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South Africa vs Australia - 3rd Test

Series: Australia tour of South Africa, 2018
Venue: Newlands, Cape Town
Date: 22-26 March 2018

Australia 107/10 (39.4 Ovs) RR: 2.70 | South Africa won by 322 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Cameron Bancroft runout runout 266430
David Warner c de Villiers & b Rabadac de Villiers & b Rabada326740
Usman Khawaja c de Villiers & b Maharajc de Villiers & b Maharaj1900
Steven Smith c Elgar & b Morne Morkelc Elgar & b Morne Morkel72101
Shaun Marsh c Markram & b Maharajc Markram & b Maharaj0100
Mitchell Marsh c de Villiers & b Morne Morkelc de Villiers & b Morne Morkel162830
Tim Paine Not OutNot Out92720
Pat Cummins c Elgar & b Morne Morkelc Elgar & b Morne Morkel0100
Mitchell Starc c Markram & b Morne Morkelc Markram & b Morne Morkel71410
Nathan Lyon runout runout 0000
Josh Hazlewood c Philander & b Morne Morkelc Philander & b Morne Morkel5610
Extras 4 (b 4, lb 0, w 0, nb 0)
Total 107 (10 Wkts, 39.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
57-1 (Cameron Bancroft,20.1), 59-2 (David Warner,23.1), 59-3 (Usman Khawaja,24.1), 59-4 (Shaun Marsh,24.2), 75-5 (Steven Smith,29.3), 86-6 (Mitchell Marsh,33.1), 86-7 (Pat Cummins,33.2), 94-8 (Mitchell Starc,35.6), 94-9 (Nathan Lyon,36.5), 107-10 (Josh Hazlewood,39.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kagiso Rabada12 6 31 1 2.58
Vernon Philander6 2 17 0 2.83
Morne Morkel9.4 3 23 5 2.45
Keshav Maharaj12 2 32 2 2.67
Dean Elgar0 0 0 0 0
Aiden Markram0 0 0 0 0
Hashim Amla0 0 0 0 0
AB de Villiers0 0 0 0 0
Faf du Plessis0 0 0 0 0
Temba Bavuma0 0 0 0 0
Quinton de Kock0 0 0 0 0


And we leave you with a few user comments and must-reads from our man Tristan Holme at Newlands.

Phewf! One heck of a game this. It had it [Quality batting, quality bowling and controversies of course] all. Such frenzied action in the span of 24 hours. One must be inhuman to soak all that happened and describe every minute detail that has swept into this 'tampering-marred' Test match. We hope there will be less 'cause celebre' and more cricket when we see you for the fourth and final Test match of the series, at Jo'Burg. On 30th March, it's a Friday. A loud shout out to all the readers for keeping us busy with all the witty, informative comments. You guys rock! Confessions can sometimes fling your life upside down. It's a big, bad world out there. Beware of your actions and act wise. It just takes a moment of tranquillity to make the right decisions. Just a moment. On that philosophical note, Raju Peethala bids goodbye on behalf of Ramakrishnan, Srivathsa and Praveen. Special mention to Pratyush Sinha for chipping in during crunch moments. Long day at office, time to put my feet up, au revoir!

MoM awards for Morne Morkel:
7/98 vs Eng, Joburg, 2010
6/77 vs NZ, Wellington, 2012
9/110 vs Aus, Cape Town, 2018*

Lowest totals after 50+ opening stand:
102 NZ v SL, Colombo SSC, 1992 (1st wkt: 58)
103 SA v Eng, Durban, 1939 (60)
105 Eng v Aus, MCG, 1908 (58)
107 Aus v SA, Cape Town, 2018 (57)*
111 Eng v WI, Georgetown, 1948 (59)

Biggest wins for SA against Aus (by runs):
323 Port Elizabeth, 1970
322 Cape Town, 2018*
309 Perth, 2012
307 Johannesburg, 1970
233 Johannesburg, 1966
231 Port Elizabeth, 2014

Best match figures for Morne Morkel - nine for 110 and also the first time SA have beaten Australia twice in a series at home since re-admisssion

