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Afghanistan vs Bangladesh - 3rd T20I

Series: Afghanistan v Bangladesh in India, 2018
Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Date & Time: 07 June 2018

Bangladesh 144/6 (20 Ovs) RR: 7.20 | Afghanistan won by 1 run


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Liton Das runout runout 121410
Tamim Iqbal c (sub)Darwish Rasooli & b Mujeebc (sub)Darwish Rasooli & b Mujeeb5610
Soumya Sarkar runout runout 151311
Mushfiqur Rahim c Najibullah & b Rashid Khanc Najibullah & b Rashid Khan463770
Shakib Al Hasan c Shenwari & b Karim Janatc Shenwari & b Karim Janat10901
Mahmudullah runout runout 453832
Ariful Haque Not OutNot Out5300
Mehidy Hasan dnbdnb0000
Abu Hider Rony dnbdnb0000
Nazmul Islam dnbdnb0000
Abu Jayed dnbdnb0000
Extras 6 (b 1, lb 2, w 3, nb 0)
Total 144 (6 Wkts, 20 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
16-1 (Tamim Iqbal,2.4), 32-2 (Soumya Sarkar,5.2), 35-3 (Liton Das,5.5), 53-4 (Shakib Al Hasan,8.3), 137-5 (Mushfiqur Rahim,19.1), 144-6 (Mahmudullah,20),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mujeeb Ur Rahman4 0 25 1 6.25
Aftab Alam4 0 28 0 7.00
Mohammad Nabi4 0 20 0 5.00
Karim Janat4 0 44 1 11.00
Rashid Khan4 0 24 1 6.00
Mohammad Shahzad0 0 0 0 0
Usman Ghani0 0 0 0 0
Asghar Stanikzai0 0 0 0 0
Samiullah Shenwari0 0 0 0 0
Shafiqullah Shafiq0 0 0 0 0
Najibullah Zadran0 0 0 0 0


The red ball holds a new challenge for them, but for now, the night belongs to Afghanistan. What a fantastic Test side this could potentially become! Bangladesh, on the other hand, have some tough questions to answer as their batting line-up, known to dominate spin, has been found wanting against the Mujeeb-Rash duo. So that's that folks! This is an entranced Rishi Roy, bidding you good night on behalf of Akshay Maanay and Raju Peethala! Stay tuned to Cricbuzz for the latest in cricket, always. Ciao!

Stanikzai receives the trophy for Afghanistan, and the rest of the team joins him up on the podium! There are 7 days left for the entire Afghanistan XI to make their Test debuts, and they have a made a good start, by clean-sweeping a Test-playing nation comprehensively in the subcontinent (albeit, with the white ball).

Stanikzai: It was a great preparation for the Test (against India). If you can beat a Test playing team even in T20, it automatically increases the morale. The boys did really well. When the team is in form, everything seems to go really well. Thanks to the CM. I thank the crowd who made the ground beautiful and I really appreciate the noise you made in this series.

Shakib: We were better than the first two games. But disappointing the way we played this series and we need to come up with better plans. We restricted them to a reasonable total. We are a good enough batting side to chase that, but in the middle overs we conceded too much and that costed us. Mushfiq and Mahmudullah did really well, but we need to know how to close it off. They have some quality spinners and they were the better side on the night.

Rashid Khan, Man of the Series: Quite happy with the performance, and the best part is that we won. I'm focused on looking at the positives, and thankfully it worked out for me. The ball was gripping a little, and if I bowled in the good length area, it was turning quite a bit. I just try to bowl googlies and leg-breaks and enjoy the game, and enjoy every ball I bowl. In the last one year, I have tried to stay fit, and improve upon my fitness, which has changed everything. I have managed to contribute in the field, with ball and bat. Thanks to the crowd for coming out here and supporting us.

Mushfiqur Rahim, Man of the Match: We knew how the wicket would behave and we knew it was going to difficult on this track. We were few runs short in the final overs; you can't expect 20-odd runs to be made in the second-last over. Congratulations to Afghanistan, they played well. It's disheartening because even though we lost the series, we were playing for pride. I think 145+ was a par score, especially with a bowling attack like Afghanistan. They exploited the surface very well, and they did well overall in the entire series. Mahmudullah and I managed to build a partnership, but we needed a few more boundaries I think. Even off the last ball, it could have gone either way, but I think these things happen in cricket and we'll look to come back stronger next time.

