, 2018*

Most wides conceded in an T20 League innings:
19 PUN v KOC, Indore, 2011
18 BLR v RAJ, Jaipur, 2008
18 RAJ v KOL, Mumbai BS, 2015
18 BLR v MUM, Bengaluru, 2018*

MUM after first eight matches each season:
2008: 4-4
2009: 3-5
2010: 7-1
2011: 6-2
2012: 4-4
2013: 5-3
2014: 2-6
2015: 3-5
2016: 4-4
2017: 6-2
2018: 2-6

Kohli can finally afford a smile on his face. He needed this win badly, the fans needed this. This is BLR's third win in this season and all three have come here at the Chinnaswamy. This wasn't the typical Chinnaswamy track and a score of 167 has been defended. The seamers set it up and they finished it in style. Southee removed Kishan in the very first over and Umesh Yadav picked two in two deliveries, which put the visitors on the back foot. Their overseas batsmen - didn't contribute much as Pollard fell to a lazy stroke and Duminy to lethargic running. It was up to the Pandya brothers to take their team over the line, but they couldn't - courtesy BLR's death bowling. Yes, you read that right. Credit to Southee and Siraj, who managed to execute their plan with yorkers and cutters. They conceded just 20 off the last three overs. And, don't forget Colin de Grandhomme. A match-changing cameo with the bat towards the end and he was outstanding in the field. Presentations coming up..

Southee to Cutting, SIX, BLR win by 14 runs! All Southee had to do was bowl a legitimate delivery. He does that. Overpitched delivery, Cutting gets underneath the ball by crouching and lofts it handsomely over long-off
Southee to Cutting, no run, right in the blockhole, Cutting can't do much. Looks to flick and inside-edges it onto his pad. Dies down adjacent to the pitch
Southee to Cutting, no run, another dot - as Cutting declined the run. Shortish ball, pulled to deep mid-wicket
Southee to Cutting, no run, tries to punch and inside-edges to short fine leg. They don't run
Southee to Cutting, FOUR, short ball, Cutting stands tall and heaves it over mid-wicket. A boundary

Mitchell McClenaghan, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Southee to Hardik Pandya, out Caught by Kohli!! A wicket. That's gold at this stage. A distraught Hardik walks off. It was the slower delivery and Hardik decided to clear long-on. Doesn't time it as he got it off the toe-end. Kohli runs in from long-on, puts in the dive to snaffle it. That's a screamer from the skipper. Hardik Pandya c Kohli b Southee 50(42) [4s-5 6s-1]

Southee to Hardik Pandya, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Six balls remain, 25 needed!

Siraj to Cutting, 2 runs, Colin de Grandhomme has been excellent in the field today. Saves another two for his side. Full toss outside off, hacked away through mid-wicket and the Kiwi made a tumbling stop in the deep

27 needed off 7!

Siraj to Hardik Pandya, 1 run, another one - yorker length, Hardik can't get underneath that ball. Drilled to long-off. The single brings up his fifty as well
Siraj to Hardik Pandya, no run, this is top-notch bowling from Siraj. Wide yorker and Hardik misses it. Stays leg-side of the ball and looks to thump it downtown. Connects with thin air

Ben Cutting, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Siraj to Krunal Pandya, out Caught by Mandeep!! That's a strange dismissal. Krunal tries to scoop and he's caught at backward point. You read that right. Cross-seamed fullish ball on the stumps, Pandya went towards off and crouched low to go over short fine. The leading edge balloons to Mandeep at backward point. Krunal Pandya c Mandeep b Siraj 23(19) [4s-1 6s-1]

Siraj to Krunal Pandya, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

28 off 10!

Siraj to Hardik Pandya, 1 run, Hardik loses his bat as he goes too hard. In the blockhole and he can only toe-end it to long-on. The bat slips out of his hand and falls somewhere near the square leg region
Siraj to Krunal Pandya, 1 run, Siraj gets away with a full toss. Krunal looks to hack across the line and misses. They nab a run and that's been given as runs. Oh, wait.. BLR review. Massive inside edge Erasmus was right. BLR lose their review

Two overs remain, 30 to win

Southee to Krunal Pandya, 1 run, excellent over. Just 5 off it! Good field placement as well. After bowling two yorkers, Southee shortens his length, carved over extra cover, Baz runs across to his left from deep extra to mop that up
Southee to Krunal Pandya, no run, another yorker! Krunal can't do much. Dug out, back at the bowler
Southee to Hardik Pandya, 1 run, just four off the first four balls. In the blockhole, squeezed drive to long-on
Southee to Krunal Pandya, 1 run, hat-trick of slower deliveries, once again Krunal is early into his shot and loses his shape as well trying to pummel it. Just a single down to long-on
Southee to Hardik Pandya, 1 run, CdG has saved three runs there. Slower delivery, thumped down the ground. The Kiwi runs to his right from long-off and throws himself to his right. Top effort!
Southee to Krunal Pandya, 1 run, crouches low for a wild swing. Was the slower delivery and ended up getting into the shot way to early. Just a single... to long-off

Tim Southee [2.0-0-10-1] is back into the attack

35 needed off the final 3! Southee has two and Siraj has one left.

Siraj to Hardik Pandya, FOUR, doesn't quite get it off the middle, but Hardik has got enough wood there. Fullish ball outside off, enough room to free the arms. Goes hard and lofts over extra cover. A boundary to end the over - 10 off it
Siraj to Krunal Pandya, 1 run, full toss and Krunal fails to put it away. Tried the flick and inside-edged it onto his pad. A single to cover point
Siraj to Hardik Pandya, 1 run, yorker length, Hardik goes hard on his drive. Can only get it off the toe-end. Siraj dives to his right and can only get a hand on it. Parried to long-on
Siraj to Krunal Pandya, 1 run, slower ball, Krunal moves off-side and nudges it to short fine leg
Siraj to Hardik Pandya, 1 run, full and on the stumps, driven off the inside half to long-on
Siraj to Hardik Pandya, wide, on a length and errs in line. Just outside the tramline wide of off
Siraj to Krunal Pandya, 1 run, hurried by the shortish pacy ball, mistimed flat-batted hit to long-off

Mohammed Siraj [2.0-0-13-1] is back into the attack


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