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Ireland vs India - 2nd T20I

Series: India tour of Ireland, 2018
Venue: The Village, Dublin
Date: 29 June 2018

Ireland 70/10 (12.3 Ovs) RR: 5.60 | India won by 143 runs


19:26 Local Time, 23:56 IST: Quite an entertaining (not to mention, brief) series for a mismatch, wasn't it? Hardik hitting 5 out of the 10 balls he's faced in the series for six. Rahul and his pleasant initiation to the UK. The trickery and deceit of the wrist spinners. Unfortunately, not too many positives for Ireland, who need a T20 revamp to be honest. Alright then, that's curtains for India's warm-up for the limited-overs leg in England. It's Rishi Roy signing off, along with Vineet Anantharaman, Akshay Maanay, Hariprasad Sadanandan, Abhinand Raghavendran and Mukesh Gowda. Go back to your humdrum lives now. Bye bye!


Virat Kohli, India captain: Just the kind of momentum we wanted for England. A balanced performance from all departments in both the games. I'm having a headache now about whom to pick, they've all done so well with the bat, but it's a good problem to have. It's a great phase for Indian cricket, and I'm happy the youngsters are doing well and taking their chances with both hands. Our bench-strength has shown as well, with the guys shining through. For us the opposition doesn't matter, and England will be the same. We focus on our strength. The pitches are going to be good, so if they can come hard, we have the batting power to match that. We have two wrist spinners, so that is an advantage for us. If we are at our highest level of intensity, it will be a competitive series which we are looking forward to. England are a quality side but we have the firepower to match them. The benchmark has been set. All the guys in the team are working equally hard. We have a lot of mutual respect, no one takes their place for granted, and the responsibility by the players has been taken with both hands. I don't have to poke anyone at any stage to put their best performance in. Everyone wants game time and that is a very healthy sign for any team. The credit has to go to the players for taking the responsibility and that takes all the pressure off me and the team management.

Gary Wilson, Ireland captain: Disappointed with not putting up a fight with the bat. We were in a better place with the ball than last game. We know India are good at chasing, and the wicket wouldn't have played differently whether we had batted first or bowled first. I thought the grass might hold it a little bit today, and it didn't spin as much as the other day. Plenty of lessons, looking at the way they go about their game. They're some of the best players in the T20 League so we can hopefully go talk to the coaches and come back stronger.

Yuzvendra Chahal, Man of the Series: The wicket was turning. The coaches told me that you must plan according to the wicket. I was mixing the pace up according to the batsman's thinking, so I bowled four quick ones, and then tossed up the last one (Balbirnie's wicket). Sometimes the nets are useful because they are some of the best in the world. If you bowl well to them, you get more confidence if they can't hit you and you can use it as your ball in the match.

KL Rahul, Man of the Match: It was important for me to make the most of my opportunities that I get. It was a good wicket and I enjoyed batting on it. I came into the series with a good run in the T20 League, so I just continued and enjoyed myself in the middle. It was a little spongy, and the back of a length balls were holding up. So I was staying back in the crease to get used to it and getting into good positions and striking the ball well. Getting time off gets me more determined to come back and make runs. It is important to use the time out to work on your cricket and technique. Whenever I am sitting out I try to work on coming back stronger. The kind of team we have, it is hard to stay in the side and take your place for granted. I've never played in the UK before, and we know it will be challenging. That's what this young team has been doing for the last few years, and we will be up to the challenge. This series will also test our skills and character, so we are looking forward to that.


Lowest all out T20I totals vs India:
70 Ire, Malahide, 2018*
80 Eng, Colombo PUNE, 2012
82 SL, Vizag, 2016
83 Pak, Mirpur, 2016
86 Aus, Mirpur, 2014
87 SL, Cuttack, 2017

Lowest T20I totals for Ireland:
68 v WI, Providence, 2010
70 v Ind, Malahide, 2018*
71 v Afg, Dubai, 2017
105 v PNG, Townsville, 2016

Biggest T20I wins by runs for India:
143 vs Ire, Dublin, 2018*
93 vs SL, Cuttack, 2017
90 vs Eng, Colombo PUNE, 2012
88 vs SL, Indore, 2017
76 vs Ire, Dublin, 2018

