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India vs Afghanistan - Super Four, Match 5

Series: Asia Cup 2018
Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
Date & Time: 25 September 2018

India 252/10 (49.5 Ovs) RR: 5.06 | Match tied


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Lokesh Rahul lbw Rashid Khanlbw Rashid Khan606651
Ambati Rayudu c Najibullah & b Nabic Najibullah & b Nabi574944
Dinesh Karthik lbw Nabilbw Nabi446640
MS Dhoni lbw Javed Ahmadilbw Javed Ahmadi81700
Manish Pandey c Mohammad Shahzad & b Aftab Alamc Mohammad Shahzad & b Aftab Alam81500
Kedar Jadhav runout runout 192620
Ravindra Jadeja c Najibullah & b Rashid Khanc Najibullah & b Rashid Khan253410
Deepak Chahar bowled Aftab Alambowled Aftab Alam121410
Kuldeep Yadav runout runout 91100
Siddarth Kaul runout runout 0100
K Khaleel Ahmed Not OutNot Out1100
Extras 9 (b 0, lb 5, w 3, nb 1)
Total 252 (10 Wkts, 49.5 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
110-1 (Ambati Rayudu,17.1), 127-2 (Lokesh Rahul,20.3), 142-3 (MS Dhoni,25.5), 166-4 (Manish Pandey,30.3), 204-5 (Kedar Jadhav,38.5), 205-6 (Dinesh Karthik,39.4), 226-7 (Deepak Chahar,44.5), 242-8 (Kuldeep Yadav,48.1), 245-9 (Siddarth Kaul,48.5), 252-10 (Ravindra Jadeja,49.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Aftab Alam10 0 53 2 5.30
Mujeeb Ur Rahman10 1 43 0 4.30
Gulbadin Naib4 0 41 0 10.25
Mohammad Nabi10 0 40 2 4.00
Rashid Khan9.5 0 41 2 4.32
Javed Ahmadi4 0 19 1 4.75
Rahmat Shah2 0 10 0 5.00
Mohammad Shahzad0 0 0 0 0
Hashmatullah Shahidi0 0 0 0 0
Asghar Afghan0 0 0 0 0
Najibullah Zadran0 0 0 0 0


Dead rubber? No no, I'm not going to end with a cliche like "Cricket is the real winner here" but this was insanity. When the day began, the biggest concern was the unpredictability of the Fantasy XI. At the end of the day, even the ardent fans who incurred losses would be satisfied with the result. They've certainly got their money's worth. A fantastic exhibition of cricket. And more importantly, a spellbinding exhibition for cricket. A chaotic comm-box, guilty of sound pollution and some extravagant expressions of joy, bids you goodbye for the day. Join us for the coverage tomorrow, same time, same place. For now, it's Rishi Roy, signing off on behalf of Shashikant Singh, Abhinand Raghavendran, Nikhil Jadhav and Raju Peethala as MS Dhoni walks back, with his captaincy career starting and (presumably) ending in ties. Afghanistan walk back too, defeated, but heads held high. *Curtains Down*

India's chase got off to a fantastic start, but the wicket of Rayudu brought a few more. The Afghanistan bowlers kept pecking away at the middle-order, taking every opportunity that came their way. They were lucky with a couple of dismissals, particularly those of Dhoni and Karthik, but given their fortunes in the last two games, they deserved some luck. "Cricket is a great leveller," MS Dhoni had said, during a promotional event of his biopic, circa September 2016 - and it is only fitting, that possibly his last game as captain of the side ends up in a tie. Despite the Gulf between India's first choice XI and benchstrength, perhaps this was a tight contest they needed before the final. A polite wake-up call. It's a game that these Afghan players will write home about. In fact they'll just take the flight home, like Shahzad mentioned, and this match will go down in the fables of Afghan cricket history.

Mohammad Shahzad, Man of the match: I'm not very happy, we have slogged for 6 hours at the ground without result, but I am happy with the performance of the team. We have a flight tomorrow, so I thought of playing my game freely. I am feeling proud, because I have played an innings like this against the best side in Asia. I haven't played well throughout the tournament, but I am happy that I played well in this one.

Asghar Afghan, Afghanistan captain: Today the wicket was a good one for us as it was a spinning track. Shahzad played really well and played very positive cricket. Their opening partnership was good and our spinners did an equally good job. When you tie a match with a side like India, it's just like a win. India have chased easily in the last two games but today we made it tough for them. Such tough games are good for the fans as well. Every time we have asked him, Shahzad has done the job for us. He played well in the last game too but today he was the real Shahzad. Again, I give him a lot of credit for his knock. Thank you very much.

