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Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe - 2nd ODI

Series: Afghanistan v Zimbabwe in UAE, 2018
Venue: Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah
Date & Time: 11 February 2018

Afghanistan 179/10 (30.1 Ovs) CRR: 5.93 | Zimbabwe won by 154 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Mohammad Shahzad c Muzarabani & b Vitoric Muzarabani & b Vitori152011
Ihsanullah Janat c Vitori & b Chatarac Vitori & b Chatara2600
Rahmat Shah c (sub)Moor & b Muzarabanic (sub)Moor & b Muzarabani436170
Asghar Stanikzai c Brendan Taylor & b Chatarac Brendan Taylor & b Chatara1600
Nasir Jamal c Ryan Burl & b Chatarac Ryan Burl & b Chatara0300
Najibullah Zadran c Craig Ervine & b Muzarabanic Craig Ervine & b Muzarabani31100
Mohammad Nabi bowled Cremerbowled Cremer312832
Gulbadin Naib lbw Cremerlbw Cremer0100
Rashid Khan c Ryan Burl & b Cremerc Ryan Burl & b Cremer8810
Dawlat Zadran Not OutNot Out472926
Mujeeb Zadran bowled Cremerbowled Cremer15821
Extras 14 (b 4, lb 3, w 7, nb 0)
Total 179 (10 Wkts, 30.1 Ov)
BowlingO M R WEcon
Brian Vitori7 0 39 1 5.57
Tendai Chatara8 1 24 3 3
Blessing Muzarabani8 0 51 2 6.38
Sikandar Raza2 0 17 0 8.5
Graeme Cremer5.1 0 41 4 8.2
Hamilton Masakadza0 0 0 0 0
Solomon Mire0 0 0 0 0
Brendan Taylor0 0 0 0 0
Craig Ervine0 0 0 0 0
Malcolm Waller0 0 0 0 0
Ryan Burl0 0 0 0 0


That's a wrap as far as the coverage of this game goes. Two one-sided ODIs and one hopes that the remaining matches are more competitive. The side batting first has had an apparent advantage. Will that change over the remainder of the series? That has to be seen. The next ODI will be on the 13th of February, same venue and at the same time. So, do join us for that one. This is Hariprasad Sadanandan (@iamharry_88) signing off from the Cricbuzz commentary box on behalf of my mates Kumar Abhisekh Das and Nikhil Jadhav. Goodnight!

Man of the Match, Brendan Taylor: "(On being absent during second half) I am fine now. Had a bit of cramps. Was more of that than fatigue. I was very determined today. There has been a lot of questions regarding our batting. As Graeme said, we are a good batting side. Nice to get runs as an individual and of course it helps the team. There wasn't any real change in the pitch but I think runs on the board does help."

Cremer: "Very happy. Nice to see a good score. Showed our potential with the bat. Brendan and Sikander showed their class. Then the bowlers came back hard. There was a bit of movement out there under lights but we had to bowl the right areas. Always tough to chase a big score like this. That worked for us. We always knew that we had the potential, today we showed what we can do. If one of the top four bats through, we knew we can make it count."

Stanikzai: "We thought that 330 was a big target. Zimbabwe played really well. Taylor batted nicely. We lost too many wickets early and that hurt. The batsmen couldn't handle the pressure of the big run chase. Chatara bowled really well. We are a good bowling side usually but credit to Taylor and Raza today. The fielding has to improve."

20:59 Local Time: Deja vu game, just that the teams exchanged roles. Zimbabwe posted the same score Afghanistan did in the first ODI, 333, and then the opponents folded for the exact same score, 179. Another coincidence is the 47th over in the first innings of both matches, both of which had 3 no balls apiece. Spooky?? Anyways, back to this one, Afghanistan never really turned up. Their bowlers were smashed around by Taylor and Raza earlier in the evening and then the batsmen just capitulated. Could have been embarrassing if not for the thrilling last-wicket stand between Dawlat and Mujeeb. Clinical stuff from Zimbabwe and the series is squared now. Hang on for the presentations.

Cremer to Mujeeb, out Bowled!! Cleans him up! The party is over. Nevertheless, it was fun while it lasted. Cremer slows it down and bowls a googly, tempts Zadran into a slog but he misses it completely. Timber! Zimbabwe have won by 154 runs to draw level in the series. Mujeeb b Cremer 15(8) [4s-2 6s-1]

Cremer to Mujeeb, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Chatara to Dawlat Zadran, no run, short of a length ball, Dawlat made room to pull it away but misses
Chatara to Dawlat Zadran, FOUR, poor ball! Cannot bowl short on leg stump with fine leg in the ring, that's what Chatara does and Dawlat swivels to pull it easily over the man in the ring. What entertainment are these two providing! Incredible scenes
Chatara to Dawlat Zadran, 2 runs, chance goes down! Short fine leg was running with his back to the ball and was late to take off. Was always late on the charge and the ball fell in front of him. A brace taken
Chatara to Dawlat Zadran, SIX, another biggie! Dawlat is having fun out there and these are massive sixes. Slower ball and it's full as well, he picks it early and swings through the line to send it over long-off. Huge!
Chatara to Dawlat Zadran, no run, fuller and around middle and leg, worked away down to long-on. Won't take the single
Chatara to Dawlat Zadran, no run, angling in from around off stump, defended off the back foot towards the bowler