Biggest win in T20Is (by runs):
172 SL v Ken, Joburg, 2007
143 Pak v WI, Karachi, 2018
143 Ind v Ire, Malahide, 2018*
130 SA v Sco, Oval, 2009


18:53 Local Time, 23:23 IST: A drubbing? A thrashing? A pasting? None of these words can encapsulate India's dominance over the Irish in this brief series in Dublin. The elephant in the room: the Irish need to work on playing spin. They were troubled by spinners in the series against Afghanistan way back in December 2017, and they continue to be discombobulated by Kuldeep and Chahal, who shared 13 wickets over the last two matches. The 17th ranked side in the world were shown their place by the Indians in Dublin. Despite their Test status, Ireland are mighty short on T20 reserves. No wrist-spinners, no express-pace bowlers, and clearly no death bowlers - given that they were forced to down Kevin O'Brien in the last over today. They'll need to make some tough decisions if they are to compete in the format. As for the Indians, their bench-strength has been as effective as their first-choice XI, and they can take a lot of confidence out of this competition. Interviews coming right up.


Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, out Stumped! Yikes! India steamroll Ireland 2-0. 13 out of 20 wickets in these 2 games by spinners is a statement. The wrong'un by Kuldeep, Rankin charges him and has a wild heave, trying to hit through the line, and is beaten as Karthik collects it on the on-side and breaks the stumps - heck, he could've broken them a few times, that's how far Rankin was down the wicket. And that's that for the series. Done and dusted. Rankin st Karthik b Kuldeep Yadav 10(8) [6s-1]

Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, THAT'S OUT!! Stumped!!

Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, 2 runs, a tad short, turning away from the left-hander, slapped away towards deep extra cover for a brace
Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, no run, skidder, stays low, tucked into the on-side

Seventh 3+ wicket haul for Chahal in T20Is - most for India ahead of the next placed R Ashwin's five.

Chahal to Chase, no run, leg-break, beats the defence of Chase

Peter Chase, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Chahal to S Thompson, out Bowled! Ireland still in danger of equalling their lowest T20I total. Thompson has a rush of blood after seeing the flight, charges down the wicket and is stumped (figuratively) by the leg-break as it sneaks past his inside edge onto the stumps. That would've been stumped if that had missed the stumps. S Thompson b Chahal 13(9) [4s-2]

Chahal to S Thompson, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Chahal to Rankin, 1 run, too straight and the leg-break too, Rankin gets back and tucks that round the corner for a single. Ireland equal their lowest T20I score.
Chahal to Rankin, wide, too far on the off-side and Rankin lets it go
Chahal to Rankin, no run, another leg-break but a tad wide outside off, but rather than top-spinning, it skids, making Rankin miss the cut
Chahal to S Thompson, 1 run, straighter from round the wicket, turning in, Thompson gets deep in the crease and whips it towards mid-wicket for a quick single
Chahal to S Thompson, no run, short and wide, Thompson tries the cut, misses out
Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, SIX, another stock ball by Kuldeep, on a perfect length, but T20 is fast and you can't become predictable. Rankin made the adjustment this time, coming down the wicket with nimble feet, and lofted it with great timing and charisma straight down the ground for six. The Irish getting closer to their lowest T20 total.. Saves them some blushes
Kuldeep Yadav to S Thompson, 1 run, the stock ball again, but a tad shorter than Kuldeep would like, slapped away square of the wicket for a single
Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, 1 run, a little less flight on that, and Rankin gets in line to play the pick-up towards deep mid-wicket for a single
Kuldeep Yadav to Rankin, no run, fuller length skidding towards the batsman who taps it towards mid-off
Kuldeep Yadav to S Thompson, 1 run, a rare half-tracker just outside off, and Ireland are so surprised that they forget to cash in - a carve straight to sweeper cover for a single

Boyd Rankin, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Kuldeep Yadav to Dockrell, out Caught by U Yadav! Oh this is no fun. The chinaman's stock delivery, turning in, Dockrell tries to loft it over long-on with the spin this time, but gets no timing on that as Umesh runs forward and comes around in time to get under that catch - a simple one. Ireland in tatters. Dockrell c U Yadav b Kuldeep Yadav 4(8)

