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Afghanistan vs Bangladesh - Super Four, Match 4

Series: Asia Cup 2018
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
Date & Time: 23 September 2018

Afghanistan 246/7 (50 Ovs) RR: 4.92 | Bangladesh won by 3 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Mohammad Shahzad bowled Mahmudullahbowled Mahmudullah538180
Ihsanullah Janat c Hossain Shanto & b Mustafizurc Hossain Shanto & b Mustafizur81120
Rahmat Shah runout runout 1900
Hashmatullah Shahidi bowled Mortazabowled Mortaza719950
Asghar Afghan c Mahmudullah & b Mortazac Mahmudullah & b Mortaza394720
Mohammad Nabi c Hossain Shanto & b Shakibc Hossain Shanto & b Shakib382822
Samiullah Shenwari Not OutNot Out231911
Rashid Khan c Mustafizur & b Mustafizurc Mustafizur & b Mustafizur5400
Gulbadin Naib Not OutNot Out0200
Aftab Alam dnbdnb0000
Mujeeb Ur Rahman dnbdnb0000
Extras 8 (b 0, lb 3, w 5, nb 0)
Total 246 (7 Wkts, 50 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
20-1 (Ihsanullah Janat,4.1), 26-2 (Rahmat Shah,7.2), 89-3 (Mohammad Shahzad,24.4), 167-4 (Asghar Afghan,39.4), 192-5 (Hashmatullah Shahidi,43.3), 238-6 (Mohammad Nabi,48.3), 244-7 (Rashid Khan,49.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mashrafe Mortaza10 0 62 2 6.20
Nazmul Islam8 0 29 0 3.63
Mustafizur Rahman9 1 44 2 4.89
Mehidy Hasan9 1 36 0 4.00
Shakib Al Hasan9 0 55 1 6.11
Mahmudullah5 0 17 1 3.40
Liton Das0 0 0 0 0
Imrul Kayes0 0 0 0 0
Mushfiqur Rahim0 0 0 0 0
Nazmul Hossain Shanto0 0 0 0 0
Mohammad Mithun0 0 0 0 0


The Bangladeshi fans are still celebrating. They can continue to do so until their side take on Pakistan on Wednesday. It is a virtual semifinal with the winner meeting India. Bangladesh have turned their campaign around. They started it with a win against Sri Lanka, then lost to Afghanistan and India, and today they are back to beating Afghanistan. They will be going into the next game with a lot of confidence. How will Pakistan feel after today's defeat? Well we will only find out on the 26th. Time to pull the plug here. Until next time, goodnight and take care!

Mahmudullah, Man of the Match: I think the weather was quite hot today. I am feeling dried up. We crossed the line and that is pleasing. We knew they got some big hitters and got a partnership in the middle, so good we came out on top. It is always a happy feeling to contribute to the team. We need to bring our A game to beat Pakistan. They are playing some good cricket and we need to be on top of our game to beat them.

Mashrafe Mortaza: At the end of the game Mustafizur was like a magician. It was difficult to defend 8 runs. Credit goes to Mustafizur. Not at all (that we felt like losing). Shakib bowled a good 49th over. But it was Mahmudullah and Kayes, playing his first game, set it up for us with the bat. Mustafizur was cramping a bit in the middle, we wanted him to bowl 10 overs but he couldn't. It is hot and a tough job. A win like this always gives confidence and the game against Pakistan is like a semifinal.

Asghar Afghan: Congrats to Bangladesh for this victory. We required 8 off 6 and it was not difficult specially when Naib, one of the main batsman in the death overs was batting. Mustafizur used his variations very well. We should have chased this total down. It was going according to our plan. In the last overs we had wickets in the hand. May be we should have taken singles or doubles in the last over. This wicket is easy to bat on and 250 runs is not difficult to chase here. We have learnt a lot while playing against full-member side.

The pressure was always on Afghanistan as they were chasing for the first time in the tournament. They did not get off to a good start - losing Ihsanullah Janat and Rahmat Shah early. Mohammad Shahzad played a weird innings, one where he looked comfortable and not. However, his partnership with Shahidi steadied the innings and set it up. There was another stand between Asghar Afghan and Shahidi that gave further hope, but when the asking rate touched 10 it started getting tough. Mortaza rotated his bowlers around smartly and though his strike bowlers - Shakib and Mustafizur didn't finish their quota, they were used in the right manner and right time.

