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South Africa vs India - 2nd ODI

Series: India tour of South Africa, 2017-18
Venue: SuperSport Park, Centurion
Date & Time: 04 February 2018

India 119/1 (20.3 Ovs) CRR: 5.80 | India won by 9 wkts


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Rohit Sharma c Morne Morkel & b Rabadac Morne Morkel & b Rabada151721
Shikhar Dhawan Not OutNot Out515690
Virat Kohli Not OutNot Out465041
Ajinkya Rahane dnbdnb0000
MS Dhoni dnbdnb0000
Kedar Jadhav dnbdnb0000
Hardik Pandya dnbdnb0000
Bhuvneshwar Kumar dnbdnb0000
Kuldeep Yadav dnbdnb0000
Yuzvendra Chahal dnbdnb0000
Jasprit Bumrah dnbdnb0000
Extras 7 (b 0, lb 1, w 6, nb 0)
Total 119 (1 Wkts, 20.3 Ov)
BowlingO M R WEcon
Morne Morkel4 0 30 0 7.5
Kagiso Rabada5 0 24 1 4.8
Chris Morris3 0 16 0 5.33
Imran Tahir5.3 0 30 0 6
Tabraiz Shamsi3 1 18 0 6
Hashim Amla0 0 0 0 0
Quinton de Kock0 0 0 0 0
Aiden Markram0 0 0 0 0
Jean-Paul Duminy0 0 0 0 0
David Miller0 0 0 0 0
Khaya Zondo0 0 0 0 0


14.55 local: India are playing at a different level in ODI cricket of late. Any age group. They've managed to subdue South Africa, who were coming off a 17-match unbeaten home run. It's quite incredible. So that's it from me, doing my best to avoid going off on cricket's archaic laws. I've been Sagar Chawla, you can find me @SagarChawla90. On behalf of Pradeep Krishnamurthy (@Field_Cricket), Varun Dixit (@taurausvarun) , Abhinand Raghavendran, and our scorer Shashikant Singh (@shashi_CB), it's a goodbye. Get out of here, cricket. Lunch breaks with two runs needed, are you kiddi...

Kohli, India captain: We thought at the toss, the ball is going to do a bit in the morning. Was a much harder wicket than Durban. Bhuvi and Bumrah started really well. We didn't let SA get too much up front. Spinners were outstanding again. To win like this obviously feels very good. What we thought in the morning, we did all those things right. We knew that we won't get grass on the pitch. When it's seaming it's anyone's game anyway. We have the quicks to back that. We knew the wickets were going to be hard and dry. Those two (wrist-spinners) are a handy bunch together. If we set up to chase down totals, we know exactly what we want to do. Rohit and Shikhar's intent at the top is crucial. They started off well in the last game too. We back guys to play positive cricket. Small totals, it's always important to start positive. It's a wonderful position to be in. We know their middle-order is inexperienced, and we look to cash in on that. The way our spinners are bowling, we are confident about continuing the same momentum.

Chahal, MoM: Enjoying bowling here. We used to play in such conditions in India. It's about how mentally tough you are when you go overseas. When I first struck, Kuldeep came in and took two wickets. It puts pressure on the batsmen.

Markram, SA captain: Not the best performance. Today we'll have to be honest with ourselves. Got a couple of days to turn it around in Cape Town. Not ideal. Couple of soft options starting with myself. Have to lead from the front. Have to remain positive now. Started off with good intensity with the ball. We'll come hard in Cape Town. Can't afford slip-ups now. Might bring out the best from us now.


A few stats from this game - thanks to Deepu Narayanan:

Spinners this series after first two ODIs
India: 13 wickets at 11.61, SR 18.6, ER 3.74
SA: 0 wickets, ER 6.00

Wins with most balls remaining against SA in SA:
177 by Ind, Centurion, 2018 (Target: 119)
153 by Aus, Cape Town, 2000 (145)
112 by Eng, Port Elizabeth, 2009 (120)

Wins with most balls remaining against SA:
215 by Eng, Trent Bridge, 2008 (Target: 84)
188 by Aus, Sydney, 2002 (107)
178 by Eng, Lord's, 2003 (108)
177 by Ind, Centurion, 2018 (119)
164 by Ind, Nairobi, 1999 (118)

14:37 Local Time, 12:37 GMT, 18:07 IST: Off we go again. Goodbye. Nah, we're here. It's a staggering win for India at Centurion to go 2-0 up. Fifty minutes back, it would have felt a lot more staggering, but cricket's laws wouldn't have it that way. We're still reeling from how ridiculous that break for lunch was. But tough as it may be, let it not steal the thunder from Yuzvendra Chahal's maiden ODI five-for which crashed South Africa to their lowest ODI total at home. India's wrist-spinners had an extraordinary home season last year, and if there were any doubts as to their effectiveness overseas, those have been comprehensively dispelled in these first two ODIs. Chahal and Kuldeep combined for a total of eight wickets today on a slightly slow pitch at Centurion, which was to India's liking. That still doesn't explain South Africa's capitulation though. It was all too easy for the visitors from there as they romped home through breezy knocks from Dhawan and Kohli. Presentations shortly..

