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England vs Australia - 3rd ODI

Series: Australia tour of England, 2018
Venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Date & Time: 19 June 2018

Australia 239/10 (37 Ovs) RR: 6.46 | England won by 242 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
D Arcy Short c Moeen & b Willeyc Moeen & b Willey151211
Travis Head c Moeen & b Moeenc Moeen & b Moeen513970
Shaun Marsh c Plunkett & b Moeenc Plunkett & b Moeen243001
Marcus Stoinis runout runout 443741
Aaron Finch bowled Adil Rashidbowled Adil Rashid201902
Glenn Maxwell c Plunkett & b Willeyc Plunkett & b Willey191911
Tim Paine c Hales & b Adil Rashidc Hales & b Adil Rashid5900
Ashton Agar c Adil Rashid & b Adil Rashidc Adil Rashid & b Adil Rashid252321
Jhye Richardson stumped Moeenstumped Moeen142500
Andrew Tye Not OutNot Out5500
Billy Stanlake stumped Adil Rashidstumped Adil Rashid1400
Extras 16 (b 0, lb 10, w 6, nb 0)
Total 239 (10 Wkts, 37 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
27-1 (D Arcy Short,3.1), 95-2 (Travis Head,12.3), 100-3 (Shaun Marsh,14.1), 152-4 (Aaron Finch,20.4), 173-5 (Marcus Stoinis,24), 190-6 (Tim Paine,26.6), 194-7 (Glenn Maxwell,27.3), 230-8 (Ashton Agar,34.5), 236-9 (Jhye Richardson,35.6), 239-10 (Billy Stanlake,36.6),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mark Wood7 0 38 0 5.43
David Willey7 0 56 2 8.00
Joe Root2 0 19 0 9.50
Moeen Ali5 0 28 3 5.60
Liam Plunkett6 0 41 0 6.83
Adil Rashid10 0 47 4 4.70
Jason Roy0 0 0 0 0
Jonny Bairstow0 0 0 0 0
Alex Hales0 0 0 0 0
Eoin Morgan0 0 0 0 0
Jos Buttler0 0 0 0 0


41 fours, 21 sixes and a whopping 481. Let that sink in, blimey! Australia would wish they were a goldfish so that they can shrug off this day. On the other hand, a remarkable record-breaking day at the office for England. The end result is they are 3-0 up in the series and head to Chester-le-Street next to try and extend the lead. On that note, this is a gobsmacked and dizzy Sriram AS taking leave along with Akshay Maanay, Rishi Roy and Shashikant Singh. See ya!

Alex Hales, Man of the Match: It's as good as it gets (To score a hundred at his home ground). Managed to replicate my performance against Pakistan a couple of years back, it's a special day. To beat the opposition by close to 240 runs is unbelievable. I think the pool of talent we have got around in England in white-ball cricket is really good at the moment. Striving to improve more.

Eoin Morgan, England captain: Certainly, it's a proud feeling. To operate at that level throughout the whole game was outstanding. We have two more games left and two more opportunities to score big for the batsmen. It's a good headache to have (about the selection). The talent we have in the change room is brilliant. We are going to Durham next, will try to reassess. We have a pretty settled batting unit. We need to be top of our game, 50-over game has moved forward dramatically over the last few years and we have put ourselves in a position where we have adapted brilliantly.

Tim Paine, Australian captain: Today was a learning experience for all of us. As I said, It was tough, no matter where we put the fielders, they hit the gaps and they were red-hot, that's the yardstick of 50-over cricket. Some young guys are getting some games. 12 months is a long time in cricket (looking ahead of WC) and things can change pretty quickly.


A few key stats from today's breathtaking game, courtesy Deepu Narayanan:

#1: Biggest wins for England (by runs):
242 v Aus, Trent Bridge, 2018 *
210 v NZ, Edgbaston, 2015
202 v Ind, Lord's, 1975
198 v Pak, Trent Bridge, 1992
196 v East Africa, Edgbaston, 1975

#2 Heaviest defeat for Australia (by runs):
242 v Eng, Trent Bridge, 2018 *
206 v NZ, Adelaide, 1986
196 v SA, Cape Town, 2006
164 v WI, Perth, 1987
159 v NZ, Auckland, 2016

#3 Biggest losses for a Full Member side (by runs):
272 Zim v SA, Benoni, 2010
258 SL v SA, Paarl, 2012
257 WI v SA, Sydney, 2015
245 Ind v SL, Sharjah, 2000
242 Aus v Eng, Trent Bridge, 2018 *


20:53 Local Time: A jubilant England bunch shake hands with beaming smiles on their faces. Hi-fives follow and they take a 3-0 lead in the five-match series. In all fairness, nothing out of the ordinary and unexpected transpired in the denouement. A record-breaking score of 481 carnage set England up and their bowlers didn't have to do anything out of the box, really. It was imperative for the visitors' batsmen to go after the bowling from ball one and they did show some intent. Head, Marsh and Stoinis got starts instinctively but an intimidating target must've sent chills down the spine for their batters. The required rate kept creeping up with each passing over and they were forced to play catch-up cricket as England's spin duo - Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali shared 7 spoils between them to shoot the Aussies for 239. David Willey chipped in with 2 wickets as well. Presentations imminent, do stick around.