23:35 Local Time, 19:35 GMT, 01:05 IST: Afghanistan, oh Afghanistan! They could not defend 10 off the final over two days back against Pakistan and today they fall short by three runs when needing 8 off the last over. Their glum faces says it all and what's more they are also knocked out of the Asia Cup. Entering the Super Four unbeaten and losing two close matches, imagine if they had won both the games. But as the cliche saying goes there are no ifs and buts in sport. It is Bangladesh who kept their nerve and their chances of reaching the final alive.

Mustafizur to Shenwari, no run, Bangladesh win by 3 runs. They are going crazy in the field and in the stands. Rahim started celebrating as soon as Shenwari missed the shot. His team mates join him and they get into a huddle. The Afghanistan dressing room is in disbelief. They have come second in another thriller. Coming to the ball: The Fizz shortens the length and angles it across the right-hander, Shenwari swings so hard that the bat goes flying out of his hand towards square leg and the ball ends up in Rahim's mitts
Mustafizur to Naib, leg byes, 1 run, tries to premeditate. The scoop does not come off. 4 off 1. Shuffled across and is met with another slower delivery, no contact made and the ball lobs away off the pad to short fine. Mortaza is fine to concede the single
Mustafizur to Naib, no run, dot. 5 off 2. This is classic Fizz. The off-cutter which lands on a length and grips away outside off, Naib swings and connects with thin air. Hard for a new batsman against Mustafizur
Mustafizur to Shenwari, leg byes, 1 run, Bangladesh are appealing for a catch. They are confident. But so is umpire Nitin Menon. He does not even consult with his partner. The length ball on leg-stump, Shenwari swivels and misses the heave to the on-side, off the thigh pad and straight to Mortaza at short fine

Gulbadin Naib, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Mustafizur to Rashid Khan, out Caught&Bowled!! This game ain't over. Rashid goes. The Fizz has his man. 6 off 4. Shortens the length and follows a backing away Rashid, cramped for room the leggie still goes for the pull shot, off the splice and straight back to the Fizz. He will not take an easier catch. The good thing is the batsmen switched ends. Shenwari is on strike.. Rashid Khan c and b Mustafizur 5(4)

Mustafizur to Rashid Khan, THAT'S OUT!! Caught&Bowled!!

Mustafizur to Rashid Khan, 2 runs, slower, full delivery outside off, Rashid drives it past the diving extra cover fielder and it is a comfortable brace as the sweeper had to run some distance to his right

The Fizz to defend 8 off the final over. Afghanistan could not defend 10 against Pakistan. But do they have it in them to chase 8 today? All eyes on Rashid who is on strike.

Shakib to Rashid Khan, 1 run, poor running. Full toss and Rashid chips it over cover. Always a second there and for some reason Shenwari does not want to go for it, Rashid is not happy with him. Will that cost them?
Shakib to Rashid Khan, 2 runs, adjusted nicely there. Stepped out and Shakib shortened the length guessing the batsman would do so, Rashid kept his composure and cut it through point, where Mortaza was waving to the sweeper to come to the ball, easy two
Shakib to Shenwari, 1 run, fraction short but the slider hardly bounces, Shenwari is winding up for the pull but the lack of bounce does him in, the top-edge balloons over Rahim and the duo settle with a single

Rashid Khan, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Shakib to Nabi, out Caught by Hossain Shanto!! Shakib celebrates. For a second everyone thought Nabi had struck it in the gap. But the fielder was excellently placed by Mortaza and Shakib. He was wide of long-off. Low dipping full toss outside off, Nabi makes a decent connection after coming down, lofted it flat and wide of the fielder, but Shanto made good ground and took a good catch diving to his left. Nabi c Hossain Shanto b Shakib 38(28) [4s-2 6s-2]

Shakib to Nabi, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Nabi is gone!

