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Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh - 6th Match

Series: India and Bangladesh in Sri Lanka T20I Tri-Series, 2018
Venue: R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo
Date & Time: 16 March 2018

Bangladesh 160/8 (19.5 Ovs) RR: 8.07 | Bangladesh won by 2 wkts


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Tamim Iqbal c Kusal Perera & b Gunathilakac Kusal Perera & b Gunathilaka504242
Liton Das c Thisara Perera & b Dananjayac Thisara Perera & b Dananjaya0300
Sabbir Rahman stumped Dananjayastumped Dananjaya13830
Mushfiqur Rahim c Thisara Perera & b Aponsoc Thisara Perera & b Aponso282520
Soumya Sarkar c Kusal Perera & b J Mendisc Kusal Perera & b J Mendis101100
Mahmudullah Not OutNot Out431832
Shakib Al Hasan c Dananjaya & b Udanac Dananjaya & b Udana7900
Mehidy Hasan runout runout 0100
Mustafizur Rahman runout runout 0200
Rubel Hossain Not OutNot Out0000
Nazmul Islam dnbdnb0000
Extras 9 (b 0, lb 0, w 9, nb 0)
Total 160 (8 Wkts, 19.5 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
11-1 (Liton Das,1.4), 33-2 (Sabbir Rahman,3.5), 97-3 (Mushfiqur Rahim,12.3), 105-4 (Tamim Iqbal,13.6), 109-5 (Soumya Sarkar,14.5), 137-6 (Shakib Al Hasan,17.6), 148-7 (Mehidy Hasan,19), 148-8 (Mustafizur Rahman,19.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Nuwan Pradeep1 0 10 0 10.00
Akila Dananjaya4 0 37 2 9.25
Amila Aponso3 0 19 1 6.33
Thisara Perera2 0 20 0 10.00
Danushka Gunathilaka3 0 24 1 8.00
Jeevan Mendis4 0 24 1 6.00
Isuru Udana2.5 0 26 1 10.40
Kusal Mendis0 0 0 0 0
Kusal Perera0 0 0 0 0
Upul Tharanga0 0 0 0 0
Dasun Shanaka0 0 0 0 0


Seen anything from the Rajshri Productions? If this match were a movie, it would be one of them. Think about the home crowd that goes back all teary-eyed; or Sri Lanka who couldn't even qualify for a tournament final being played in the honour of their independence; or Bangladesh, who were passionately rowdy teen-like. Phew, this has been quite a game. Not sure I'm ready for an India-Bangladesh final, which is on Sunday (March 18). We'll see you there anyway; that's what we do. Until then, this is Pratyush Sinha logging out with Raju Peethala, Nikhil Jadhav, Ramakrishnan, Vineet Anantharaman and Venkatesh. Catch your breath, will ya, ta-ta!

Shakib - captain, Bangladesh: "You can't expect more than that in a T20 game. There was everything. Emotions, drama, everything. We are lucky to be on the winning side. Kusal Perera and Thisara Perera batted very well, got themselves into a winning position. I had only one hit before I came into the game, so I knew I wasn't 100%. It was important to rotate the strike and give it to Mahmudullah. This is one of our best innings in the last five overs. We always had a healthy competition on the ground (with Sri Lanka); outside, we are friends. Emotions take over sometimes. I need to be careful as the captain and the leader of the team. India are a very good side but we have the momentum, so hopefully we can continue the performance. Hopefully the Sri Lankan crowd can come and support us (laughs innocently)."

Perera - captain, Sri Lanka: "Very tough game. Really disappointed. I have to say something about our crowd -- thanks for everything. I'm sorry about not making it to the final. I sometimes take some time for my batting, I can do something only after that (what went wrong). 160 is a reasonable target. Last few series, we did well. Really good outcome from our juniors."

Mahmudullah - Player of the Match: "One of my best innings. when Shakib came into the team, that was a big boost. Players were eager to do well today. My plan was to strike the ball as hard as I can. To see the ball properly and try to hit accordingly. I was quite nervous (in the last few overs). When I and Shakib were there, I was at ease but Shakib's wicket put pressure on me. Other guys came up to me and believed that we'll do it. The confusion was that the ball (Mustafizur's wicket ball) would be the first bumper of the over but it's in the past now, so let's forget it."

