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Australia vs England - 5th ODI

Series: England tour of Australia, 2018
Venue: Perth Stadium, Perth
Date & Time: 28 January 2018

Australia 247/10 (48.2 Ovs) CRR: 5.11 | England won by 12 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
David Warner bowled Tom Curranbowled Tom Curran151120
Travis Head runout runout 223020
Marcus Stoinis c Tom Curran & b Adil Rashidc Tom Curran & b Adil Rashid879964
Steven Smith stumped Moeenstumped Moeen122300
Mitchell Marsh c Moeen & b Moeenc Moeen & b Moeen131120
Glenn Maxwell lbw Tom Curranlbw Tom Curran343931
Tim Paine bowled Tom Curranbowled Tom Curran344421
Mitchell Starc c Jos Buttler & b Tom Curranc Jos Buttler & b Tom Curran0200
Andrew Tye c Morgan & b Moeenc Morgan & b Moeen81110
Adam Zampa bowled Tom Curranbowled Tom Curran111710
Josh Hazlewood Not OutNot Out0300
Extras 11 (b 0, lb 7, w 4, nb 0)
Total 247 (10 Wkts, 48.2 Ov)
BowlingO M R WEcon
David Willey9 1 37 0 4.11
Tom Curran9.2 0 35 5 3.89
Moeen Ali10 0 55 3 5.5
Adil Rashid10 0 55 1 5.5
Jake Ball10 0 58 0 5.8
Jason Roy0 0 0 0 0
Jonny Bairstow0 0 0 0 0
Alex Hales0 0 0 0 0
Joe Root0 0 0 0 0
Eoin Morgan0 0 0 0 0
Jos Buttler0 0 0 0 0


So it's an aggregate of 5-4, not quite the 5-4 the Barmy Army were looking for, but it's great to see them being rewarded for their show of loyalty throughout the summer. England clearly the better ODI outfit, and to hear Morgan say that they're winning while learning, that's quite an intimidating statement from this bunch. There's a first of a kind tri-nation T20I series to follow this one, beginning in February. Should be exciting. That's it for now. I've been Sagar Chawla, you can find me @SagarChawla90. On behalf of Hariprasad (@iamharry_88), Nikhil Jadhav (@IamNicck) and our scorer Sreenivas, it's a goodbye!

Morgan, winning captain: Really special. Actually thought we played particularly poorly for a lot of the game. When we got on top, we did our best to make inroads. The fight and character in the side was there in the series. Suppose when the ball started to reverse. Feedback we got from practice games was that the ball chews up along the sides. Tried to get that going as early as possible. To see Curran bowl a spell like that, for such a young guy, it's a great sign. To be honest we're spoilt for choice at the moment. Guys are fighting for positions left, right and centre. We're trying to make the most out of this bunch. To win while we're learning is pretty special. Huge thank you to the supporters, they've been absolutely magnificent. Lot of our inspiration has come from them. Been very special for us in that regard.

Smith, losing captain: We thought we pulled it back pretty well. Didn't start as well as we would have liked today. Been a trend in the series. Again we lost wickets in clumps. Can't be doing that. He bowled pretty well on this wicket, bowled his changeups (Tye). But the batting wasn't good enough. These collapses are happening way too often. The crowd was spectacular. Pitch played pretty well, lightning outfield. Unfortunately haven't been able to contribute as much as I'd have liked to in this ODI series. Thoroughly outplayed by a quality England team.

Root, MoS: Thoroughly enjoyed these one-day games. Shows the character within the group as well as the talent. We've been together for a while now, same set of guys. You get a fairly good idea of your role in the side. Been great. We knew on this wicket, it was important to keep taking wickets. We weren't probably at our best especially on the field. Important to come back strong for New Zealand.

Curran, MoM: Watching the boys play, the one-day cricket we've been playing has been a pleasure to watch. There's a great feeling around this one-day side. Great bunch of boys. To come play the first ODI in this unbelievable stadium in front of the Barmy Army, just unbelievable. Very special.

The Barmy Army rejoice in their tunes before they're greeted by the England players who are ever so grateful for their support. Tom Curran is there somewhere, lost amid the England players after putting in a performance to remember. What a spell of fierce reverse-swing bowling it was to turn the game England's way. Stoinis and Maxwell appeared to have it covered for Australia at 189/4. But it was a full toss which opened things up, getting rid of Stoinis for 87. It set the stage for the Tom Curran show as the hosts lost their last 6 wickets for 58. Let's hear from the man of the moment.

19:22 Local Time, 11:22 GMT, 16:52 IST: My word, what a thriller we've had to kick things off at this modern marvel of a stadium in Perth. Alex Hales, where is he? He's probably the most relieved person on the field right now after he dropped Paine early on. Should never have come down to this. But aren't we grateful that it did?

Tom Curran to Paine, out Bowled!! Tom Curran and his reverse-swing are triumphant. He looks to the heavens, raises his arms and melts into the embrace of Root. Goodness me, what a finish to the game. This is the one-on-one it boiled down to. Paine v Curran. And Curran slips it right through the gate with a ferocious inswinger for a five-for. England win. Paine b Tom Curran 34(44) [4s-2 6s-1]

Tom Curran to Paine, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Tom Curran to Paine, no run, pinpoint accuracy with the yorker on off, Paine squeezes it through the covers. Denies the single

Morgan has one over of Curran left. One precious over. He'll back him to do the job. It's his reverse-swing versus Paine's bravado. Ring the bell.