Tendai Chatara [7.0-1-12-3] is back into the attack

Cremer to Mujeeb, no run, opens the face of the blade and guides the ball to short third man
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, 1 run, looks to slog sweep it away and the top-edge is found. The man at short fine fails to get there. They steal a single
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, SIX, slammed over long-on!! That has sailed into the stands again. The long-on region peppered this time. The ball turned a bit but the batsman stayed his crease to muscle the ball away
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, no run, short ball at the sticks and chopped away to the man at cover
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, FOUR, chips down the track and the inside edge saves him. The ball evades the keeper and runs fine to the fence for a four
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, no run, slog swept to deep mid and the single is denied
Muzarabani to Dawlat Zadran, leg byes, 1 run, that was nasty. The bumper almost hits him on the face but for the helmet as the batsman was backing away. They steal a single as the ball crawled away into the on-side
Muzarabani to Dawlat Zadran, SIX, exposes his sticks, shuffles across, sits down ala ABD and scoops the ball over fine leg for a sixer. The crowd is going berserk
Muzarabani to Dawlat Zadran, no run, inside edges the ball away onto his pads and then the ball lobs up back towards the bowler, who never made an attempt to take it. I guess he missed out on that
Muzarabani to Dawlat Zadran, no run, banged in short, the batsman again shuffled across his sticks entirely to miss the pull. One for the over says the umpire as the ball was banged in short
Muzarabani to Dawlat Zadran, wide, shuffles across his sticks and looks to shovel the ball away, misses it
Muzarabani to Mujeeb, 1 run, slower delivery at the sticks, again the backing away movement and the slammed pull. Misfield by the man at short mid allows a single
Muzarabani to Mujeeb, SIX, my sixes are bleeding now..bleeding sixes I tell you. That was length and the batsman backed away to cream the ball over cow corner for yet know what..six!
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, SIX, make it a hat-trick of delightful sixes. He charged out and slammed it over long-off for a sixer. They wanna go down fighting here
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, SIX, bang bang again! The ball was dragged short and the batsman hopped back to hammer the pull away over deep mid for a sixer
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, SIX, ballooned up delivery outside off. The bait was set up but powerful was the gait from the batsman. Threw the willow to the room provided and clatters it over sweeper cover for a maximum
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, no run, clubs the ball down the ground to long-on as the ball was dished out full
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, no run, backs away and jabs the ball back to the bowler thanks to the extra bounce
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, no run, tossed up delivery outside off and turning away further. The batsman trying to slog sweep, misses it
Muzarabani to Mujeeb, FOUR, the bowler goes full, the batsman goes aerial over mid-off. That was mistimed over mid-off's head for a four
Muzarabani to Mujeeb, no run, short ball, decking in, the batsman again backs away completely exposing all his sticks to send it into the on-side. Dawlat Zadran sends him and does not take a single
Muzarabani to Mujeeb, FOUR, backs away, the bowler had the batsman's ribs at his mercy and the batsman somehow contrived a way out to slam the ball away towards deep square leg for a four
Muzarabani to Mujeeb, no run, bangs the ball in again and the batsman trying to slog the ball away, misses it

Mujeeb Zadran, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Muzarabani to Rahmat, out Caught by (sub)Moor!! Short ball and the batsman trying to pull the ball away, gets a fat top edge and the keeper does the rest. The writing is on the wall now. Rahmat had to play the shots and in trying do so, he departs. This might as well be Zimbabwe's biggest win by runs. Rahmat c (sub)Moor b Muzarabani 43(61) [4s-7]

Muzarabani to Rahmat, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Muzarabani to Rahmat, FOUR, uses his willow like a golf club to power the ball aerially down the ground for a one bounce four towards long-off
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, no run, slower tossed up delivery outside off and the batsman trying to slog sweep it, misses
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, byes, FOUR, the ball misses everything..the batsman, the sticks, the keeper as the googly bamboozled its way to the fence
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, no run, dip and turn, the ball takes the outer half of the bat to land into the off-side, well away from the man at slip
Cremer to Dawlat Zadran, no run, pushes forward and blocks the ball out
Cremer to Rahmat, 1 run, short ball, hangs back and cuts the ball away into the sweeper cover region
Cremer to Rahmat, no run, pushes forward and defended into the deck
Muzarabani to Dawlat Zadran, no run, that seemed off the gloves! The short ball cramped the batsman for room and sailed into the left glove of the keeper, who dived to his left. The umpire though did not seem convinced

Zimbabwe only a couple of wickets away!

Muzarabani to Dawlat Zadran, no run, pings in the short ball again, down leg this time and the batsman sits down only to miss it


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