A pitch that was true first up, but started to slow down during the course of the first innings, allowed Afghanistan to compile 145 with a great deal of character. Bangladesh started off poorly, as they once again struggled against Mujeeb and Nabi, and stooped to their lowest when they managed two identical run-outs in an over. It all looked bleak for the Tigers, until Mushy, their great warrior, bludgeoned five consecutive boundaries in the penultimate over and managed 21 off the over, to bring the equation down to 9 off 6. But Stanikzai had an ace up his sleeve: the world's number one T20I bowler. But the UFF (Unidentified Flying Fielder. Edit: It was Shafiqullah Shafiq) stole the show, and we are still trying to figure out who it was. Saved the game by literally an inch, as even the great Rashid almost conceded a six off the last ball. Spare a thought for Ariful Haque, who nearly pulled off a last-ball six, and missed his knighthood by a kitten's whisker. And of course, for Mushy... Need I say more?

23:35 Local Time: What an extraordinary game of cricket! Bangladesh, a Test playing nation that is yet to come of age, and another nation that is yet to play its first Test. And they have managed to produce a thriller for the ages in Dehradun. After all the wild celebrations from the Afghanistan players, they gather themselves to take a walk around the ground to appreciate the support they have got throughout the series.

Rashid Khan to A Haque, out Mahmudullah Run Out!! 2 runs completed. Afghanistan win by one run. We are about to give you a description for the ages. A flat flipper on middle, a slog-sweep down the ground, it was on its way for six! And the fielder at long-on has just pulled off the unthinkable under pressure. Apparently Afghanistan is new to Test cricket. Nope, they look like they've been playing for centuries! Such calm under pressure. Here's what happened: The ball was on its way for six, but the long-on fielder, running to his left, grabs it and just as his left foot is about to land outside the boundary, he flicks it into the playing area. Great presence of mind, but wait, game's not over! Bangladesh had four to win, and they're running their third at this point, but the fielder from long-off runs in and throws it to the keeper's end, where Shahzad collects it and breaks the stumps with the ferocity befitting a man who needs to vent his frustrations of getting nutmegged. Game - Set - Match to Afghanistan! Mahmudullah run out (Shafiqullah/Nabi/Mohammad Shahzad) 45(38) [4s-3 6s-2]

Rashid Khan to A Haque, THAT'S OUT!! Run Out!!

Four off one! The field spreads out.

Rashid Khan to Mahmudullah, 1 run, flat and quick on the stumps, and an along-the-ground broom away to deep mid-wicket for a single
Rashid Khan to A Haque, 1 run, full one outside off, Haque tries to loft over the in-field, gets an edge towards short third man for a single
Rashid Khan to A Haque, 2 runs, googly outside off, Haque gets an inside edge as he tries the sweep, the ball nutmegs the keeper, and goes away to fine leg as they pick up a couple

Equation: 8 off 4

Rashid Khan to Mahmudullah, 1 run, down leg again, a sweep, and a tickle to short fine leg for a quick single

Ariful Haque, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Rashid Khan to Rahim, out Caught by Najibullah! Rash, you friggin' beauty! Not the best delivery to be honest, a fullish one on middle, and a hard sweep towards cow corner, and a spectacular catch under pressure by Najibullah who stays low as the ball's trajectory brought it dipping down and collects it calmly. Rahim c Najibullah b Rashid Khan 46(37) [4s-7]

Rashid Khan to Rahim, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Can Rashid defend 9 off 6? This is a thriller in Dehradun! Rashid Khan, the number 1 T20I bowler in the world up against the genius of Mushy!

Karim Janat to Rahim, 1 run, fiiiiinally gets the yorker right, but is it too late. Squeezed out to the bowler as they scramble across for a single
Karim Janat to Rahim, FOUR, are you kidding me? Full one, low full-toss on off, and - would you believe it - a reverse-sweep for four to deep backward point! Absolutely spiffing display of batting :O
Karim Janat to Rahim, FOUR, this - is - awesome! Another overpitched delivery and Rahim hangs back in the crease, uses his bodyweight to loft it away to the long-off boundary for four. Gets under it, and carts it away for four. That's four in a row...
Karim Janat to Rahim, FOUR, too full this time, half-volley on leg and middle, Rahim is deep in the crease and whip-drives it to the long-off fence with supreme timing for four. Hat-trick of 4s
Karim Janat to Rahim, FOUR, short and into the body this time, Rahim clouts this pull and dispatches it to the deep mid-wicket fence for four. The pressure is on Janat now. The game is on *Sherlock theme music*
Karim Janat to Rahim, FOUR, short, wide, gift, accepted! Makes room and thrashes that to the deep backward point fence for four.