MS Dhoni, India captain: Their (Afghanistan's) cricket has improved a lot. The way they have continued from the start of the Asia cup, it is commendable and we have enjoyed their cricket. It is one country that has risen through the ranks very well. They played really well. They batted extremely well too. The wicket slowed down later, but they bowled extremely well throughout the game and their fielding was tight too. I wouldn't say we went wrong in the chase. To start off, it was like a handicap in golf. We didn't go with a full-strength side. Not enough spinners on this wicket. The first over that a fast bowler bowls, they need to extract swing. We didn't hit the back of a length area, and we gave away too much initially with the ball. We got off to a very good start with the bat, but the wicket slowed down over the course of the game, so someone should have continued with the bat. Shot-selection is something that we need to work on. There were a couple of run-outs, and a few things we can't talk about (the incorrect LBW decisions) because I don't want to get fined for it. It's good that it's a tie, but they played really well. The Afghanistan guys played really well. 250 was a very good score on this wicket. We could have been on the losing side because of quite a few things that didn't go for us, so I'm happy with the result.

Spinners defending < 10 runs in the last over off a TIED ODI:
6 K Arthurton v Aus, Georgetown, 1999
7 RASHID KHAN v Ind, Dubai DSC, 2018
9 A White v Zim, Kingston, 2007

Most ODIs TIED as captain:
5 MS Dhoni
3 R Richardson/ S Waugh/ S Pollock

Tied ODIs for India:
vs WI, Perth, 1991
vs Zim, Indore, 1993
vs Zim, Paarl, 1997
vs Eng, Bengaluru, 2011
vs Eng, Lord's, 2011
vs SL, Adelaide, 2012
vs NZ, Auckland, 2014
vs Afg, Dubai DSC, 2018

23:39 Local Time, 19:39 GMT, 01:09 IST: What a doozy! There's a tricolour-turbanned junior fan in the crowd who's in tears, but he can't fathom the beauty of what he has witnessed. One must feel for Afghanistan. Not exactly a hat-trick of heartbreaks for Afghanistan, but they'll be thrilled that they served up the most closely-fought contests in the Asia Cup. And to top it off with this masterpiece of a tie? They can walk away from this tournament a very proud nation. The Afghanistan legend continues. The magical journey sees another highlight in its timeline - a tied ODI against the second-best ODI side in the world. And, don't forget, this was a return to captaincy for MS Dhoni, his 200th ODI as captain, and he caps it off with the 5th tie of his captaincy career. To the presentations now, and I try to catch my breath.

Rashid Khan to Jadeja, out Caught by Najibullah! Are you kidding me? Oh Asia Cup. You serve us 10 one-sided snoozefests, and then a tie for the ages. That's a short one, Jadeja's eyes light up, and he mistimes the pull. Gets a bit of a top-edge towards midwicket and Najibullah runs in from the deep to collect it. Calm and composed. This is one for the ages... Jadeja c Najibullah b Rashid Khan 25(34) [4s-1]

Rashid Khan to Jadeja, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

It's a tie!

Rashid Khan to Khaleel Ahmed, 1 run, the skidder outside off, Khaleel Ahmed throws his hands at the drive, gets a thick inside edge to short fine leg and they scamper through for a single. A throw at the non-striker's end, the batsman was in trouble, but Rashid doesn't collect. Khaleel's first international run is worth remembering!

Oh, these are some mad moments. Khaleel on strike. One to tie, two to win for India. One wicket for Afghanistan to win.

Rashid Khan to Jadeja, 1 run, fired in flat on the pads, tickled away to backward square leg and he's taken the single...
Rashid Khan to Jadeja, FOUR, tossed up outside off, Jadeja clears his front-leg and times the slog-sweep to perfection. There's a fielder coming in from a squarer position towards deep mid-wicket and he puts in the dive, but it has reached the boundary. Is it a four or a six? It's a four. Hits the cushion on the half-volley
Rashid Khan to Jadeja, no run, short and turning away outside off, Jadeja mistimes the pull towards deep midwicket. Refuses the single

A doozy of a nail-biter on our hands. India have one wicket in hand. Rashid to defend 7 off the last over. The key? Jadeja on strike. Dhawan comes in with replacement gloves for Jadeja. Rohit was there too, with some advice perhaps.