Faf, SA skipper: It was proper power alright, I think it was 60 runs for 10 wickets [sic]. We felt that they were going to come out fighting for one or two wickets, but we knew if we get one or two, we would run through them. I've got a really good attack and to put a total on the board and then bowl them 50 underneath that. Our batting has been exceptional, Deano this match has been good and AB the whole series has been fantastic. The nature of the Test series is such that there are runs to be scored in the first 30-40 overs and both teams have got the capability, as soon as the ball reverses you get a wicket and then you can quickly rush through. The partnership between Lyon and Paine was very frustrating. He [Lyon] came out and really played his shots, but as I said a 50-run lead on that wicket was going to be more than any on another wicket. The Newlands wicket played really well - there was a good battle between bat and ball. Those three seam bowlers are class-acts. Really chuffed for Morne, this is his new home now and couldn't happen to a better guy. Kesh today - quality spinner and it is really a matter of time before he cashes in again. We were extremely motivated this series. Since that defeat in the first Test in Durban, our motivation levels have doubled. We feel we are playing some good cricket and I feel there are areas we can improve on and I believe we can put some more pressure on the Australian team with all the off-field stuff going on. There's a lot for us to work with."

Morne Morkel [9 wickets in the game including a fifer] Man of the Match: We need to keep this very short, little bit emotional at the moment. What an afternoon of cricket. Was hard graft out there. Faf just asked the boys to give it all. Keshav created that opportunity for us and we just followed. I don't think I have got one in 12 years [talking about his fifer stats here], sort of hoping that I could deliver something special. I'm glad it came in front of this amazing venue. For me the best thing was to keep on working hard and I got the chance to put my hand up and deliver as a senior player. As a young boy, you dream of such things (300 wickets) and I played with you for so many years, to join that club, so happy. The last one at Jo'Burg is going to be a big one, looking forward to that. The main thing for us - it is about the team, it is not all about me, but I'm going to enjoy this and head to Jo'Burg with a clear mind."

Tim Paine, Stand-in Australia skipper: "It's been a horrible 24 hours. Apologies to fans and Australians back home. The guys who have traveled over here deserved better than what we put up yesterday. It was difficult no doubt. One of the things we spoke about in the morning was going out there and compete. We are cricketers, from cricket's perspective, extremely disappointed with the way we folded in the last hour.. 45 minutes. It's been a real challenge for us. From this there's an opportunity for us to grow as a team and as individuals from it. Try to take some sort of positive out of that long term and turn ourselves into the cricket team we want to be. We kept getting ourselves back into the Test match, but it's really hard to come out on top. There were a few opportunities, but we couldn't take it and South Africa made us pay. Probably been the story of the series, our bowlers have been ok and our batters have had plenty of starts but no-one has got a hundred. You are not going to win too many Test matches when that's the case. At the end of the day, we have to regret, we are professional cricketers, we have to come back, put on a show for the Australian public, for our fans and our families. We will be certainly coming to Jo'Burg ready to go."

The series seemed to be heading towards an enthralling climax with scores reading 1-1 before the start of the Test match. Australia, however, lost patience with the ball and tampered with the laws and the spirit of the game. Only to stir a cloud of controversies which doesn't seem to fade away anytime soon. Cameron Bancroft played superbly in the first innings, but little did he knew of what was to follow. A moment of desperation hit them and with the 'leadership group' at the helm of things, Australia committed an untenable sin and paid the price for it. With all the off-field issues increasingly swelling, Australia just didn't turn up today. Just went through the motions and submitted themselves to a ruthless South African side. The hosts can't lose the series now, they will be heading to Jo'Burg for what should be a fitting finish of the series. Not quite so perhaps for Australia, but South Africa will be eyeing a grand farewell for the 'Big Morne'. Do hang around for the presentations. Interesting to see who comes out to speak as the losing captain. And it is not Smith. It is Paine!