J Ball to Paine, 1 run, big cheer as Paine retains strike. He pulls this slower bouncer to fine leg. Ball is done
J Ball to Paine, no run, refuses the single again as he pulls the slower short ball to the deep
J Ball to Paine, SIX, oh my days! You beauty, Tim Paine. Walks across his stumps and scoops this 60 metres over fine leg. It absolutely trampolined off the middle, couldn't have got it any better. The crowd right behind him now
J Ball to Paine, FOUR, runs away off the toe-edge to the third man boundary. He made enough room against this slower bouncer, flung his bat for a forehand smash but wouldn't mind the outcome
J Ball to Paine, no run, well bowled, extremely well bowled. He followed Paine as he forayed down the leg-side, shackling him for room. Couldn't find any leverage on the inside-out loft and is beaten
J Ball to Paine, no run, refuses the single, evoking huge gasps from the crowd. He would be disappointed at having pulled this slower ball straight to deep square leg
Tom Curran to Hazlewood, no run, slower ball well wide of off, left alone. He's turned the game again. But Paine at least has a chance now in the next over
Tom Curran to Hazlewood, no run, watch out. Paine charges for a single but Hazlewood sends him back. Safe. Another back of a length delivery outside off, Hazlewood managed to get bat onto it this time which probably excited Paine too much. Cover-point is quickly onto it
Tom Curran to Hazlewood, no run, almost the edge. Hazlewood pokes at a delivery which is tailing away late from round the wicket. Curran is too good right now. His deliveries are too brisk, too slippery

Josh Hazlewood, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Tom Curran to Zampa, out Bowled!! Curran does it. He summons the big inswinger, getting it right through Zampa to pummel into middle stump. He's been absolutely sensational today. Stunned silence at the venue, or maybe Curran's roar is drowning it all. Zampa b Tom Curran 11(17) [4s-1]

Tom Curran to Zampa, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Walks down to have a word with Zampa. Watch out for those toe-crushers.

Tom Curran to Paine, 1 run, slower back of a length delivery outside off, dabbed to third man
Tom Curran to Paine, no run, slower leg-cutter, grips appreciably from a length. He seemed to have strayed too much on leg-stump but the cutter's purchase compensated for it. Paine checks it back down the pitch

Tom Curran [8.0-0-34-3] is back into the attack

What a finish this is turning out to be. 25 off 24 now, with two wickets left. Anybody's game

J Ball to Zampa, no run, back of a length delivery on off, Zampa is right behind it in defence
J Ball to Paine, 1 run, back of a length delivery on leg, tucked wide of mid-wicket
J Ball to Paine, FOUR, oh this has sat up perfectly for Paine. Not sure of this from Ball. It's reverse-swinging quite evidently but he's bowling slower short of length deliveries. This one drifts on leg-stump and Paine smashes it between fine leg and long leg
J Ball to Zampa, 1 run, forehand swat down to long-on. He was rushed by this short of length delivery outside off, but went through with it
J Ball to Zampa, no run, good length ball tailing in on off, Zampa's front leg is well out of the way in order to account for the late swing back in. He punches it nicely to cover
J Ball to Paine, 1 run, slower short ball, slaps the pull to deep square leg

Ball is back

Willey to Zampa, no run, pitched right up outside off, squeezed out to cover-point
Willey to Zampa, no run, given leg-before. Umm, looked a bit leg-sidish on first view. There's a huge cheer from the crowd as they think there's bat, but it's only bat hitting pad. It's pitching outside leg. So now the crowd can cheer. The inswing from over the wicket, and the ball crashing into pad with Zampa playing across the line. You can see why the umpire gave it. But it was marginally wide of leg on the mat

Mid-on, mid-off up

Willey to Paine, 1 run, nudges it off the hips wide of short mid-wicket
Willey to Paine, no run, back of a length delivery on off, happy to defend still

Root vigorously rotating his right-arm. He could be the one called upon for the job

Willey to Paine, no run, good length ball on off, defended to short mid-wicket
Willey to Paine, no run, good length ball curving away from off from round the wicket, Paine defends to cover

Oooh, this is getting tight for England. They should have had it in the bag by now, but a couple of slip-ups in the field have got Australia right back. Well hang on a minute, Ball has just slumped to the ground. He's feeling sick by the looks of it. The physio is there looking after him, offering the necessary refreshments to overcome this heat. He's going off now, with two overs still in his quota. England would hope that they get rid of Paine quickly.

J Ball to Paine, 1 run, back of a length delivery on middle, an off-cutter this, Paine tucks it round the corner
J Ball to Zampa, 1 run, full ball outside off, chipped through the covers
J Ball to Zampa, FOUR, oh dear, Ali has run right past this at third man. England bringing Australia right back with their sloppiness. Full pitched ball outside off, Zampa slashes it off a thick edge to the right of third man where Ali doesn't account for the back-spin. Have to do better at this level
J Ball to Paine, 1 run, back of a length delivery outside off, dabbed wide of backward point
J Ball to Zampa, 1 run, slower short ball outside off, 117kph, Zampa drags it through mid-wicket. Ball giving the impression he's carrying a niggle. Something's not quite right
J Ball to Zampa, no run, back of a length delivery outside off, punched firmly to cover


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