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England vs India - 3rd ODI

Series: India tour of England, 2018
Venue: Headingley, Leeds
Date & Time: 17 July 2018

England 260/2 (44.3 Ovs) RR: 5.84 | England won by 8 wkts


Batsman R B 4s 6s
James Vince runout runout 272750
Jonny Bairstow c Raina & b SN Thakurc Raina & b SN Thakur301370
Joe Root Not OutNot Out100120100
Eoin Morgan Not OutNot Out8810891
Ben Stokes dnbdnb0000
Jos Buttler dnbdnb0000
Moeen Ali dnbdnb0000
David Willey dnbdnb0000
Adil Rashid dnbdnb0000
Liam Plunkett dnbdnb0000
Mark Wood dnbdnb0000
Extras 15 (b 3, lb 6, w 5, nb 1)
Total 260 (2 Wkts, 44.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
43-1 (Jonny Bairstow,4.4), 74-2 (James Vince,9.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Bhuvneshwar Kumar7 0 49 0 7.00
Hardik Pandya5.3 0 39 0 7.36
Shardul Thakur10 0 51 1 5.10
Yuzvendra Chahal10 0 41 0 4.10
Kuldeep Yadav10 0 55 0 5.50
Suresh Raina2 0 16 0 8.00
Rohit Sharma0 0 0 0 0
Shikhar Dhawan0 0 0 0 0
Virat Kohli0 0 0 0 0
Dinesh Karthik0 0 0 0 0
MS Dhoni0 0 0 0 0


20:23 Local Time, 00:53 IST: We're well into Day 2 in our coverage and we've had another one-sided encounter to seal the series. However, the fight that both the teams have exhibited in a broader context, coming back after losses and never backing down, they're signature features of champion sides. India have a few questions to answer, regarding their bowling today, as well as their batting depth after the top-three. As for England, they're flying high at the moment, but they too need to address their bowling woes, which don't seem to be big problems after a win, but certainly were after the 1st ODI. An exceptional comeback in this series by the hosts, though, and a great exhibition of character and skill development. On that note, we move on from white, flat seams of the white Kookaburra to the proud protrusion of the crimson-red Dukes, come August 1: The first Test. The grandiose of a Test series in England is always a sight to behold. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, this is Rishi Roy, bidding you goodbye alongside Raju Peethala, Hariprasad, Nikhil Jadhav and Harish. See ya on the flip-side. *Curtains Down*

Eoin Morgan|England captain: Outstanding performance. The tone was set by the bowlers. Wood and Willey were on the money, had their lines and lengths down. The ball swung a little for 4-5 overs. We took our opportunities well whenever we got the chance. We know the conditions here well, and we are happy we took advantage of that. I didn't think it would be a belter, probably a 300-320 ground, but our spinners today were brilliant. The chase was started by the two openers, and then Joe and I carried on. It's the guys on my right, my team, that make my decision look good. You're only as good as your team. Our guys were brilliant. In Trent Bridge we were off, and India punished us, and since then we have done well, and grown as much as we could. It's satisfying that we learnt over the series, made plans, and executed what we said we'd do. So that builds confidence in the team. We need to be at our best before the WC, and remove any glitches from our game.

The players go up on the podium to receive their medallions. Seems to be a preparation for the WC final next year.

Virat Kohli|India captain: We were never up to the mark as far as runs were concerned. We had 25-30 runs too little. England were clinical in all departments and throughly deserved to win. We need to be at our best against a team like England. The pitch was slow throughout the day which was surprising, not damp, just slow. Against the new ball it was two-paced but slow with the spinners. Haven't seen pitches like that here before. The bowlers did well, especially their spinners who didn't get greedy and contained the runs before getting wickets eventually. We thought Dinesh did well, but he couldn't convert his start, so I don't regret the batting order changes. Shardul was meant to get some exposure, and Bhuvi needed to make a comeback. When the changes don't come off, they look unnecessary so it must be taken in our stride. These kind of games will tell us what we need to improve upon for the WC. We need to have a good balance in the side, and we need to get our act right before the WC. We can't rely on one skill, and we need to do well in all departments. The Test squad is pretty settled, and it's going to be a lengthy series. We want to play tough cricket and we know the English side will provide us with that. (About the ball that got him out) I've been playing against Rashid since U-19 and it was a terrific ball, so it's just one of those balls that you have to take in your stride and say "Wow". I'm surprised that his turn has reduced over the years, but this one was an amazing ball.

