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England vs Australia - 5th ODI

Series: Australia tour of England, 2018
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
Date & Time: 24 June 2018

England 208/9 (48.3 Ovs) RR: 4.29 | England won by 1 wkt


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Jason Roy bowled Agarbowled Agar1300
Jonny Bairstow bowled Stanlakebowled Stanlake122010
Alex Hales c Paine & b Kane Richardsonc Paine & b Kane Richardson202930
Joe Root c Shaun Marsh & b Stanlakec Shaun Marsh & b Stanlake1300
Eoin Morgan bowled Stanlakebowled Stanlake0400
Jos Buttler Not OutNot Out110122121
Moeen Ali c Lyon & b Stoinisc Lyon & b Stoinis163100
Sam Curran c Paine & b Kane Richardsonc Paine & b Kane Richardson152111
Liam Plunkett c Paine & b Kane Richardsonc Paine & b Kane Richardson0100
Adil Rashid c Stanlake & b Stoinisc Stanlake & b Stoinis204700
Jake Ball Not OutNot Out11000
Extras 12 (b 0, lb 7, w 5, nb 0)
Total 208 (9 Wkts, 48.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
2-1 (Jason Roy,0.4), 19-2 (Jonny Bairstow,5.1), 23-3 (Joe Root,5.6), 27-4 (Eoin Morgan,7.4), 50-5 (Alex Hales,13.1), 86-6 (Moeen Ali,23.1), 114-7 (Sam Curran,29.3), 114-8 (Liam Plunkett,29.4), 195-9 (Adil Rashid,45.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Ashton Agar10 2 34 1 3.40
Billy Stanlake10 1 35 3 3.50
Nathan Lyon10 0 32 0 3.20
Kane Richardson9 0 51 3 5.67
Marcus Stoinis8.3 0 37 2 4.46
D Arcy Short1 0 12 0 12.00
Aaron Finch0 0 0 0 0
Travis Head0 0 0 0 0
Shaun Marsh0 0 0 0 0
Alex Carey0 0 0 0 0
Tim Paine0 0 0 0 0


Champagne is splashed everywhere as England rejoice with the trophy. Eoin Morgan's team keeps looking more and more impressive everytime you see them. Can they be stopped? India's visit next month will give the answers. That's it from us here. Until next time, goodbye!

Morgan, England captain: Massive positives to take from today. The fact that we bat all the way down the order means that only one of us has to come off while chasing a low total. Today was quite mesmerising, Buttler playing at the top of his game. At times we do (take him from granted). He's forced his way back into the Test team which is very exciting. We'd be naive to think that we shouldn't ask questions of ourselves. The fact that we won was a bonus. We have to be open and honest though. First time we failed as a group with the bat in this series. Up until today, we've progressed nicely. Bowling has come a long way. The way we fought back today was awesome. Great atmosphere at the end. They've been absolutely brilliant, no doubt they were our 12th man today.

Paine, Australia captain: We've certainly been taught a lesson from a world-class outfit. We had them under pressure; Rashid and Jos played really well but we didn't get enough balls in the right areas. We probably got a touch wide at the start of their partnership. We saw earlier that when Billy hit the stumps a lot more, we created chances. They played outstandingly well. Felt we were in trouble at the halfway mark. Our bowlers came out and committed really well to create chances in the first hour. Even today, Alex Carey and Short are two really good young players who played really well. Senior players let us down. There's some real talent in this group. It's been difficult but it sort of goes with the job. If I'm honest, I let the pressure get to me in this series. Clearly when you're not performing, things are not as fun at the international level.

Buttler, MoM and MoS: We were determined to win 5-0. We bowled fantastically well. Didn't quite click with the bat. But games like that, to win them is even more enjoyable. Just needed a partnership. One of our great strengths is the depth in the batting. Adil Rashid at ten is handy. I did say (to Ball) "if it's two we'll run, if it's one we won't" and then charged out, so that wasn't ideal. Great guts from Ball too to soak up that pressure. I don't think I've played better. It's enjoyable.


Here are few interesting stats by Deepu Narayanan:

- This is England's first 5-0 whitewash over Australia in ODIs.

- Highest 9th wicket stand in successful run chases:
132 Mathews - Malinga v Aus, MCG, 2010
81 Buttler - A Rashid v Aus, MANCHESTER, 2018
74* B McCullum - Vettori v Aus, C'church, 2005
73* Bevan - Bichel v Eng, P Elizabeth, 2003

- Only the second 5-0 win for England after beating Zimbabwe 5-0 in Zimbabwe in 2001

- Ninth win for England against Australia in ten head-to-head encounters in 2018 - the most England have beaten an opponent in a calendar year. Previous: Eight against Pak in 1987 (in 11 games)

- Australia have lost as many ODIs to an opponent in a calendar year only once before - nine vs WI in 1984 (from 12 games)

- This is the seventh time England have won an ODI with one wicket remaining - the last also came against Australia at the same venue back in 2010


17:36 Local Time, 16:36 GMT, 22:06 IST: Great scenes out at Old Trafford as Jos Buttler basks in the glory of a stunning knock. England had no business winning this game from 114/8. But Buttler yanked them back from the dead, with the knock of his career. The belief with which he played that innings was just unbelievable, epitomized by his refusal to take that single which would've tied the scores. Adil Rashid played his part in that 81-run stand, but this win was all about Buttler. There've been some blistering efforts from him which have made our jaws drop, but this was something else, something special. As for Australia, if they weren't able to win this one, then well.. That must be demoralising. They had Billy Stanlake ripping through England's top-order, Kane Richardson following up in the middle, but it wasn't enough? What, really, is enough against this England team?