Karim Janat [3.0-0-23-1] is back into the attack

Rashid Khan to Mahmudullah, no run, another blazing fast googly turning into off, no scope for the batsman to take any action but defend, and Rashid bowls yet another inhumanly amazing over under pressure. Just 3 off it.
Rashid Khan to Mahmudullah, no run, pitching outside off, Mahmudullah tries to lap again, misses. Into the kepeer's gloves
Rashid Khan to Rahim, 1 run, googly outside off, Rahim stands his ground and is cramped for room, chops a cut to deep backward point for a single
Rashid Khan to Rahim, no run, Rahim gets across the line to sweep, hit on the pad as he misses. Appeal, but struck outside the line of off-stump
Rashid Khan to Mahmudullah, 1 run, another full one, no turn, a tap to cover for another quick single.
Rashid Khan to Rahim, 1 run, googly turning in, crouched stance, and a dab to point for a single

Equation: 33 to win off 18. Or as my esteemed colleague Vineet would call it, "requirement for Nagin dance".

Aftab Alam to Mahmudullah, FOUR, poor, poor delivery! An off-stump half-volley, served on a platinum platter for Mahmudullah, whose eyes lit up as it just lofted it through the line to the long-off fence for four. Pressure still on Bangladesh, but a few units less
Aftab Alam to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, Mahmudullah tries to make room outside off, Alam follows him, a pull and a tickle off the bat, away past the keeper towards fine leg for a couple
Aftab Alam to Mahmudullah, SIX, full-toss, deserved the punishment, Mahmudullah opens up his stance and slogs it over deep mid-wicket for six. 50 partnership up!
Aftab Alam to Mahmudullah, 2 runs, well-nigh yorker length on middle, whipped away expertly to deep mid-wicket for a brace. Well picked up by Rashid Khan
Aftab Alam to Mahmudullah, no run, short one, a bit of off-cut on it, Mahmudullah tries to hook and misses as the ball goes down leg-side. The batsman is furious that it wasn't given as a wide
Aftab Alam to Rahim, leg byes, 1 run, length ball angling in towards leg, Rahim makes room and tries to slug it away over mid-wicket on one knee. Hits his pad and lobs into the off-side as they steal a leg-bye. Stifled appeal, but going down leg
Rashid Khan to Rahim, leg byes, 1 run, topspinner angled in at leg-stump, Rahim misses the glance off the back foot as it lobs up off the pad. Huge appeal for LBW, but a tad too much overspin on that, I reckon. Going over the stumps for sure. Might've missed leg too.
Rashid Khan to Mahmudullah, 1 run, another leg-break just a fraction wide outside off, and a late-cut away to short third man for a single
Rashid Khan to Mahmudullah, no run, fast leg-break on off and turning sharply away, Mahmudullah reads it off the pitch whilst on the back foot and wristily taps it back to the bowler
Rashid Khan to Rahim, 1 run, a bit of flight, in the slot, and a slog-sweep to deep mid-wicket for a single
Rashid Khan to Rahim, no run, flat again, fired on middle and leg, Rahim tries to scoop, misses as it thuds into the keeper's gloves
Rashid Khan to Rahim, FOUR, oh, they've got no choice but this now: take on Rashid. Tossed up outside off, Rahim switches stances and switch-hits/reverse-sweeps (hard to spot grip-changes) to third man for four

Rash is back, presumably to bowl overs 16, 18 and 20. RAJR is 11 now.

Aftab Alam to Mahmudullah, no run, another slower bumper, Mahmudullah waits an eternity for it, tries a jump-slash outside off, misses. Goes to the wicketkeeper on the bounce. Completely deceived, was the batsman
Aftab Alam to Rahim, 1 run, inch-perfect yorker, squeezed out to cover as they scurry across for a single. Cover picks up and tries a direct-hit at the non-striker's end, misses. Where is the bowler?


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