Joe Root|Man of the Series (2 hundreds): It feels fantastic to come into a big series and perform well as a side. It's a testament to the hard work the guys did. We set the tone early with the ball, and kept taking wickets in the middle overs. In the death, we were good too, rather ruthless. Me and Morgan, we were calm and collected. It was on the slower side, but it was a good wicket. We could hit through the line. There was no scoreboard pressure, because of the hard work the bowlers did in the beginning of the game, so it was just about making sure we build a partnership and thankfully we managed to do that today. It's about putting faith in your game and backing your ability, so I'm happy I have done well in the last two games and I'll take the confidence into the Tests. We've done well here over the last few years. The pressure of this being a must-win game was important and I am happy I contributed. The Test series will be exciting. India has played well over the last few years, and we did well against Pakistan recently too, so hopefully we can replicate that in this series as well.

Adil Rashid|Man of the Match (3/49): All the seamers bowled really well. Me and Moeen kept it tight and got rewards. It's important to stick to our strengths. The seamers, Mo and I did exactly that. It's important to play well in the nets and that's where you need to get your confidence. It gives you confidence to dismiss someone like Kohli because he's one of the best players in the world. It's nice to play at my home ground at Headingley and incredible crowd support here today as well, so it was fantastic.


Deepu's stat corner:

First time India have lost a bilateral ODI series under Virat Kohli.
Beat Zim 3-0, 2013
Beat SL 5-0, 2014
Beat Eng 2-1, 2017
Beat WI 3-1, 2017
Beat SL 5-0, 2017
Beat Aus 4-1, 2017
Beat NZ 2-1, 2017
Beat SA 5-1, 2018
Lost to Eng 1-2, 2018

This is India's first loss in a bilateral series since losing 1-4 in Australia in Jan 2016 - nearly 30 months ago.

Most 100s for ENG in ODIs:
12 M Trescothick
10 E Morgan
09 K Pietersen
08 G Gooch
07 D Gower

England's seventh successive bilateral series win at home equaling their longest run between June 2010 and June 2012.
Beat SL 3-0, 2016
Beat Pak 4-1, 2016
Beat Ire 2-0, 2017
Beat SA 2-1, 2017
Beat WI 4-0, 2017
Beat Aus 5-0, 2018
Beat Ind 2-1, 2018


19:40 Local Time, 00:10 IST: A thumping win for England. What a comeback in the last two ODIs by the hosts, after being at the receiving end of a pasting in the T20 series and the first ODI. They've done their homework; they've done their work against Mr. Merlyn, and they've managed to keep the threat of Kuldeep and Chahal at bay. At least on this day, when the ball seemed to be stopping on the batsmen (read slow turn), the Englishmen had no problems surviving against the spinners. In fact, they attacked them and came out on top to win a one-sided encounter by 8 wickets. India, who started off poorly with the bat, were helped along by Virat, Dhoni and Dhawan (not to mention Bhuvi and Shardul at the death) to a competitive total on this track. However, some appalling fielding and an aberration of a bowling performance later, India have only themselves to blame. A wonderful performance by Root, in successive matches, as he scores another century at the top. This is India's first loss in a bilateral series under Kohli - it had to happen some day. It's also India's first loss in a bilateral ODI series since Australia 2016 (almost 2.5 years ago). A slew of stats and presentations coming right up.