Stoinis to Buttler, FOUR, a sensational win for England as Buttler punches this away through the covers. How has he pulled this off? Just how? Australia shellshocked as they leave the field after a 0-5 whitewash
Stoinis to Buttler, no run, back of a length delivery on middle, shuffles across in the crease but settles on a solid defence
Stoinis to Buttler, no run, back of a length delivery on middle and leg, clipped to deep midwicket. Oh he hasn't taken the single. Scores would have been tied had he gone across. He's backing himself here. This is so gutsy

Marcus Stoinis [8.0-0-33-2] is back into the attack

Two runs more. Buttler has it in his hands now, no more relying on Ball

Kane Richardson to Buttler, 1 run, single. Punches this full toss down to long-off

Long-on, long-off and three fielders on the leg-side boundary. Single or boundary?

Kane Richardson to J Ball, 1 run, slips into the pads this time and Ball flicks this away behind square. There was an easy two on offer there, but Buttler refuses it. The two batsmen come down to have a chat
Kane Richardson to J Ball, no run, back of a length delivery outside off, chopped to point. Hold your breaths
Kane Richardson to J Ball, no run, another yorker length delivery, slightly wider of off, Ball digs it out again
Kane Richardson to J Ball, no run, that's a cracking yorker, tailing in late towards off, but it doesn't have the pace to burst through Ball. Squeezed away to cover
Kane Richardson to Buttler, 1 run, punched down to long-off, and well, they've taken the single. Puzzled faces on the England balcony. Buttler himself throws his head back. He probably ran across thinking there was two there, but there wasn't

Richardson now. Three fielders on the leg-side boundary. Everyone up in the off-side ring, except long-off

Agar to J Ball, no run, cheers of relief from the crowd as Ball gets behind this arm-ball and defends. Thrilling stuff
Agar to J Ball, no run, huge cheers as Ball survives another delivery. He just has one more to go. Sliding into the pads, poor ball really, nudged to short fine leg
Agar to J Ball, no run, brings the bat down in time to save his off stump. This is crazy pressure
Agar to J Ball, no run, 56.6mph, into the blockhole on off, squeezed out to cover
Agar to J Ball, no run, slower this time, drifts it in on leg, Ball defends into the on-side
Agar to J Ball, no run, flat, quick and skidding on from a back of a length outside off. It beats Ball for pace as he misses his cut

Can Agar do it? The field is up for Ball. Slip in place

Balls taken to reach 100 by Jos Buttler:

Stoinis to Buttler, SIX, unbelievable from Buttler, who just stands tall and thumps this back of a length delivery over long-on to bring up his hundred. My word. What clarity of mind under pressure. But it's Ball on strike for the next over

Jake Ball, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Stoinis to Adil Rashid, out Caught by Stanlake!! More drama. Full ball on middle and leg, Rashid can't stop himself from going for an expansive flick, but he closes the bat face too early. It takes a thick leading edge and hangs in the air forever. There's a misjudgement from Stanlake at fine leg, and he's left having to dive forward in the end. But he keeps his eyes on it, and takes it. What a finish lined up. Adil Rashid c Stanlake b Stoinis 20(47)

Stoinis to Adil Rashid, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Stoinis to Adil Rashid, no run, nice and straight from Stoinis, but he's not getting through Rashid in his defence

Much tension everywhere

Stoinis to Adil Rashid, no run, back of a length at the stumps, Rashid takes the bottom hand off and drops it softly into the pitch
Stoinis to Buttler, 1 run, length ball close to off, punches it through the covers

He's on 97, the temptation would be there to just go for it

Stoinis to Buttler, no run, back of a length delivery on middle, tucked to short midwicket
Agar to Adil Rashid, no run, plays out a maiden as he works this full ball to mid-on. This is smart batting. Australia threw the bait there with the field up, but Rashid doesn't fall for it
Agar to Adil Rashid, no run, bat and pad close together, smothered
Agar to Adil Rashid, no run, forward and defended
Agar to Adil Rashid, no run, almost slides through. Not much turn on this delivery, Rashid gets a thick inside edge in defence
Agar to Adil Rashid, no run, flat and quick outside off, chopped to backward point
Agar to Adil Rashid, no run, drifting in on leg, defended to short midwicket

England only 12 away. These two just need to hold their nerve from here.

Stoinis to Adil Rashid, 1 run, slower short of length delivery on off, tucked through square leg
Stoinis to Adil Rashid, no run, back of a length delivery on off, Rashid is right behind it in defence
Stoinis to Buttler, 1 run, punched to short cover where there's a fumble, gives Buttler the single. That was hit firmly
Stoinis to Buttler, FOUR, super wrists from Buttler! Deep midwicket can try as he might, but he's got no chance. Length ball on the pads, he flicks it delightfully and it skims away on the outfield


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