Shakib to Nabi, SIX, that is why I called it smart and sensible. Nabi is more confident of the two. Puts on the dancing shoes and though he is not fully to the pitch of the ball, the long levers of his come in handy as he smashes it way over long-off
Shakib to Shenwari, 1 run, hmm.. that is smart and sensible. Knocks the arm-ball in front of short mid-wicket and hands the strike to Nabi

Shakib Al Hasan [8.0-0-44-0] is back into the attack

Shakib to bowl the penultimate over. Bangladesh need all his experience here. Make or break over this. 19 off 12. If he can keep 10-12 runs for the final over, then he would have done a brilliant job.

Mustafizur to Nabi, FOUR, that augurs well for Afghanistan. Not so much for Bangladesh. The Fizz errs in line and is made to pay. Till now his slower balls were on off or middle, but for once he gets on leg-stump and Nabi tickles it away past short fine leg
Mustafizur to Nabi, 2 runs, lands the slower delivery a bit fuller and Nabi is able to make a decent connection on the whip, with mid-on inside the ring there was always going to be a second
Mustafizur to Nabi, no run, another shout for LBW. Nothing still from umpire Menon. Nabi is deep in the crease to work it into the on-side, missed the off-cutter and is struck in line with the stumps, but it had pitched outside leg
Mustafizur to Shenwari, 1 run, Mortaza trusted his bowler more than Rahim. The off-cutter and Shenwari went for the sweep, the ball brushed the glove before striking the pad and umpire Nitin Menon got it spot on. But Bangladesh had to take the gamble and it didn't pay off. Review lost!

Bangladesh review: The Fizz was confident. Rahim not so much. Fair delivery. Looks like it pitched outside leg. Is there glove? Yes. Not Out!

Mustafizur to Shenwari, FOUR, misjudged. Shanto has made a mess of it. Short of length delivery and Shenwari picked the length early, swatted the pull flat to deep mid-wicket. Shanto was well inside the rope and the ball flies over him, lands just before the rope
Mustafizur to Nabi, 1 run, off-cutter on a length, Nabi walks across and heaves it to deep mid-wicket, all along the ground

Three overs to go and the Fizz will surely bowl the 48th and 50th over. Then who will bowl the 49th? The Afghanistan batsmen need to be thinking all this and target smartly. 31 off 18. Nabi v the Fizz..

Mortaza to Nabi, 1 run, low full toss on middle and leg, not much any batsman can do, Nabi too just clips it to deep mid-wicket. Mortaza is done with the ball and ends with: 10-0-62-2
Mortaza to Nabi, no run, swing and miss. The off-cutter slanted across off, Nabi would have been better to strike it over Mortaza or over cover, but shuffles and looks to go cow corner, no contact
Mortaza to Nabi, 2 runs, high full toss but not high enough to be called a no-ball, Nabi takes the safer option of tapping it into the on-side, no one inside the ring in front of square leg and the duo race back for the second
Mortaza to Shenwari, 1 run, angled across the batsman and Shenwari wanted to go leg-side, bit early and the leading edge dribbles away in front of long-off, just a single

Round the wicket now

Mortaza to Shenwari, SIX, woah! They need Shenwari to step up and he's done just that. Picked the cross-seamer and deposited it into the crowd. Flat-batted with all his might and the long-on fielder was left as a mere spectator. 91m six
Mortaza to Nabi, 1 run, not off the middle and that will do. Nabi heaves the slower delivery takes the inside edge, rolls away to backward square leg where the Fizz tidies up from short fine

Mashrafe Mortaza [9.0-0-51-2] is back into the attack

Equation - 42 runs | 24 balls | 5 wickets. The modern day batsman usually backs himself in such situations. But it is not going to be easy with the likes of Mortaza, Shakib and the Fizz. Nabi holds the key and Shenwari needs to support him. Third man and fine leg up for Mortaza..

Mustafizur to Nabi, 1 run, off-cutter outside off, Nabi strides deep in the crease and gets a healthy outside edge on the drive to third man
Mustafizur to Nabi, FOUR, much needed boundary for Afghanistan. Width outside off and Nabi cashes in, it was the slower delivery and it sat up nicely, Nabi crashes it up and over backward point. Sweeper had no chance
Mustafizur to Shenwari, 1 run, four singles in the over. Fired into the pads, whipped with a strong bottom hand straight to deep square leg. Shenwari is disappointed that he did not place it better


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