Kuldeep Yadav to Dockrell, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Chahal to S Thompson, FOUR, another googly and another clueless slog across the line, some component of top-spin not taken into account and the top-edge goes over the ring into the long stop boundary for four
Chahal to S Thompson, FOUR, leg-break on middle and off, Thompson is already across to the off-side and lap-sweeps it to fine leg for four
Chahal to Dockrell, 3 runs, another flighted ball full of chicanery, another sweep across the line, gets a top-edge over slip to third man for three
Chahal to Dockrell, no run, leg-break on off and middle, straightening, Dockrell hurriedly jabs it into the pitch
Chahal to Dockrell, no run, loads of flight on that, outside off, Dockrell gets on his knees and tries an almighty heave, and gets it off the toe-end towards short mid-wicket
Chahal to Dockrell, no run, full delivery on middle, clipped away to mid-wicket
Kuldeep Yadav to Dockrell, 1 run, loopy again, tempting delivery but not quite there in the arc, Dockrell gets back to pull but it skids and turns into him sharply (the chinaman into the right-hander), and the miscued pull takes the inside edge to square leg. They steal another single
Kuldeep Yadav to Dockrell, no run, on a good length, not much turn on that, Dockrell gets to the pitch of it and dead-bats
Kuldeep Yadav to Dockrell, no run, on the pads and nudged into the on-side

George Dockrell, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Kuldeep Yadav to Wilson, out Bowled! Oh the mastery over guile that this man has. I might as well be watching him in black and white, so much tradition and pure cricket in that. Very loopy chinaman outside off, and turning back in, but the image changes to high frame-rate 21st century cricket again with an attempted drive through the off-side, but ends up looking like a slog across the line by an Irishman who is unable to read it off the hand. A horizontal-batted swat, and the ball crashes into the stumps. Wilson b Kuldeep Yadav 15(18) [4s-2]

Kuldeep Yadav to Wilson, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Kuldeep Yadav to Wilson, no run, the googly, turning away, Wilson gets forward and calmly taps it late on the head and into the off-side

Slip, leg slip, both in

Kuldeep Yadav to Wilson, FOUR, too full and outside off, Wilson gets forward to smother the turn and plays a whippy reverse sweep. Very well-controlled and well-timed. Away she goes to the third man fence for four

Kuldeep Yadav, left-arm chinaman, comes into the attack

Chahal has two in two overs. Kuldeep is yet to bowl and the hosts have already lost 6 wickets.

STAT: India have never before taken six wickets conceding these many runs. Previous lowest was 42 vs Pak, Mirpur, 2016.

Chahal to Wilson, 1 run, dragged down, turning away, Wilson treks back to cut it to sweeper cover
Chahal to S Thompson, 1 run, a nudge behind square on the short of length
Chahal to Wilson, 1 run, fetches this full ball from outside off and sweeps it to long leg
Chahal to S Thompson, 1 run, too straight, nurdled behind square leg

A slip and leg-slip in place for the lefty

Stuart Thompson, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Chahal to Simi Singh, out Lbw!! Yuzvendra Chahal has his man. Was denied a wicket off the previous ball. Simi Singh moved across to play the premeditated sweep. It was a straight ball and Singh failed to put bat on ball. The impact was in front of off and that looked plumb. Simi Singh lbw b Chahal 0(2)

Chahal to Simi Singh, THAT'S OUT!! Lbw!!

Chahal to Simi Singh, no run, the Indians are pleading. Looped up leg-break outside off, Simi Singh looks to defend by sticking his bat out. Replays show that there was a faint outside edge
Hardik Pandya to Wilson, no run, pitched up delivery, driven towards cover
Hardik Pandya to Wilson, no run, seaming away outside off from a good length, Wilson pokes and is too late to withdraw the bat from it. Beaten on the outside edge
Hardik Pandya to Wilson, FOUR, Kuldeep has made an absolute mess of that. Wide ball outside off and Wilson wafted his bat at it. The ball went straight to third man and Kuldeep fails to field it. Allows it to go for a boundary

Most ducks in T20Is:
10 T Dilshan
09 L Wright/ K O'BREIN
08 S Afridi/ U Akmal
07 K Akmal/ T Perera

