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Sri Lanka vs England - 1st Test

Series: England in Sri Lanka, 3 Test Series, 2018
Venue: Galle International Stadium, Galle
Date & Time: 06 November 2018

Sri Lanka 250/10 (85.1 Ovs) RR: 2.93 | England beat Sri Lanka by 211 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Dimuth Karunaratne c & & b Moeen Alic & & b Moeen Ali268610
Kaushal Silva lbw Jack Leachlbw Jack Leach305910
Dhananjaya de Silva c Joe Root & b Ben Stokesc Joe Root & b Ben Stokes214401
Kusal Mendis c Moeen Ali & b Jack Leachc Moeen Ali & b Jack Leach457761
Angelo Mathews c Jos Buttler & b Moeen Alic Jos Buttler & b Moeen Ali539250
Dinesh Chandimal bowled Jack Leachbowled Jack Leach11100
Niroshan Dickwella c Ben Stokes & b Moeen Alic Ben Stokes & b Moeen Ali163210
Dilruwan Perera c Ben Stokes & b Adil Rashidc Ben Stokes & b Adil Rashid304931
Akila Dananjaya c Ben Stokes & b Moeen Alic Ben Stokes & b Moeen Ali81800
Suranga Lakmal not out not out 142511
Rangana Herath run out run out 51800
Extras 1 (b 0, lb 1, w 0, nb 0)
Total 250,10 (undefined Wkts, 85.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
51-1 (Kaushal Silva,22.3), 59-2 (Dimuth Karunaratne,25.2), 98-3 (Dhananjaya de Silva,37.2), 144-4 (Kusal Mendis,50.5), 154-5 (Dinesh Chandimal,54.4), 190-6 (Niroshan Dickwella,66.1), 197-7 (Angelo Mathews,68.4), 229-8 (Akila Dananjaya,77), 239-9 (Dilruwan Perera,79.3), 250-10 (Rangana Herath,85.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Sam Curran5 1 15 0 3.00
James Anderson12 2 27 0 2.25
Moeen Ali20 2 71 4 3.55
Adil Rashid18.1 0 59 1 3.26
Jack Leach21 1 60 3 2.86
Ben Stokes8 2 16 1 2.00
Joe Root1 0 1 0 1.00
Keaton Jennings0 0 0 0 0
Rory Burns0 0 0 0 0
Jos Buttler0 0 0 0 0
Ben Foakes 0 0 0 0 0

So, that's it from us on this rather emotional day. Lots of memories from this Galle Test. Some sweet, some bittersweet, each to their own depending on which side they've been on. We move now to Pallekele where the second game will take place. It will be held on 14th November and the action will begin at 1000 local (0430 GMT). Do join in for that. Cheers, folks!

Rangana Herath is being carried around his home ground on the shoulders of his teammates. A sterling career comes to an end. One of the best in the business, a stalwart of Sri Lankan cricket. The last one from the previous century, the golden generation. Rangana Herath's career will be celebrated, more so because he's living proof that you can be a analog watch in the digital age, that you can stand out. Proof that sometimes, it's the simple things that can make all the difference. He had to be patient and bide his time when Muttiah Muralitharan was around, but once he took over, there was no stopping him. He bows out of the game as highest wicket-taking left-arm spinner, 8th overall in the list of highest wicket-takers in Test cricket with 433 scalps. A true gentleman leaves the beautiful game on the international stage. He surely leaves a big hole in Sri Lankan cricket, and he will be missed.

Now, here is the man of the hour. Rangana Herath walks up for the presentation one final time. He says that it is an emotional moment for him, but he will focus on the second part of his life now. Adds that he might continue to play First-Class cricket. On his family, he says he has got a lot of support from them, especially his wife and his kids, and that none of this (his career) would be possible without them. Expresses gratitude, to his teachers, his old coaches, his Sri Lankan teammates and sponsors and just feels thankful for all they have done for him.

England skipper, Joe Root, says he's very proud of his team for the way it played in these four days. Reckons that from the Lunch break on Day 1, they were always in control of the game. Informs that they wanted to come out and score runs and not just sit back and defend against the Lankan spinners. Is happy with how his batsmen performed as everyone played crucial knocks. Adds that they did their homework so it is quite pleasing to see the plans being executed properly. Feels that they did the best that they could in this game and wants to back this up in the coming matches as well. On Rangana Herath, he chuckles and says he's glad he won't be there in the next game. Continues to say what a spectacular career the veteran has had and and that he's given a lot to Sri Lankan cricket.

Sri Lanka skipper, Dinesh Chandimal, says it was a really good wicket but their batting was below par. Adds that if you bat the way they did, there's no real chance left in the game. Praises England for playing well. Rues the fact that they couldn't capitalize in the 3rd innings when England were on the back foot, and applauds Keaton Jennings and Ben Stokes for batting the way they did. Stresses that the batting is the area that they need to work on and it's something they will look to improve fast. Explains that it's an emotional day for them for obvious reasons, and that they feel a bit disappointed that they couldn't give Rangana Herath the farewell he deserved. On his injury, he says the medical team will have to assess him and then take a call. Has a lot of good things to say about Herath, and besides his exceptional cricketing skills, he mentions that above all, he's a wonderful human being and one of the best he's ever known.

