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England vs Australia - 1st ODI

Series: Australia tour of England, 2018
Venue: Kennington Oval, London
Date & Time: 13 June 2018

England 218/7 (44 Ovs) RR: 4.95 | England won by 3 wkts


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Jason Roy bowled Stanlakebowled Stanlake0200
Jonny Bairstow c Head & b Kane Richardsonc Head & b Kane Richardson282360
Alex Hales lbw Neserlbw Neser51010
Joe Root c Paine & b Stanlakec Paine & b Stanlake507140
Eoin Morgan c Paine & b Andrew Tyec Paine & b Andrew Tye6974110
Jos Buttler c Kane Richardson & b Andrew Tyec Kane Richardson & b Andrew Tye91120
Moeen Ali c (sub)D Arcy Short & b Neserc (sub)D Arcy Short & b Neser171730
David Willey Not OutNot Out354151
Liam Plunkett Not OutNot Out31500
Adil Rashid dnbdnb0000
Mark Wood dnbdnb0000
Extras 2 (b 0, lb 0, w 2, nb 0)
Total 218 (7 Wkts, 44 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
0-1 (Jason Roy,0.2), 23-2 (Alex Hales,3.3), 38-3 (Jonny Bairstow,7.2), 153-4 (Eoin Morgan,28.5), 163-5 (Jos Buttler,30.6), 163-6 (Joe Root,31.5), 197-7 (Moeen Ali,38.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Billy Stanlake10 1 44 2 4.40
Michael Neser8 1 46 2 5.75
Kane Richardson9 1 49 1 5.44
Andrew Tye10 1 42 2 4.20
Ashton Agar5 0 28 0 5.60
Glenn Maxwell2 0 9 0 4.50
Aaron Finch0 0 0 0 0
Travis Head0 0 0 0 0
Shaun Marsh0 0 0 0 0
Marcus Stoinis0 0 0 0 0
Tim Paine0 0 0 0 0


Neither team can quite certainly claim that they've had a great day. Australia more so than England. Nevertheless, both teams will draw plenty of positives and expect them to put in a bigger and better show with the bat come Saturday; the 16th of June. Do remember to tune in for that. Thanks for keeping us entertained with your witty, informative comments. Keep 'em coming. Until next time, this is Raju Peethala wishing goodbye on behalf of Vineet Anantharaman, Nikhil Jadhav and our scorer Shashikant Singh.

Moeen Ali, Man of the Match: Always great. The most important thing is that we won the game. You need to understand the mindset of the batters a little bit. To be consistent and try and mix the pace and the length is the key. It's always difficult when you bowl against some top class players, but you need to stick to your strengths. Obviously we won the game and that is the most important thing. One format to concentrate at the moment and happy with the way things are going.

Eoin Morgan, captain of England: Very pleased. The two spinners turned the game in our favour. They have done it many times in the past and it is no different today. He (Moeen Ali) always gives you an option. He is a bit like Ben Stokes, you throw him in any situation and he will come out trumps. The Scotland game kicked us into touch and helped us hone our skills. The big positive from today is that we were way off the mark with our batting but managed to win the game. Nice to bat with Joe today and get some momentum going. It's more important that we won. He's (Root) a genius and I see him and there's nothing unachievable with him in the side. We would have liked to press on a bit more with the ball but really happy with the way things have gone.

Tim Paine, captain of Australia: Certainly difficult. They bat very deep and I thought our bowlers bowled well. All the guys have played a bit of Big Bash and they've got good white ball skills. We couldn't time well against their spinners and I thought our pacers bowled well. Our top four didn't quite do the job for us. Maxi has been hitting the ball well in the nets and it is nice to see him translate that in this game. Our top 4-5 didn't get the job done and when you're defending such a total you won't win many games.

19:55 local: Not enough runs in the bank to cause any late jitters. After losing three wickets inside 8 overs, England's Test and ODI captain got together to engineer a game-sealing 115-run stand which eventually put paid to hopes of an Aussie comeback. Morgan, who had been copping a lot of flak of late, should be credited for the way he paced the chase and his innings. Never wasted a single opportunity to stamp his authority and to his delight, he found great ally in Joe Root who steadied the ship before causing a bit of a stumble towards the end. Willey, Moeen Ali and Plunkett did their bit to put the finishing touches. Stanlake, by far, has been the best Aussie bowler on show. The, not quite!!