Simi Singh, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Hardik Pandya to Kevin O Brien, out Caught by Kuldeep Yadav!! Ireland are falling apart here without a fight. Kevin O Brien is gone for a duck. Tried to play the extravagant heave against a normal-paced length ball. The ball flies off the outside edge and lobs up towards third man. Kuldeep, the fielder there, comes forward and completes a low catch. Kevin O Brien c Kuldeep Yadav b Hardik Pandya 0(2)

Hardik Pandya to Kevin O Brien, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Hardik Pandya to Kevin O Brien, no run, slants this short of length delivery on off, Kevin O Brien turns it towards short mid-wicket, Pandya mops up
Hardik Pandya to Wilson, 1 run, back of a length delivery outside off, flashed through point off the back foot
Hardik Pandya to Wilson, wide, what was that from Hardik Pandya? Too short and down leg, Wilson lets it go

Kevin O Brien, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Chahal to Andy Balbirnie, out Bowled!! That's a teaser and Balbirnie falls for it. Chahal tosses this up, lands it around leg and gets the ball to turn. Balbirnie presses forward to push and ends up playing down the wrong line. The ball turns past the outside edge to crash into the stumps. A wicket in the very first over for Yuzvendra Chahal! Ireland - 30/4!Andy Balbirnie b Chahal 9(7) [4s-1]

Chahal to Andy Balbirnie, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Chahal to Wilson, 1 run, clears the front leg to hack over mid-wicket. Gets itt off the bottom part of the bat and a diving Pandya at mid-on saves three runs
Chahal to Wilson, no run, googly outside off, Wilson transfers his weight onto the back foot to cut. Can't beat point
Chahal to Andy Balbirnie, 1 run, plays in the direction of the turn. Balbirnie allows the ball to come to him by staying leg-side of the ball and push-drives it to long-off
Chahal to Wilson, 1 run, very full, swept hard to deep square leg
Chahal to Wilson, no run, starts with a quick googly on the stumps and thus cramping the batsman for room. Defended back to the bowler

Yuzvendra Chahal, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

Hardik Pandya to Wilson, 1 run, uses the width provided by Pandya to run it down to third man
Hardik Pandya to Andy Balbirnie, 1 run, slower ball - the off-cutter and Balbirnie is early into his drive. Decides to check the stroke, but is too late to do so. Ends up chipping it in the air. Luckily for the batsman, the ball fell well in front of the mid-off fielder
Hardik Pandya to Andy Balbirnie, no run, straight-batted punch to mid-on
Hardik Pandya to Wilson, 1 run, looks to drive on seeing the length on the fuller side. It was angled in and the ball trims the inside half before rolling towards mid-on
Hardik Pandya to Wilson, no run, out-seamer on a good length and around the fifth-sixth stump line, Wilson pokes with an open face of the bat. Lucky not to get an edge there. Missed the nick by a whisker
Hardik Pandya to Andy Balbirnie, 1 run, jabs a length ball towards mid-wicket and hares to the other end. A fumble from the fielder helped Balbirnie's cause

Hardik Pandya, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

S Kaul to Wilson, no run, slower ball tweaking away from the right-hander, Wilson waits to cut, finds point
S Kaul to Wilson, wide, the quick bouncer, slightly too high and Wilson half-ducks under it. Called as a wide for height
S Kaul to Wilson, no run, punched off the back foot, can't find the gap in the point region

Gary Wilson, right handed bat, comes to the crease

S Kaul to Shannon, out Caught by Rahul!! Maiden international wicket for Siddarth Kaul! A moment that he'll never forget. Oh, wait! The umpires go up to check if it is a fair delivery. Don't think there's anything behind the popping crease. The TV umpire takes his time to make the call. Looks like a no-ball to me. Well, I probably need to check my eyes. It's been deemed as a fair delivery. Was a pacy short ball that got big on the batsman. No room too and Shannon went with the pull shot. The ball ballooned up off the splice and settled into the hands of Rahul at extra cover. Probably, there was no sufficient evidence to overturn it to a no-ball. Shannon c Rahul b S Kaul 2(7)

S Kaul to Shannon, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

We have an interruption - a fan has breached the security and has run in..