Tahir to Kohli, 2 runs, eyes a big slog to bring up his fifty, but skews it off a thick inside edge past a diving backward square leg. They saunter back for two. India win nine balls after lunch
Tahir to Kohli, no run, fires in a full toss at the stumps, played back down the pitch
Tahir to Kohli, no run, flighted delivery on leg-stump, Kohli clears his front leg and drills it to mid-on
Shamsi to Dhawan, no run, loopy ball on middle and leg, this time connects with the sweep but hits it straight to backward square. It's a maiden. South Africa need 30 more lunch breaks
Shamsi to Dhawan, no run, attempts another slog-sweep, looking to fetch the ball from outside off. And it sneaks under him again. Too full to be sweeping
Shamsi to Dhawan, no run, flighted leg-break, slightly overpitched, Dhawan drives to mid-off
Shamsi to Dhawan, no run, tossed up on off, 85kph, Dhawan defends it back to the bowler
Shamsi to Dhawan, no run, defended with the turn to cover
Shamsi to Dhawan, no run, goes for a big slog-sweep but the ball sneaks under him outside off

14.31 local: I hope the lunch at Centurion was nothing short of mindblowing. We're back after a 45-MUMNUTE BREAK with India needing two runs to win. Preposterous. The ground has emptied by more than 80%.

13:48 Local Time, 11:48 GMT, 17:18 IST: Kohli can't even believe it. He walks up to the umpires absolutely bewildered. But there's nothing he can do against cricket's indomitable laws. Bit of a farce here as the players walk off. Wow. We'll be back in 40 minutes. It might take a lot more though to process this.

Tahir to Kohli, 2 runs, shortish outside off, cut away through backward point. Comfortable two. My ears deceive me. I heard the umpires call for lunch. Oh you're kidding me. India need just two runs
Tahir to Kohli, no run, attempts a hoick but mistimes it to mid-wicket
Tahir to Kohli, 2 runs, drilled wide of short cover, must have stung the fielder's hands as he dove across to stop
Tahir to Dhawan, 1 run, completely done in by length. He came out of the crease, and Tahir pulled it right back. Dhawan does well to adjust and knocks it through mid-off
Tahir to Kohli, 1 run, low full toss on leg, clipped away through square leg
Tahir to Dhawan, 1 run, punched down to long-on for a single. It's fifty too for Dhawan. It's come at better than a run-a-ball
Morne Morkel to Kohli, no run, defended into the off-side
Morne Morkel to Kohli, FOUR, charges out of the crease, there's sufficient room for him to free his arms, and he blitzes it over point. What a shot
Morne Morkel to Dhawan, 1 run, he's opened up in defence but adjusts and steers it through backward point
Morne Morkel to Dhawan, no run, has he dropped it? Morne has his hands on the head. Yes, it carried to Miller. Probably another off-cutter, Dhawan chipped his drive on the up and with someone like Miller over there, it should probably have been taken. It was travelling though, low to his right. But he did get both hands
Morne Morkel to Dhawan, FOUR, off-cutter at 124kph, slogged away over mid-wicket. He picked it right away
Morne Morkel to Dhawan, no run, short of length delivery on leg, hits Dhawan very high on the bat as he looks to tuck it away. Drops very close to the pitch and stops there
Tahir to Kohli, no run, plays it to point
Tahir to Kohli, no run, defended with the turn into the off-side
Tahir to Kohli, 2 runs, yorker length delivery outside off, squeezed away through point for a couple
Tahir to Kohli, no run, almost snuck through! It was probably the googly on off, Kohli wanted to steer it through point but got a thick inside edge
Tahir to Dhawan, 1 run, the googly is so wide that Dhawan's bottom hand comes off in an effort to reach out. He's able to cut it wide of mid-off where Morne dives across to stop
Tahir to Dhawan, no run, dances down, takes it on the full and drives straight to short cover

The umpires have allowed an extra four overs (including the previous one) to get the target, failing which the players will have to break for lunch

Morne Morkel to Kohli, no run, good length ball just outside off, defended
Morne Morkel to Dhawan, 1 run, back of a length delivery on leg, glanced off the hips to fine leg
Morne Morkel to Dhawan, wide, very wide down the leg-side, Dhawan couldn't even reach it
Morne Morkel to Kohli, 1 run, dabbed into the off-side


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