The session started with Bancroft and Warner looking to stitch a healthy partnership, but the first ball of the session planted a seed of uncertainty in Warner's mind which triggered the 'collapse of 2018'. Maharaj's first ball landed in the rough, and spun sharply...that's it >> Australia switch panic mode on! Warner, in an attempt to get off strike against Maharaj called for a non-existent single and from that point, Australia's dressing room was kept busy with to-and-fro visits of their batsmen.

17:42 Local Time, 15:42 GMT, 21:12 IST: Lost 10 wickets in the session, Australia. Enough said! Smith and the background staff walk out to congratulate the Proteas. Morne Morkel is all pumped, he gets appreciation from every member of the South African side as he leads the team off the field and waves at the ever-enthusiastic spectators. Great scenes...

Morne Morkel to Hazlewood, out Caught by Philander!! Fifer Morne Morkel and South Africa thrash Australia to record second biggest win in the history of Test cricket against them (in terms of runs). Fires a short ball and all Hazlewood could manage was help the ramp straight into the mitts of Philander at fine third man. Hazlewood c Philander b Morne Morkel 5(6) [4s-1]

Morne Morkel to Hazlewood, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Morne Morkel to Hazlewood, no run, short at the batsman, Hazlewood jumps inside the crease and fends it into the off-side
Morne Morkel to Hazlewood, byes, FOUR, bouncer, too high, Hazlewood flails at it and makes no contact. QDK leaps, but can't gather. South Africa won't mind
Morne Morkel to Hazlewood, FOUR, 100 up for Australia, courtesy a flayed stroke square of third man. Short ball outside off, Hazlewood transferred his weight onto the back foot and went hard at it
Maharaj to Paine, FOUR, down on one knee, sweeps the ball from just outside off and gets it wide of backward square. The South African fielders allow the ball to trickle towards the boundary ropes as they want Hazlewood to face the next over
Maharaj to Paine, no run, quicker and just outside off, so close to cut, Paine jumps back and slashes. Misses
Maharaj to Paine, no run, pushed back to the bowler
Maharaj to Paine, no run, full on middle, flicked to mid-wicket
Maharaj to Paine, no run, Tim Paine given out lbw. He delivery. It pitched outside leg I guess. Big turn from the rough and UltraEdge proves no hint of bat. There was a noise as the ball passed the bat, but it was off the bat hitting the ground. Waiting for ball-tracking and here it is - pitched well outside the leg stump. Not out. It was a nice toss up from Maharaj, got the drift and landed it in the rough before dipping, Paine was befuddled and was saved by the technology
Maharaj to Hazlewood, 1 run, and he slogsweeps Maharaj wide of long-on, can breathe a sigh of relief at the non-striker's end now
Morne Morkel to Paine, no run, short and well wide of off, Paine flashes hard and gets nothing. Hazlewood will have to face the first ball of next over, no choice left
Morne Morkel to Paine, no run, fuller and aiming for off, Paine prods at it with dead hands
Morne Morkel to Paine, no run, 141ks, Paine tucks round the corner
Morne Morkel to Paine, no run, plays the ball late and angles it with soft hands towards the gully region
Morne Morkel to Paine, no run, good length nibbling away in the fourth stump channel, left alone to the keeper
Morne Morkel to Paine, no run, good length on the stumps, Paine tucks to long leg but doesn't move an inch from his crease. Single refused
Maharaj to Hazlewood, no run, tossed up just outside off, Hazlewood bends forward and blocks

Josh Hazlewood, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Maharaj to Paine, out Lyon Run Out!! Too casual from Paine. Lyon departs without facing a ball. Ah, how quickly the tide turns. Pushed to cover and they run off in desperation, Lyon was slow to start and he had to put in a headfirst dive. Unfortunately for Australia, even that couldn't prevent him from the run out embarrassment. Needless to speak of Bavuma for he is one of the best fielders in the South African side. The throw was flat and accurate at the stumps. QDK did the rest. Lyon run out (Bavuma/de Kock) 0(0)

Maharaj to Paine, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

Run-out check sent upstairs. Lyon is the man in question. He is gone

Maharaj to Paine, no run, pushes the ball with soft hands towards cover-point
Maharaj to Paine, no run, floated full on off-side, driven back to the bowler


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