Hardik Pandya to Root, FOUR, high full-toss, is it a no-ball? That remains to be seen. Root takes a step down the track with the courage of a lion-tamer, and pulls it away to the deep mid-wicket boundary. England win the series 2-1 and maintain their streak, and manage to break India's
Hardik Pandya to Root, wide, too far outside off, wide called
Hardik Pandya to Root, no run, perfect yorker length delivery marginally wide outside off, Root, who needs 4 for a second consecutive hundred, misses the squeeze into the off-side
Hardik Pandya to Root, 2 runs, short outside off, Root drags it with a pull to deep mid-wicket where DK cuts it off
SN Thakur to Morgan, no run, straighter again, erring in line towards leg-stump, Morgan misses an easy opportunity to glance as it thuds into his pads
SN Thakur to Morgan, no run, shorter in length and angling in towards the off-stump line, Morgan tries to set up for the cut again, a wristy one at that, but misses
SN Thakur to Morgan, no run, back of a length from round the wicket, wide of the crease too, Morgan hangs back and remains stoic in his back foot defence
SN Thakur to Morgan, no run, fuller length delivery on off, pushed back to the bowler from the crease
SN Thakur to Morgan, wide, on the wrong side of the tramline, Morgan tries to reach out and squeeze it away, makes no contact. Wide called
SN Thakur to Root, 1 run, slanting in too straight, on a good length, and a polite nudge into the on-side for a single
SN Thakur to Morgan, 1 run, fractionally short and wide-ish outside off, punched off the back foot in front of point for a single
Hardik Pandya to Morgan, 1 run, good length once again, no width, but the pitch has lost its life. Just sits up for Morgan to late-cut it away towards square third man for a single as England edge closer to glory
Hardik Pandya to Root, 1 run, short of length delivery just outside off, punched off the back foot towards mid-off for a single
Hardik Pandya to Morgan, 1 run, half-tracker, cracked away bottom-handed towards deep point for a single
Hardik Pandya to Morgan, wide, down leg this time, another wide
Hardik Pandya to Morgan, wide, bouncer, too much bounce, soars over his head, wide called
Hardik Pandya to Morgan, no run, slower full toss, an attempted drive towards mid-on, offers a catch to Bhuvi, who fluffs it. This is disaster for India!
Hardik Pandya to Root, 1 run, fuller in length with a hint of width, Root reaches out and leans into the drive to sweeper cover for a single
Hardik Pandya to Root, no run, good length delivery skidding on just outside off, Morgan gets back and punches it horizontal-batted towards cover point

Hardik Pandya [4.0-0-26-0] is back into the attack

SN Thakur to Morgan, no run, round the wicket, slanting in towards off with the angle, Morgan tries another cute cut off a low stance, chops it off the inside edge onto the pads as it trickles into the off-side
SN Thakur to Root, 1 run, pitching on a good length but straying on the pads, helped on its way towards backward square leg with a glance for a single
SN Thakur to Root, no run, pitching on a good length and heading for off-stump, Root pushes a drive back to the bowler
SN Thakur to Root, no run, good length delivery skidding towards middle, Root jabs his bat down hastily in defence
SN Thakur to Root, FOUR, Root is across towards off, but the slight front-on stance helps him drag his feet back towards the on-side when he spots the straight line. Gets behind the line and checks the drive past the stumps for a gorgeous straight drive
SN Thakur to Root, no run, fuller length delivery without width on off, Root drags his feet towards leg and squeezes out a defence into the off-side
Bhuvneshwar to Root, 1 run, another one skidding on from a back of a length and seaming in marginally towards off. Root opens the face of the bat and plays a crafty slice towards third man for a single
Bhuvneshwar to Root, no run, tight line, heading for the top of off-stump, pitching on a good length, given respect by Root with a checked drive to mid-off from the crease
Bhuvneshwar to Root, no run, zippy delivery on a good length on off-stump, Root hangs back in his crease and nudges it late towards short mid-wicket
Bhuvneshwar to Morgan, 1 run, back of a length delivery skidding on towards middle, Morgan comes down the track and tries to drive inside-out - gets an inside edge into the on-side for a single
Bhuvneshwar to Morgan, no run, good length delivery just outside off, almost no width on offer, Morgan crouches low to cut it away, but can't manufacture enough width with his wrists. Chops towards point
Bhuvneshwar to Root, 1 run, short of length delivery outside off and seaming in towards off, Root opens the face of the bat and steers it down towards square third man for a single.
SN Thakur to Root, 1 run, overdoes the short stuff, Root goes back and rolls his wrists on the pull to deep square
SN Thakur to Root, no run, on the stumps, pushed back down the pitch
SN Thakur to Morgan, 1 run, slower short ball, Morgan swivels and manages the slightest of inside edges towards square leg
SN Thakur to Morgan, no run, tries to hurry Morgan with pace, he hops back and turns the ball to mid-on
SN Thakur to Morgan, no run, goes round the wicket to the left-hander and arrows it around off, a sound block from Morgan


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