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Sri Lanka vs England - 2nd ODI

Series: England tour of Sri Lanka, 2018
Venue: Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, Dambulla
Date & Time: 13 October 2018

Sri Lanka 140/5 (29 Ovs) RR: 4.83 | England won by 31 runs by DLS Method


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Niroshan Dickwella c Jos Buttler & b Olly Stonec Jos Buttler & b Olly Stone9910
Upul Tharanga c Jos Buttler & b Chris Woakesc Jos Buttler & b Chris Woakes0100
Dinesh Chandimal bowled Chris Woakesbowled Chris Woakes61310
Kusal Perera c Roy & b Liam Dawsonc Roy & b Liam Dawson303740
Dasun Shanaka c Jos Buttler & b Chris Woakesc Jos Buttler & b Chris Woakes81510
Dhananjaya de Silva Not OutNot Out365021
Thisara Perera Not OutNot Out444913
Akila Dananjaya dnbdnb0000
Lakshan Sandakan dnbdnb0000
Lasith Malinga dnbdnb0000
Nuwan Pradeep dnbdnb0000
Extras 7 (b 1, lb 2, w 4, nb 0)
Total 140 (5 Wkts, 29 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
9-1 (Upul Tharanga,0.6), 16-2 (Niroshan Dickwella,3.1), 20-3 (Dinesh Chandimal,4.4), 31-4 (Dasun Shanaka,8.5), 74-5 (Kusal Perera,15.6),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Chris Woakes5 0 26 3 5.20
Olly Stone6 0 23 1 3.83
Liam Dawson6 0 26 1 4.33
Moeen Ali10 0 47 0 4.70
Adil Rashid2 0 15 0 7.50
Jason Roy0 0 0 0 0
Jonny Bairstow0 0 0 0 0
Joe Root0 0 0 0 0
Eoin Morgan0 0 0 0 0
Ben Stokes0 0 0 0 0
Jos Buttler0 0 0 0 0

That's a wrap to the coverage of this game. The caravan moves to Pallekele now and the weather as well as the ground conditions are better there. Hopefully we won't have many rain interruptions. For the sake of the series and the home crowd, let's hope the Lankans put up a bigger fight over the course of the next three ODIs. Won't be easy against a hungry and dominant English limited-overs outfit. Until next time, this is Hariprasad Sadanandan signing off on behalf of my mates Varun Dixit, MS Ramakrishnan and our scorer Mukesh Gowda.

Morgan, Man of the Match: It was not a bad start to the series. Was a halted start, right from the training days due to the rain. I wouldn't say it's been our best game. Batting first, we ended up scrapping up to what was just about a par-score. Not a bad outing for us. Myself and Joe found a way to score on these pitches. Lasith came back really well at the death and that's a good moment for the series. He obviously has a lot to offer for them. I was extremely scratchy earlier on which isn't surprising as I am not a great starter but having someone like Joe at the other end really helps. We really enjoy batting together and when we do, we bat long. Should have got above 300 but Sri Lanka came back beautifully at the end. We still got an above-par total. Both the Warwickshire boys set the tone upfront. Woakes has been a great performer over the years and Ollie showed what he is capable of. Obviously a great start to the series for him (Stone) and hopefully, he can build up on it. We have a few more gears than what we showed today. Ultimately we did win but not all that satisfied. (Whether bringing spin early was with an eye on DLS) Yes, it was. We had the option of Stokes as the third seamer but with rain around, it was vital to get past the 20th over quickly.

Chandimal: First of all, credit to England. They played some outstanding cricket, firstly with the bat and particularly with the ball. We competed well with the ball, started well but couldn't capitalize after that. Apart from the first 7-8 overs with the bat, we've done really well. We all can make mistakes but the energy and attitude on the field was good to see. It's a plus point for us and then after the four wickets, Dhananjaya and Thisara batted well which gave us a lot of confidence. But the first three to four batsmen have to do their job. Of course, at the end of the game also when you look at it, we lost four wickets early but still had a chance to chase it down. Most of the times when we are batting, we are losing too many wickets upfront. That's one area that we need to improve on.

Full credit to the English unit. They showed why they're ranked number one in ODIs with a fairly commendable effort. Put enough runs on the board on a pitch that wasn't really straightforward. Then, the bowlers put in an energetic performance to rip off the Lankan top order very early in the chase. Since then, the home side were always playing catch up and the rains put the final nail on the coffin. England have taken the lead then and with three games left, the heat is on the Sri Lankans who have a lot on their plate. Whether they can find the answers, we'll have to see. For England, they will hope to iron out the minor chinks that are there in their armory as they aim to become a largely flawless side heading into the WC next year.

So, another rain-marred day at Dambulla although we got close to 80 overs in today. England posted a above-par total on the back of brilliant knocks from Eoin Morgan and Joe Root. They were actually primed for 300-plus at one stage before Lasith Malinga rolled back the years with a sensational spell, ending with a 5-fer, to keep the total inside the 280-run mark. It was still a competitive total and Sri Lanka lost the plot against the new ball, unable to handle Chris Woakes' movement and Olly Stone's raw pace. Dhananjaya de Silva and Thisara Perera were in the midst of a promising partnership when the rains arrived. Of course, it would still have been a tough task for the hosts if the weather had cleared but they'll be disappointed. Only have themselves to blame though, a couple of wickets lesser and maybe they could have even edged past the DLS.

16:43 Local Time: The inevitable has happened. The game has been called off with the rain not relenting. England win by 31 runs via DLS method.

16:20 Local Time: Nothing much to update as the rain continues to come down heavily. Don't see this resuming to be honest, bar a miracle. We've started to lose overs now.