Tears in the crowd that's going back quick.. Here we are with the presentations

Tamim: "It's very emotional. We saw the leg umpire signalling a no ball and that's why we were complaining. That created the confusion. It's a gentleman's game, everyone should have behaved better, especially from our team, we could have done it nicely. It's all done and dusted now. Sri Lankans are great friends. I don't think this incident will create anything bad. The last six was unbelievable. I am lost for words. I thought I should have continued a bit longer, but in the end we won. We executed the plans given by the coaches. Thisara and Kusal batted brilliantly. They gave us a challenging total, but we finished well."

I mean Sri Lanka tried their best. They were 41/5 inside 10 overs and then somehow, miraculously, thanks to the Pereras, racked up 159 that Bangladesh only chased down with a ball to spare. When Tamim Iqbal and Soumya Sarkar lost their wickets in consecutive overs, it looked like Bangladesh had undone all the hard work. But Mahmudullah, unburdened from the labours of captaincy today, stood through all that and hauled his side into the finale. How about that. There was drama around how Mustafizur's wicket-ball was a no-ball, Shakib even took his team off the ground, only for them to return and see a win. How about that!

10:32pm local: Look at Mahmudullah, look at him celebrating! He's pumped up. Runs around, fist-pumps and screams in delight. He's calling out to the heavens! And now they all go up, his team-mates, both palms reverse-cupped, fingers curled and waving, not for the catch but celebrating. Gee, it's an invasion by the snake dance, which's become quite a fad now (there were posters tonight in the crowd, I swear). And where's Shakib's t-shirt? Fast forward a minute and here's Tamim, with his hands around Mendis's shoulders to calm him down. Guess there's some words exchanged between him and Sabbir. It's difficult sometimes to comprehend the emotions but try telling that a sportsman.

Udana to Mahmudullah, SIX, Bangladesh win it! Wow. This is unbelievable. Quite against the run of play. Bowled slow and full on middle, Mahmudullah nonchalantly picks it over deep square leg. All the way. Look at the celebrations.. they are playing India in the final after all!
Udana to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, Kusal Perera misses a run out opportunity. Low full toss flicked to deep square, it's a flat throw to the keeper, who's not exactly at the stumps. Tries to parry the throw onto the stumps but Mahmudullah comes running back for the second. Dives his way back in. Oh, Kusal. 6 needed
Udana to Mahmudullah, FOUR, that's a wide if Mahmudullah had left it. But Mahmudullah stretches across, like spandex, and mauls it one-handed over extra cover; one bounce over the ropes. 8 needed off 3

Great, the players are back. Nice to see.

Oh dear, this isn't pretty. Umpire steps in to diffuse the tension. Shakib's furious at the boundary rope about something and .. there you go .. he's calling the Bangladeshi batsmen back. When Mustafizur got out, a couple of subs from the Bangladesh substitites, in yellow tees, came out and got into a verbal fight with Thisara Perera. That's what Shakib, and the unbeaten Mahmudullah, are not happy about. Is the debate about the height of the ball, is it? Looks like it. Apparently, the square leg umpire stretched his arm to signal a no-ball, but eventually they deemed it as a legal delivery once Mustafizz got run out. That seemed to have raised temperatures in the Bangladesh dressing room and thus, Shakib fumed at the umpires before asking his batsmen to walk back to the dressing room

Rubel Hossain, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Udana to Mustafizur, out Mustafizur Run Out!! This is crazy. A review off the first ball, so that was a dot, and now a wicket in the form of run out off this, so this one's too. Mustafizur in no position to pull. goes for it, misses and runs. Keeper parries the ball to the bowler, who's halfway down the pitch and runs back to dislodge the bails. 12 needed off 4 balls now. Mustafizur run out (Kusal Perera/Udana) 0(2)

Udana to Mustafizur, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

Udana to Mustafizur, no run, we have a review here by Sri Lanka. Front-footed pull that they think the batsman has top-edged behind. Clear flat line on the snicko, so not out. That's a dot ball, more importantly. 12 needed off 5