S Kaul to Shannon, no run, now the normal-paced in-angler from a short of length, bunted into the leg-side
S Kaul to Shannon, no run, another slower ball at 115kph. Was the knuckle ball again. Shannon steps out of his crease and wafts his bat. Connects with thin air
S Kaul to Shannon, no run, the knuckle ball and Shannon is way too early into the shot. He looked to play the on-the-rise-punch and got beaten on the inside edge
U Yadav to Andy Balbirnie, FOUR, lovely drive! Doesn't overhit. It was a half-volley outside off, Balbirnie leant forward and caressed it through extra cover. No chance for the mid-off fielder. 18 runs and a wicket off the over
U Yadav to Andy Balbirnie, 2 runs, too straight, ends up bowling this in-tailing full ball on the pads, Balbirnie inside-edges the flick to fine leg

Andrew Balbirnie, right handed bat, comes to the crease

U Yadav to Porterfield, out Bowled!! Porterfield is miffed! He has himself to blame. Bowled around his legs trying to be cheeky. Shuffles across towards off to try the paddle sweep. Umesh bowled it full and on the stumps. Porterfield doesn't connect and the ball makes a mockery of the stumps. Second wicket for Umesh and Ireland are already under pressure. Porterfield b U Yadav 14(11) [4s-1 6s-1]

U Yadav to Porterfield, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

U Yadav to Porterfield, SIX, that's been kaboomed over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Back-of-the-hand slower delivery from Umesh, Porterfield picked it early and dispatched it with distain. Got down, waited for the ball and clouted it over cow corner
U Yadav to Porterfield, 2 runs, loads of width on offer and Porterfield scythes it through point for a brace
U Yadav to Porterfield, FOUR, the bumper, but errs in line. Down leg and Porterfield gets some wood on his pull. That's enough as the ball runs away fine into the fine leg fence
S Kaul to Shannon, 2 runs, nicely picked up! Shannon moves across in his crease and whips this fullish ball on off over mid-wicket. Got more elevation than distance. Rohit Sharma mops it up. Just 3 runs off Kaul's maiden over in international cricket
S Kaul to Shannon, no run, slower delivery at 116kph, Shannon spots it late and pushes it to cover off the front foot
S Kaul to Shannon, no run, in-angler and Shannon has a shuffle across to hit across the line. Doesn't account for the inward angle and gets pinned on the pad. No major appeal for lbw as the angle would have taken it down leg
S Kaul to Porterfield, 1 run, back 131kph shortish ball just outside off, Porterfield mistimes the pull to the left of mid-on
S Kaul to Porterfield, no run, angling away length ball outside off, Porterfield flashes his bat hard at it. The ball doesn't bounce much and scoots under the bat of the left-hander
S Kaul to Porterfield, no run, tries to go after the debutant straightaway does Porterfield. Was a good length ball and Porterfield horribly mistimed it.. Off the toe end and the ball rolls to mid-on

Siddarth Kaul, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

It's the debutant from the other end. A slip in place..

U Yadav to Porterfield, 1 run, Umesh Yadav gets away with this leg-stump line ball. Was a full ball and Porterfield helps it along its way to long leg. Good start for Umesh and india
U Yadav to Porterfield, no run, very full, with width on offer, Porterfield jams it out to backward point
U Yadav to Porterfield, no run, nips in from a short of length and Porterfield is surprised by it. He is late to close his bat-face and he gets beaten on the inside edge. Got struck high on the thigh
U Yadav to Porterfield, no run, pitched up delivery, a crouched stance Porterfield pats it to cover

William Porterfield, left handed bat, comes to the crease

U Yadav to Stirling, out Caught by Raina!! Edged and gone! Umesh Yadav gets the early breakthrough. Outswinger from a short of length and Stirling drives without any feet movement. A bit of extra bounce catches the outside edge and goes towards first slip, where Raina cups it with ease. So, Umesh, who is playing his first T20I since August 2012, has a wicket off his second ball on comeback. Stirling c Raina b U Yadav 0(2)

U Yadav to Stirling, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

U Yadav to Stirling, no run, starts with a shortish ball shaping away outside off, Stirling stands tall and pats it to cover

Stirling and Shannon are at the crease. Stirling is on strike. U Yadav will open the attack