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Windies vs Bangladesh - 2nd T20I

Series: Bangladesh tour of West Indies, 2018
Venue: Central Broward Regional Park Stadium Turf Ground, Lauderhill, Florida
Date & Time: 04 August 2018

Windies 159/9 (20 Ovs) RR: 7.95 | Bangladesh won by 12 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Andre Fletcher c Shakib & b Nazmul Islamc Shakib & b Nazmul Islam433832
Evin Lewis lbw Mustafizurlbw Mustafizur1300
Andre Russell c Rahim & b Mustafizurc Rahim & b Mustafizur171012
Marlon Samuels c Liton Das & b Shakibc Liton Das & b Shakib10311
Denesh Ramdin lbw Rubellbw Rubel51100
Rovman Powell c Rahim & b Mustafizurc Rahim & b Mustafizur433432
Carlos Brathwaite c Liton Das & b Shakibc Liton Das & b Shakib11711
Ashley Nurse c A Haque & b Nazmul Islamc A Haque & b Nazmul Islam16811
Keemo Paul bowled Nazmul Islambowled Nazmul Islam2500
Kesrick Williams Not OutNot Out0000
Samuel Badree Not OutNot Out1100
Extras 10 (b 0, lb 1, w 9, nb 0)
Total 159 (9 Wkts, 20 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
5-1 (Evin Lewis,1.2), 33-2 (Andre Russell,3.4), 48-3 (Marlon Samuels,4.4), 58-4 (Denesh Ramdin,7.1), 116-5 (Andre Fletcher,14.2), 131-6 (Carlos Brathwaite,16.2), 146-7 (Rovman Powell,18.3), 158-8 (Ashley Nurse,19.3), 158-9 (Keemo Paul,19.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Abu Hider Rony4 0 26 0 6.50
Mustafizur Rahman4 0 50 3 12.50
Rubel Hossain4 0 35 1 8.75
Shakib Al Hasan4 0 19 2 4.75
Nazmul Islam4 0 28 3 7.00
Tamim Iqbal0 0 0 0 0
Soumya Sarkar0 0 0 0 0
Liton Das0 0 0 0 0
Mushfiqur Rahim0 0 0 0 0
Mahmudullah0 0 0 0 0
Ariful Haque0 0 0 0 0


So, Bangladesh displayed that they have the stomach to fight and Windies as their skipper told were complacent. Crowd at Florida were fantastic, there were lot of Bangladesh supporters in and they refuse to leave. We would have to leave though. The final of this series is less than 24 hours away, don't forget to join us for that. Until then, this is Varun Dixit signing off on behalf of Nikhil Jadhav and Mukesh.

Shakib Al Hasan: We had a chat after the last match and we had that belive that we can win against Windies. Crowd was a massive factor, I felt we were playing in Bangladesh. Hopefully they will support us tomorrow too. All the bowlers bowled brilliantly. It was a great team effort from us in the end.

Tamim Iqbal, Man of the Match: I took my chance but it didn't come off. Today I was more patient, I took my time in the middle and went for it later in my innings. I cashed in at the right time. He (Shakib) played an unbelievable innings, as soon as he came in. He took the pressure off me as we didn't have a great start. It is my first time on this pitch and I liked the pitch. When you score runs you always like the pitch.

Carlos Brathwaite: We were bit casual in the field and that is where the match turned. I was confident of chasing this total down. There were too many lapses in the field and Bangladesh came out trump. Tomorrow is an important and hopefully we will bring our A game. I think Ramdin's DRS call was questionable. We lost a couple of wickets in the powerplay and somedays these things just happens. I don't think it was too much of a bad day. As long as the attitude is the same like the first game, it should be cracker of a game tomorrow.

23:29 Local Time, 03:29 GMT, 08:59 IST: They all converge and hug Nazmul Islam. This has been a stellar performance from Bangladesh. Windies got off to a flier but the visitors dragged them back with wickets in the second, fourth, fifth and eighth over. Windies looked out of the game at that time but Fletcher and Powell had different ideas. They put on 58 runs for the fifth wicket and got them back into the match. But once Fletcher departed, wickets fell at regular intervals and they were left to chase 15 in the final over. Nazmul Islam portrayed nerves of steel and defended it with the ease in the end to level the series. Time for the presentations.

Nazmul Islam to Badree, 1 run, full-toss at the stumps, slaps it hard to long-off just a single and Bangladesh win by 12 runs. Nazmul Islam flaunts his dance moves, not sure they are that great but his bowling surely was. What an incredible final over!

Samuel Badree, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Nazmul Islam to K Paul, out Bowled!! Cleans him up. Brilliant from Nazmul Islam. It was directed at the stumps, K Paul went for a glory shot. He had no other option either, fails to put any bat to it and it smashes the stumps. K Paul b Nazmul Islam 2(5)

Nazmul Islam to K Paul, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Nazmul Islam to K Paul, no run, swing a miss, brilliant bowling from K Paul. That is game, set and match for Bangladesh!