Mustafizur Rahman, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Perera to Mehidy Hasan, out Mehidy Hasan Run Out!! Direct-hit at the bowler's end. Mehidy Hasan looks like is gone and gets a lashing from Mahmudullah, who's very animated and handsy. Yeah, confirmed run out -- replays confirm it, and so does the third ump. Got his front leg out of a very full ball and drilled it to mid-off, intending a run. Goes for it, runs to the danger end and perishes to a direct-hit there. Can understand the panic but Bangladesh only making it worse for themselves. Mahmudullah is not happy one bit. He kept slamming Mehidy's wrists (although a glancing blow) while waiting for the verdict from the TV umpire. Mehidy Hasan run out (Shanaka) 0(1)

Perera to Mehidy Hasan, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

Perera to Mahmudullah, 3 runs, He's reached out brilliantly to the wide full ball outside off here, losing his own balance somewhat. Throws his hands and scythes it to third man, where Kusal Mendis has done well to run across and field that. Quick throw back too
Perera to Mahmudullah, FOUR, 15 off 8 needed now. Streches across his crease and shapes for the scoop. Flies over short fine leg
Perera to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, low full toss again, Mahmudullah aims big with an opened front-on stance but ends up dragging it to deep mid-wicket. A slight fumble, which allows the second
Perera to Mahmudullah, no run, he's taken half a step and then missed the yorker. Steady in the crease and he might actually have worked it to deep point or something maybe
Perera to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, jumps out to a full toss and hence cannot time it too well. Punched to deep mid-wicket, Mehidy Hasan looked like struggling but makes it back in, as Perera implores the fielder for the ball

Thisara Perera [1.0-0-9-0] is back into the attack

Mehidy Hasan, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Crowd's gone berserk. It's like they're independent again. "Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka"

Udana to Shakib, out Caught by Dananjaya!! 23 needed off 12 balls now, with Shakib gone. And how do you place a good shot straight to the fielder? Like this. Even Udana has a laugh about it. On the pads, Shakib timed the pants off that uppish slap-sweep but found the only fielder around long leg. Straight to him. Cannot overstate how important this wicket is. Cobra celebrations from Dananjaya says it all... Shakib c Dananjaya b Udana 7(9)

Udana to Shakib, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Udana to Mahmudullah, 1 run, he wanted to go much squarer but Udana's angle -- from over the wicket to the right-hander -- meant that the ball skewed up off the outside half. On the bounce to third man. 23 from 13
Udana to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, wide yorkerish delivery, Mahmudullah reaches out with protracted hands and drills it through to deep extra cover
Udana to Shakib, 1 run, low full toss in trying to bowl for the yorker, Shakib arches low and sweeps it to long leg. Single, again. 26 off 15 needed
Udana to Mahmudullah, 1 run, goes for the wide full length ball going across. Doesn't get the length right actually, and Mahmudullah could throw his hands to third man there

Captain-is and captain-was trying to win it for Bangladesh

Udana to Shakib, 1 run, starts with a fuller length cutter on off-stump that Shakib runs round to mid-wicket

Isuru Udana [1.0-0-8-0] is back into the attack

Pradeep's over in the end, I fear, will hurt Sri Lanka. Let's see.

So, 29 needed in 3 overs. This is going to be tight, isn't it? Sit tight in that couch.

J Mendis to Shakib, 1 run, flatter ball from over the wicket to the left-hander, Shakib runs down the track and picks a single to long-off
J Mendis to Mahmudullah, 1 run, quick full darter, quick single to mid-on
J Mendis to Mahmudullah, SIX, he's used his feet to good effect. Comes down in sync with the loop and swings it over Mendis's head. 31 off 20 needed
J Mendis to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, good sharp second run. On the pads, nudged round the corner this time
J Mendis to Mahmudullah, no run, sharp flat leg break, aaaand Mahmudullah leaves it. Probably surprised by the trajectory as he was looking to make room
J Mendis to Shakib, 1 run, on the bounce to long-off. Shakib is eying it big. Sees the loop going across and tonks it straight down the ground

Bangladesh need 40 runs in 24 balls


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