Aftab Alam to Jadeja, 1 run, fuller length delivery on the boots, clipped away towards fine leg for a single

K Khaleel Ahmed, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Aftab Alam to S Kaul, out S Kaul Run Out! A fuller length delivery on middle, checked drive towards mid-on, there's a throw from midwicket at the non-striker's end, and he's struck! Kaul is short of his ground and departs! Direct hit, and this is the last straw for India. Can they win it? Or will it be a hat-trick of heartbreaks for Afghanistan? S Kaul run out (Shahidi) 0(1)

Aftab Alam to S Kaul, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

Conference meeting out at the center.

Aftab Alam to Jadeja, 1 run, nearly a yorker length on middle and leg, toe-ended away to long-on for another single to crawl towards the target
Aftab Alam to Jadeja, no run, another short one outside off, Jadeja tries a tentative pull, gets a top-edge towards short midwicket and it lands just short of Rashid. He has enough presence of mind to fire in a throw at the bowler's end, and Kaul would have been well short of his ground. Drama!
Aftab Alam to Jadeja, 2 runs, slower bouncer, right on the money, Jadeja is in a position for a wristy pull, maneuvers it in front of deep square leg for a brace

Siddarth Kaul, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Aftab Alam to Kuldeep Yadav, out Kuldeep Yadav Run Out!! 2 runs completed. It's full and marginally wide outside off, Kuldeep shifts his weight onto the back foot and creams the drive towards the deep extra cover boundary. Naib fires in the throw from the boundary after pulling it in, it's a wide throw, but a good collection by the bowler who then threw it onto the stumps. Kuldeep, the second batsman tonight, whose bat got stuck as he tried to slide it in. Oh, this is going down to the wire. Kuldeep Yadav run out (Naib/Aftab Alam) 9(11)

Aftab Alam to Kuldeep Yadav, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

Rashid Khan to Jadeja, 2 runs, full-toss on leg and middle, Jadeja charges down the track to clip it away to deep mid-wicket for a brace; loses the strike
Rashid Khan to Jadeja, no run, tossed up outside off, Jadeja is fully forward to defend compactly
Rashid Khan to Kuldeep Yadav, 1 run, on the pads again, fired in flat, Kuldeep Yadav is on his knee to sweep it towards backward square leg for a single
Rashid Khan to Kuldeep Yadav, no run, topspinner, hurrying on towards leg and middle, Kuldeep Yadav misses the tuck and there's an appeal: too high
Rashid Khan to Jadeja, 1 run, full and flat, a tad too full for it to turn, and Jadeja clips it away in front of square leg for a single
Rashid Khan to Jadeja, no run, the googly, turns on leg and skids away outside off, Jadeja is beaten on the full-stretch forward defence, and Shahzad does well to collect and whip off the bails

Rashid Khan [8.0-0-31-1] is back into the attack

Aftab Alam to Jadeja, 1 run, short one outside off, Jadeja hops across, delays his wristy maneuver of a pull towards deep square leg for a single to retain the strike
Aftab Alam to Kuldeep Yadav, 1 run, length delivery but angling down leg, Kuldeep Yadav gets a bat on the drop-tuck towards fine leg for a single
Aftab Alam to Jadeja, 1 run, nearly yorker length, but too full, ends up a full-toss on the middle-stump that's whip-driven away to long-on for a single
Aftab Alam to Jadeja, no run, fuller length delivery on the pads, tucked towards short midwicket and Rashid scores a direct-hit at the striker's end. Jadeja thinks about going for an overthrow, but rules it out in the end
Aftab Alam to Kuldeep Yadav, 1 run, back of a length delivery just outside off, slower one, Kuldeep Yadav delays his tap into the off-side and they scramble through for a single
Aftab Alam to Kuldeep Yadav, 2 runs, fuller length delivery on the pads, whipped away behind deep backward square leg for a brace. The throw has deflected off the keeper's glove towards the cheekbone of Shenwari! Oh, there's a nasty bump under the left eye, and he's walking off the field, miffed. He was backing up too close, and that's definitely his fault
Nabi to Kuldeep Yadav, 1 run, leading edge! Holds from from a length on middle and off, Kuldeep Yadav tries to nudge it into the on-side with a closed face, makes the mistake of trusting the pace, and ends up getting a leading edge into front of point for a single
Nabi to Kuldeep Yadav, no run, flatter one fired in at the stumps, Kuldeep Yadav defends solidly. Massive bat-pad gap though
Nabi to Jadeja, 1 run, another straightener from a slightly shorter than ideal length, Jadeja cuts it bottom-handedly to point for another quick single


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