Neser to Willey, SIX, stands still, clears his front leg and parcels Neser into the stands. Sealed! England win by 3 wickets and lead the 5-match series 1-0
Neser to Willey, 2 runs, drives to mid-off and takes on the fielder's arm. Stoinis hits direct at the bowler's end and to worsen matters he concedes an overthrow
Neser to Willey, no run, slight leading edge on the flick and it drops well short of the bowler
Neser to Plunkett, 1 run, sends an educated edge past the diving backward point and down to third man
Neser to Willey, 1 run, glances this off his pads and claims his highest score in ODI cricket. Not sure the crowd knows it, but they cheer for the single after a raft of dots
Neser to Willey, no run, 12th dot ball in a row! Willey jumps and tucks this length ball to short mid-wicket

Michael Neser [7.0-1-36-2] is back into the attack

Kane Richardson to Plunkett, no run, yorker shaping in towards middle, jammed back to KR
Kane Richardson to Plunkett, no run, make that three in a row, ladies and gents
Kane Richardson to Plunkett, no run, on a length around off, Plunkett is in no mood to play his shots, pushed back to the bowler
Kane Richardson to Plunkett, no run, shuffles a tad and plays the full ball back to the bowler
Kane Richardson to Plunkett, no run, gently driven to the man at mid-off, yes gently
Kane Richardson to Plunkett, no run, good length on middle and off, Plunkett's shadow-practicing his County block dance shots

Kane Richardson [8.0-0-49-1] is back into the attack

Andrew Tye to Willey, no run, slower ball dips in front of middle, driven straight to mid-on
Andrew Tye to Willey, no run, jumps inside the crease and glides the ball with an open bat face straight to backward point
Andrew Tye to Willey, no run, this one keeps slightly low outside off, Willey makes some last minute adjustments to manoeuvre the ball into the leg-side. Had to yank his bottom hand off the blade
Andrew Tye to Willey, no run, cross-seamer arrowing in towards off, a controlled straight drive to mid-off
Andrew Tye to Willey, no run, the knuckle ball dished wide of off, Willey's early into the pull/slog and is done for lack of pace
Andrew Tye to Plunkett, 1 run, drills the drive through cover for a single
Neser to Willey, FOUR, beats Tye's dive at deep point and brings the margin into single digits. Width on offer, Willey pounced on it with an uppish punch and got it wide of the man sweeping the third man region
Neser to Plunkett, 1 run, firmly posts the ball in the gap wide of cover and is off the mark with a single
Neser to Willey, 1 run, finally, gets the ball wide of mid-off and takes the single
Neser to Willey, no run, classic forward block this time. They don't seem to be in a hurry, are they?
Neser to Willey, no run, stays back in his crease and punch-drives the length ball down the pitch
Neser to Willey, no run, fuller and wider of off, forward and driven to mid-off
Andrew Tye to Plunkett, no run, a miscued cross bat hack into the leg-side and that's a maiden from Andrew Tye
Andrew Tye to Plunkett, no run, no room, Plunkett pokes into the off-side
Andrew Tye to Plunkett, no run, full on off, driven to mid-off
Andrew Tye to Plunkett, no run, that's so close to the edge! Bowls it slightly short and gets the ball to drift away late from off-stump, Plunkett hops and fails to get bat on the punch. There seemed to be some sound as the ball passed the bat, but don't think there's any wood involved
Andrew Tye to Plunkett, no run, there's the slower ball, draws Plunkett forward and defeats the outside edge on the push. Plenty of oohs and aahs
Andrew Tye to Plunkett, no run, 85mph, very full and tailing in, Plunkett squeezes the drive to cover-point
Neser to Willey, FOUR, jumps up off his feet and pummels this short ball with a flat-bat whack over mid-off. No need to run for those...
Neser to Willey, no run, good length just outside off, tapped into the off-side

Liam Plunkett, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Neser to Moeen Ali, out Caught by (sub)D Arcy Short!! Moeen Ali is vulnerable against the short ball and that theory has been proved right for the umpteenth time in his career. He will be disappointed for he had a great opportunity to finish the game and claim the Man of the Match award, but never know! Takes on the short ball, pulls and picks out the lone man sweeping the mid-wicket boundary. Short, the sub, clasps it safely. Moeen Ali c (sub)D Arcy Short b Neser 17(17) [4s-3]

Neser to Moeen Ali, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Neser to Moeen Ali, no run, fuller outside off, driven into the off-side
Neser to Moeen Ali, FOUR, half-volley, Moeen Ali says thank you and clobbers him straight down the ground. Easy peasy
Neser to Moeen Ali, no run, juicy length ball on middle and leg, Moeen Ali taps it down the pitch
Andrew Tye to Willey, no run, is happy to block the final delivery and hand the strike over to Moeen Ali, the more experienced batsman
Andrew Tye to Willey, FOUR, Willey picked the bones out of this back-of-the-hand slower delivery, jumped back and murdered the pull over mid-wicket. No-one in the deep
Andrew Tye to Willey, no run, the slower ball, slanting in towards off from a length, played back to the bowler


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