15:46 Local Time: The umpires have had enough. It had been drizzling for a while now and with the intensity going up in the past few overs, they've decided to halt play. Groundstaff are out there with the covers and they cover the entire ground here in Sri Lanka. The boys are at work. Extremely heavy rain now. Another 25-odd minutes left before we start losing overs. Remember, the reserve day isn't needed now and in case we have no more play from here, England will be awarded the game according to the DLS method.

Moeen Ali to Perera, no run, more flight and just around off, defended off the front foot
Moeen Ali to Perera, no run, slower and fuller outside off, Thisara checks his drive towards cover. One hand came off the bat in the process
Moeen Ali to Perera, no run, quicker one around off, pushed off the front foot to the off-side
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, 1 run, spilled way down the leg-side, rubbish ball but luckily for Moeen, Dhananjaya doesn't take full toll. Clipped to long leg
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, no run, slightly short and outside off, Dhananjaya makes room for the punchy drive but straight to extra cover
Moeen Ali to Perera, 1 run, flatter and short outside off, crunched off the back foot to sweeper cover
Adil Rashid to D de Silva, no run, looped up very full on leg stump, Dhananjaya overbalances on the flick and gets a soft leading edge towards point
Adil Rashid to D de Silva, no run, slightly short and wider outside off, Dhananjaya cannot beat backward point with the cut
Adil Rashid to Perera, 1 run, sprayed onto the pads, Thisara gets a faint tickle to send it down to fine leg
Adil Rashid to Perera, no run, floated up full outside off, driven off the front foot towards cover
Adil Rashid to Perera, no run, mix up of sorts but Thisara gets back just in time. Was a little nudge towards mid-wicket and Dhananjaya wanted the single. Thisara too initially went for it and later went back
Adil Rashid to Perera, no run, flatter around middle and leg, worked off the back foot to mid-wicket
Moeen Ali to Perera, 1 run, almost a blinder from Stokes! Reacted sharply and dived backwards, even got a hand to it but these kind of catches either just stick or they don't. Brilliant effort nevertheless. Was the off break from Moeen and induced a leading edge from Thisara. Just about escaped
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, 1 run, quicker off break around middle and leg, Dhananjaya hangs back and punches it down to long-on
Moeen Ali to Perera, 1 run, the arm ball and skids on off the track, hurried Thisara into the defensive push and trickled off the inside half behind square leg
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, 1 run, floated up around middle and leg, punched off the back foot towards long-on
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, no run, slightly short and Dhananjaya makes room for the cut. Only manages a bottom edge onto the track
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, no run, flatter one around middle and leg, worked off the back foot towards the leg-side

Getting really dark now.

Adil Rashid to Perera, no run, fired in on leg stump, brushes the pad as Thisara misses the flick. Lost balance for a split second but Buttler didn't get to it either
Adil Rashid to Perera, SIX, this is an even bigger hit! Thisara isn't going to let Rashid settle, that's for sure. Sees a bit of flight and decides to go dead straight this time with the loft. Cleanly struck and goes further past the ropes
Adil Rashid to Perera, no run, flatter googly, Thisara wanted to cut and did so but couldn't beat backward point
Adil Rashid to D de Silva, 1 run, tosses up this leg break invitingly, wider outside off and Dhananjaya eases the drive past a diving extra cover fielder. Long-off tidies up
Adil Rashid to Perera, 1 run, full again and flat once more, knocked down to long-on this time
Adil Rashid to Perera, SIX, bang goes Thisara! Cold-blooded treatment for Rashid first ball. Flatter one and full enough for the southpaw to flex his muscles. Clouts this with a straight bat and clears long-on comfortably

Adil Rashid, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

Finally, time for the leg spinner.

Moeen Ali to Perera, 1 run, quicker one outside off, Thisara pushes at it and gets it off the outside half of the blade to short third man
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, byes, 1 run, that's beaten everyone! Moeen is getting some bite off the pitch now. Another off break and it rips past Dhananjaya's inside edge. Buttler didn't gather it either and the batsmen sneaked a bye as the ball rolled to short fine leg
Moeen Ali to Perera, 1 run, flatter and fuller outside off, stabbed with a slightly open face towards point
Moeen Ali to Perera, no run, fuller and outside off, pushed off the front foot towards mid-off
Moeen Ali to Perera, no run, ripper! Sharp turn for Moeen, the off break that takes a piece of the surface on landing, spins sharply to go past the outside edge. Cracker!
Moeen Ali to Perera, no run, floated up outside off, pushed towards extra cover where Roy put in a diving stop and then threw it flat at the keeper's end, all in one motion. Thisara wanted the single but gets back just in time
Olly Stone to D de Silva, no run, slanting in from around off, on a length and Dhananjaya stays in the crease to block
Olly Stone to Perera, 1 run, fed on the pads and these are easy pickings for Thisara. Clipped to deep square leg
Olly Stone to Perera, no run, shortish and tucks up Thisara a bit as he tries to defend. Patted down the track
Olly Stone to Perera, SIX, smashing shot from Perera! The short ball attempt and it's getting a tad predictable from Stone. Thisara sat back and mauled the pull over deep square leg. Clean hit
Olly Stone to Perera, no run, on a good length outside off, Thisara stands tall and punches it to mid-off
Olly Stone to D de Silva, 1 run, wide of the crease from Stone and tries the bouncer, doesn't rise much and Dhananjaya rocks back to pull it to deep mid-wicket
Moeen Ali to Perera, no run, the quick slider, no room whatsoever and Thisara is forced to defend this back to Moeen
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, 1 run, strays onto the pads and Dhananjaya milks it away towards deep mid-wicket with a flick
Moeen Ali to D de Silva, no run, floated up outside off, Dhananjaya rocks back and forces it towards extra cover but cannot find the gap


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