Adil Rashid to Stanlake, out Stumped!! And Rashid hits the final nail in the coffin for England as they beat Australia by 242 runs - their largest margin of victory in ODIs. No point for Stanlake hanging in there. Rashid slips in a googly that turns away from the batsman. Stanlake is hoodwinked by the turn as he drags his back leg in the process, losing his balance and Buttler takes care of the rest. Stanlake st Buttler b Adil Rashid 1(4)

Adil Rashid to Stanlake, THAT'S OUT!! Stumped!!

Stumping check sent upstairs. Buttler looks pretty confident. Replays in: Stanlake has dragged his back leg out of his crease and the keeper was quick to whip the bails off. OUT

Adil Rashid to Stanlake, no run, this was the quicker delivery, Stanlake read it well and blocked it from the crease
Adil Rashid to Andrew Tye, 1 run, another soft nudge through square leg
Adil Rashid to Stanlake, 1 run, a slight turn back in, Stanlake turns it awkwardly to square leg
Adil Rashid to Stanlake, no run, forward and defended
Adil Rashid to Andrew Tye, 1 run, wristed to long-on

Billy Stanlake, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Moeen Ali to Jhye Richardson, out Stumped!! Third wicket for Moeen Ali. He's been brilliant today, mind you he was axed from the Test side and there was a lot of pressure on him to deliver the goods for England in the 50-over format and here he is, doing the job perfectly for his team here. Slow off-break outside off, Richardson charges out and looks for a mighty heave. Is defeated in the flight and Buttler does the rest. Easy-peasy. Jhye Richardson st Buttler b Moeen Ali 14(25)

Moeen Ali to Jhye Richardson, THAT'S OUT!! Stumped!!

Moeen Ali to Jhye Richardson, 2 runs, worked wide of long-on for a brace
Moeen Ali to Jhye Richardson, no run, pushed with a straight bat towards short mid-wicket, who pounces on it and intercepts
Moeen Ali to Andrew Tye, 1 run, gives more flight, Tye scooches low and slogs it to deep mid-wicket
Moeen Ali to Andrew Tye, no run, lasered quick on middle, dead batted
Moeen Ali to Jhye Richardson, 1 run, on the pads, whisked through square leg

Moeen Ali [4.0-0-24-2] is back into the attack

250 runs required from 90 balls.

Adil Rashid to Andrew Tye, 2 runs, 36.9 mph. Very, very slowish leggie from Rashid, just outside off. Tye drills it away to long-off, a fumble and they easily jog back for the second

Andrew Tye, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Adil Rashid to Agar, out Caught&Bowled!! Rashid's been sharp in the field. Like Mo Ali, he takes a return chance to send Agar back to the hut. The slider, pushed through quicker and strikes Agar on the outer half of his willow as he tried to present his straight bat. Chipped back and Rashid with an agile work, moving to his right and holds onto the catch. Juggled a bit and cushioned it onto his wrists importantly. Writing is on the wall for Australia. Agar c and b Adil Rashid 25(23) [4s-2 6s-1]

Adil Rashid to Agar, THAT'S OUT!! Caught&Bowled!!

Adil Rashid to Agar, no run, on the pads, picked away to mid-wicket
Adil Rashid to Jhye Richardson, 1 run, too slow, too short outside off. Richardson skips back and forces it to sweeper cover
Adil Rashid to Agar, 1 run, a neat push-drive to long-off
Adil Rashid to Jhye Richardson, 1 run, spanked to sweeper cover
Plunkett to Agar, SIX, goodness gracious! Where did this come from all of a sudden from Agar? Realizes there is no point defending and nudging. Loads his shoulders, takes a full ball and thumps it a miles into the long-on stands
Plunkett to Jhye Richardson, 1 run, a straight-batted drive down the ground
Plunkett to Jhye Richardson, no run, beaten by the cross-seamer. This length delivery held its line just outside off, Richardson with a lazy waft and the ball deviates just enough to whistle past his outside edge
Plunkett to Jhye Richardson, no run, semblance of inward shape on this full ball outside off, Richardson sought to drive without moving his feet. Outcome is an inside edge onto his pad
Plunkett to Agar, 1 run, shortish outside off, Agar shifts his weight back and thrashes the cut to point. A one-handed half-stop from Roy and they nab the single
Plunkett to Agar, FOUR, just a wristy jab and that fetches Agar a boundary. Change of pace from Plunkett, on middle and leg. Agar shuffled inside the line and whipped it past mid-on, who gave up the chase mid-way

Liam Plunkett [5.0-0-29-0] is back into the attack

Adil Rashid to Jhye Richardson, no run, very slow again, Richardson took a step forward. Isn't to the pitch, so hurriedly defends
Adil Rashid to Jhye Richardson, no run, oh! First sign of turn on this pitch. Rashid lands the leg-break on off, rips it past Richardson's tentative poke. Missed outside edge by a whisker
Adil Rashid to Agar, 1 run, flipper from Rashid, Agar makes room exposing all three stumps to slap it to sweeper cover
Adil Rashid to Jhye Richardson, 1 run, tad shorter outside off, punched through cover
Adil Rashid to Agar, 1 run, Agar forays down and knocks it to long-on
Adil Rashid to Jhye Richardson, 1 run, leading edge on Richardson's attempted inside-out loft, fortunately it dies in front of sweeper cover. Used his feet and is defeated by the sharp leggie. Ended up slicing it and luckily escapes
Mark Wood to Agar, no run, fullish on leg, wristed with a full face of the bat to mid-on
Mark Wood to Jhye Richardson, 1 run, hops back and across, drops it to point
Mark Wood to Agar, 1 run, short and hurries onto Agar's body. Agar gets his body weight down to keep the pull along the ground to deep square leg


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