Kesrick Williams, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Nazmul Islam to Nurse, out Caught by A Haque!! This should be the match for Bangladesh! Nazmul Islam is over the moon and he has every reason to be so. It was a fuller length delivery at the stumps, in the arc for Nurse who went for an across-the-line slog. Power wasn't enough and it fails to clear deep mid-wicket fielder who takes a good catch under pressure. Nurse c A Haque b Nazmul Islam 16(8) [4s-1 6s-1]

Nazmul Islam to Nurse, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Nazmul Islam to K Paul, 1 run, fails to get under it and slaps it to long-on
Nazmul Islam to K Paul, no run, swing and a miss, it was directed wide of the leg-stump, K Paul got his bat down late

Nazmul Islam [3.0-0-26-1] is back into the attack

15 off 6 balls!

Mustafizur to Nurse, FOUR, edge and four! Useful boundary. Nurse is elated! He gets it off the bottom half of the bat and it goes wide of short third
Mustafizur to Nurse, SIX, hitting of the highest order from Nurse! He has hit it over cover, one of the hardest shot in the game. This scrambled seam delivery of Mustafizur was slanting across Nurse who goes deep in the crease and slaps it hard with the anngle of the delivery over deep cover for a maximum
Mustafizur to K Paul, 1 run, tonks it to long-on for a single

Keemo Paul, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Mustafizur to Powell, out Caught by Rahim!! That's why Mustafizur is rated so highly in this format. He delivers under pressure again. It was a short of length delivery slanting across Powell who wanted to heave it across the line, the bat came down at a swift speed but it came down at the wrong time. He outside edges it and Mushy jumps high and plucks it out of thin air. Brilliant from Mushy! Powell c Rahim b Mustafizur 43(34) [4s-3 6s-2]

Mustafizur to Powell, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Mustafizur to Powell, FOUR, too short from Mustafizur, it was in the slot for Powell. He gets himself into a good position and pulls it powerfully to square leg for a boundary. He has asked for a new pair of glove
Mustafizur to Nurse, 1 run, stays in the crease and pushes it to deep mid-wicket

Mustafizur Rahman [3.0-0-34-2] is back into the attack

Rubel to Powell, 2 runs, Shakin runs back, does well to reach it but spills it in the end. Just a blemish to his perfect match. Powell wanted to heave across the line, gets an outside edge, Shakin should have taken it at cover but Powell sutvives
Rubel to Powell, no run, swing a miss. He put everything into it and had he connected it, it would have been a massive six. But fails to get any bat to it and it goes to Mushy
Rubel to Nurse, 1 run, Rubel is watching the batsman like a hawk till the last moment. Nurse moved across to scoop it over short fine, Rubel bowls at a yorker length and bowls it well wide of off. Nurse misses it and it edges it it to the off-side
Rubel to Powell, 1 run, another yorker outside off, Powell was late onto it and he inside edges it wide of leg-pole for a single
Rubel to Nurse, 1 run, yorker outside off and Nurse carves it to deep cover for a single
Rubel to Nurse, wide, too wide of off and wide called
Rubel to Nurse, 2 runs, good length delivery aiming at the stumps, heaves it to deep mid-wicket for a brace

Rubel Hossain [3.0-0-27-1] is back into the attack

Shakib to Nurse, 1 run, rocks back and steers it to sweeper cover
Shakib to Powell, 1 run, goes on the back foot and nudges it to the leg-side for a single
Shakib to Powell, no run, defends it back to Shakib who moves acroos and fields it
Shakib to Powell, no run, blocks it back to the bowler

Ashley Nurse, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Shakib to Brathwaite, out Caught by Liton Das!! The voice of bangladesh cricket: Athar Ali Khan seems to be a happy man on air. Skipper gets the better of skipper! It was a fuller length delivery at the stumps, Brathwaite wanted to deposit it over deep mid-wicket. Initially, it looked a good strike but connection wasn't that great. There was almost a collision at deep mid-wicket but Liton Das amidst this chaos showed nerves of steel and gallops it safely. Brathwaite c Liton Das b Shakib 11(7) [4s-1 6s-1]

Shakib to Brathwaite, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Shakib to Powell, 1 run, inside edges to short fine leg

Shakib Al Hasan [3.0-0-16-1] is back into the attack

Mustafizur to Brathwaite, SIX, too many slower balls, Brathwaite picked it up off the hands and was waiting deep in the crease. He takes it from well outside off and slams it with disdain power over deep mid-wicket for half a dozen
Mustafizur to Brathwaite, no run, after slower ones, bangs this one half-way down. Excellent variation! Brathwaite was beaten by it and no way he could have put bat to it, sails to Mushy behind the stumps
Mustafizur to Powell, 1 run, slower one outside off, mistimes the pull to the leg-side. He was early into the shot again
Mustafizur to Powell, no run, back of a length delivery angling across Powell who misses it and it goes into the gloves of Mushy
Mustafizur to Brathwaite, 1 run, stands tall and pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single
Mustafizur to Powell, 1 run, in the air but just out of the reach of the point fielder who was running back. It was at good length and was outside off, Powell went for a heave to mid-wicket, outisde edges it and it was in the air but falls safely

Mustafizur Rahman [2.0-0-25-2] is back into the attack


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