Man of the Match, Ben Foakes, says it's been a terrific few days for him. Informs that when he walked in to bat, he was a bit nervous but grew in confidence as the minutes passed by. On giving the selectors something to think about, he reckons that Jonny Bairstow will be fit again so he will come back in the team. Mentions that this has been a dream come true for him, so is happy he could do well.

Plenty to work on for Sri Lanka, especially in the batting department. Only two fifties were scored in the entire game and both came from Angelo Mathews. The spinners got their share of the wickets, but since they weren't backed by the batting department, not much could have been done. Lots to be done for the second Test. It is something they shall surely work on in the nets.

A good win for England. They were put on the mat in the first innings but Ben Foakes came to the rescue on his debut and scored a fine ton, and then the English bowlers wrapped the hosts early to take a massive 139-run first innings lead. Then, Keaton Jennings finally came to the party and contributed with a massive ton of his own, setting a big target of 462 for Sri Lanka. After that, the visitors' spinners weaved their web around the Lankan batsmen once more and got the job done before the end of Day 4.

A standing ovation from the crowd as Rangana Herath makes his way back to the dressing room. The English team walks up to him to shake the great man's hand one last time. This Test might have been won by England, but all eyes will turn towards just one man. He's most definitely earned it.

A Rashid to Herath, OUT! It's all over! A bit of a sad end to Rangana Herath's international career. Tossed up outside off, Herath gets low to play the reverse sweep. It goes off the under edge past the keeper and the batsmen decide to come back for the second. Rangana is struggling on the second one, puts in a desperate dive as Stokes throws it back to the keeper who takes the bails off. It's taken upstairs and replays show that Herath is just short. So with that, ENGLAND WIN BY 211 RUNS! Their first-ever Test victory in Galle.

A run out appeal is taken upstairs. Rangana Herath is the man in question. Looks close. Could go either way. Let's see what happens here...

M Ali to Lakmal, Full ball attacking the stumps, driven to mid off to end the over.
M Ali to Lakmal, Flicked away on the leg side. Dot ball.
M Ali to Lakmal, Lakmal comes down the track, seeing this Moeen shortens his length. It raps the batsman on the thigh pad. Good bowling.pads.
M Ali to Lakmal, The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot.
M Ali to Herath, Fraction straight in line, swept down to fine leg for a single.
M Ali to Herath, Looped up delivery around off, it spins away, Herath hangs his bat inside the line and gets beaten.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Fuller and on leg, catches the batsman low on the pads as he fails to connect.
A Rashid to Lakmal, FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Lakmal is on his back foot in a jiffy and cracks the punch through covers for a boundary.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Flights it up close to off, a front foot defense in response is presented.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Waits for the ball to come to him and then dead-bats it.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Short and flat outside off, punched away on the off side.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Short, on middle and leg and turning away, Lakmal goes back and wrists it towards mid-wicket.

Final Drinks break of the game. Most likely, anyway.

M Ali to Herath, Plays this off the front foot and into the ground. End of the over.
M Ali to Herath, Spinning away from around off, sharp turn, Herath looks to play at it and gets beaten past the outside edge.
M Ali to Herath, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
M Ali to Herath, Tossed up from around the wicket, on off, blocked off the front foot.
M Ali to Lakmal, Goes deep inside the crease, plays with the spin and turns it in front of square leg for a single.
M Ali to Herath, A little too full in length, Herath goes against the spin and works it to backward square leg for a run.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Flicks it straight to the same fielder again. End of the over.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Uses the depth of the crease and wrists it to the man at short mid-wicket.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Stays on the back foot and keeps it out.
A Rashid to Herath, Short ball, turning in on middle, Herath goes on the back foot and pulls it through square leg. One run to the total.
A Rashid to Lakmal, The googly, spinning down, worked fine down to fine leg for one.
A Rashid to Lakmal, A lot of flight on this one, it lands short and turns away outside off. Lakmal looks to hit it away but misses.
M Ali to Herath, Outside off this time, Herath fails to put bat on ball.
M Ali to Herath, Comes on the front foot and dead-bats it.
M Ali to Herath, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
M Ali to Herath, Another one full in length, safely guarded out.
M Ali to Herath, Comes forward to this fuller length ball and keeps it out.
M Ali to Herath, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
A Rashid to Herath, He's off the mark! Short ball and Herath pulls it down to fine leg for a single.
A Rashid to Herath, Full and outside off, blocked off the front foot.
Rashid to Herath, Safe. Rangi avoids a duck in his last ever outing. For now at least. Loopy leg break on middle and leg, it spins in as Herath gets low to sweep. Foakes moves to his right, takes the catch and appeals. The finger goes up too. The Lankan veteran reviews it and replays show there's no bat or glove involved. Good call from him.

The DRS has been taken. Herath has been given out caught behind and he's immediately reviewed it.

Rangana Herath, for the last time in his international career, walks out to the middle. He is greeted with a standing ovation from the crowd and an applause from the English team too.

A Rashid to D Perera, OUT! The leggie strikes. Once again, a superb delivery. Bowls it full and with a lot of loop around off, Perera plays away from his body and gets an edge as the ball turns away. It goes to Ben Stokes at first slip who takes a simple catch.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Plays through the line and eases this through the covers for a single.
A Rashid to Lakmal, Rashid takes a lot of pace off it, bowls it really slow around off. Lakmal waits a long time to cut it, but then fails in doing so.